Here is a history of my guys and how my leaders became the rank of who they are and how the legion became known as the Lost Company of the DEath Guard:

Also here is site of the 40k timeline that I am getting my dates off of:
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A quick History of how Lues Adflictatio (Johnson Debello) became Warmaster of the 23rd Company of the Death Guard

Date: 350.M30

During this time, Karis Cephalon was rediscovered during the Great Crusade. While this was happening, new companies and promotions was going on through the Space Marine chapter called the Death Guard. A space marine private by the name of Johnson Debello, also known as the “The Inflictor� has been fighting for Mortarion and his legion for many, many years and has shown great pride to his primarch. A battle occurs on an alienated planet that is controlled by the Tyranid fleet Omega. On the planet the 13th Armor Company gets trapped in a ruin building and so calls for the emperor for assistance. Since of this, Emperor calls on Mortarion to send the 23rd Company of the Death Guard to go and rescue the company. So, the 23rdhears the call and go to the planet. On the planet, it becomes bloody and restless. One night however something happens. During the night Commander Wilson decides to put ten of his best space marines on night guard duty. One of these guys is Johnson himself. While they were keeping watch, in the darkness a hug horde of termagaunts and hormagaunts come creeping on the ground to the building. Even though this is happening, no one is aware of, what is to be the 23rd company’s final assault. However Johnson gets a weird vibe, where it is coming from the Nurgle God mind you. So, he tells his the other nine man to go at the southeast part of the building. When they go there they tell Johnson there is nothing. Still Johnson gets this vibe, so he grabs his equipment and goes to the spot himself. He looks at the ground and into the darkness. Johnson thinks for a moment and goes and grabs a heavy bolter from one of the devastator squads. He loads it the gun and aims thirty feet out from the building and than points it to the ground. While this is happening, the guards go and tell Wilson about Johnson’s actions. When the commander comes he asks, “What are you doing soldier?� Johnson answers back, “This Sir.� He presses the button and fires the gun. All a sudden, all the marines and the guard troops awake to a horrifying scream. Everyone goes to the noise and put a flashlight where Johnson is still firing the weapon. Everyone gets in shock for a bit when they see around one thousand or so gaunts coming rushing at the building. Everyone grabs their bolters, bolt pistols, lasguns, and other weapons and than they start shooting at the masses of gaunts, now charging, at the building. The fight ends around six o clock in the morning. Out of the whole battle, only a few space marines get injured, while the vast horde of gaunts was totaled. Commander Wilson loads the Armor Company onto a thunderhawk and the 23rd Company pile into another thunderhawk. The plane takes off and flies back to a planet that is in heavy control of the Imperium. When the ship lands, all of the 23rd company and the armor company pile out of the thunderhawk, Commander goes to Johnson. H ranks Johnson to Lieutenant of his actions that saved the whole company and the armor company from certain death.

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