This is the opening to a series of short stories that I will be posting on Librarium Online whenever I can be bothered, and which deal with the story of the Dark Apostle, Letheis of the Word Bearers. Note that this series is inspired in part by the storyline of the recent Dawn of War expansion pack, Dark Crusade, and some references are made to the triumphs and conquests of Eliphas the Inheritor. If you truly do not wish the ending of Dark Crusade from the Chaos perspective spoiled for you, do not read any further until you have completed the campaign. I will also delve into the past of both Letheis and Eliphas and in no way whatsoever should what I write here be considered canon fluff (though if someone were to add it to Wikipedia and send me a screenshot, I would find it most entertaining indeed) unless Games Workshop decides to endorse it (equally unlikely). Also, considering that the Chaos Space Marine Legion in question is the Word Bearers, the content will be of a religious nature and should not be taken out of context or made comparable to any other religions, real or imagined.

I am not required by law to write this preface. In fact, I'm just being facetious. But seriously, guys, do enjoy.

Prologue: Amphion and Zethus
I heard the song again last night, in my dreams. The other Word Bearers do not often dream but I have heard my lord Lorgar speak of a blessing granted to the Dark Apostles that alters the Catalespean Node inside of us to allow us more frequent dreams. He tells us that these dreams are granted by Chaos Undivided and that they can lead us to glory or to death. Sometimes I think that no one, not even the disciples of Tzeentch on the Planet of Sorcerers, truly understands the nature of the Warp and the powers that dwell within, but it is not my place to question the powers that we serve. We do not judge, after all, because that is not our place. We do not question. We only serve.

It is the dream that has brought me to the great Daemon World of Kronus where our blessed brother Eliphas now rules. In it I see the black cathedrals of Kronus where the prayer gangs sing the praises of Chaos. It is a sign of things to come and of where I must go toward whatever destiny brings. I will ascend the highest mountains above the Thur'abis Plateau and commune with the twins and when I do, I will understand. All will be answered.

[To Be Continued...]