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    o.k. heres my fluff. its done :)

    ok, recently i posted a thread about trying to come up with some army fluff. this is what i've been able to come up with so far:

    Fluff for the heralds of ragnorok:

    Origins: the Heralds of ragnorok are a very old chapter, formed only a short time after the Horus Heresy. Unlike most chapters, they do not follow the restrictions of the Codex chapters, and their organization is more similar to some of the very old “crusader” legions such as the imperial fists or the black templar. This means that the chapter is of a significant size, but the bulk of their forces are spread out throughout the galaxy, however, the greatest concentration of forces is centered on their home system, which is located near the eye of terror. The Chapter has adopted many aspects as the space wolves, (whom they greatly respect) such as their use of true grit and large quantities of dreadnoughts. It is even rumored that ages ago, a small force of space wolves was stranded on a foreign planet. Some theorized that these space marines were forced to become self-sufficient and could have been the base from which the heralds of ragnorok were formed. legend foretells that early on in the chapter’s history, Odin, a librarian regarded as a divine man known for his foresight had a great prophecy. In his prophecy he foretold that the apocalypse was near at hand and that soon the very universe as they knew it could be in grave danger. He foretold that in a few thousand years, the forces of chaos would end up gaining immense power and succeed in breaking through the cadian gate, in a great crusade equal of the hour’s heresy. The very fate of the galaxy would be at hand, but whether or not chaos will succeed was not clear to him, but it is rumored that the emporium of man will be saved at their darkest hour by the second coming of the Emperor . After this vision, the marines named themselves the heralds of ragnorok and swore to fight chaos and do what ever they could to turn the tide of evil when that fateful time arrives.

    Home system: the home world of the heralds is located in a small system known as the Hades system. their home world is known as Asgard, a world known for its barren, icy wasteland and freakishly dangerous climate filled with very deadly electrical storms. the planet is cold and unforgiving, inhabited by vicious predators such as the fenris wolves, beast people, and powerful storm giants. The heralds of ragnorok maintain a single fortress on the planet. a massive structure heavily guarded and home to the heralds.
    There are a few other notable worlds are in the same system. close by, there is a planet that is home to a regiment of imperial guard who call themselves the Hellions. They were originally just a planet home to a warlike human civilization. It had been separated from the rest of humanity, but was reunited during the emperor’s grand crusade to expand the empire of man. The Hellions employ some rather unorthodox tactics. All members are heavily armored and are equipped with chemical inhalers, making them fierce fighters who care little for their own survival. They also make heavy use of veterans, who are given the very dangerous honor of entering battle via grav shoots to catch the enemy by surprise. Their home planet is known as the abyss, a fiery world characterized by large amounts of volcanic activity and a labyrinth like cave system that stretches on forever under the planet’s surface. The abyss is a world characterized by darkness, due to the fact that the dense atmosphere blocks out much of the sunlight, creating a very dark planet that is only illuminated by the orange glow of magma. The majority of the population is centered in the main city, a flouting hive world known as pandemonium. There is also one other world worth mentioning, a active forge world on the very edge of the system called the Artifact. This world was originally not a forge world, but instead was discovered by the hellions as an ancient abandoned factory of unknown origin. It is speculated that this planet once belonged to the elder, but was abandoned after the fall. The Hellions discovered many valuable secrets on this planet, including the technology behind the construction of plasma weaponry, which has given them the ability to mass produce plasma weaponry and even allows them the ability to create the Storm Blade super heavy tanks.

    Tactics: the heralds of ragnorok have mastered the art of ranged and close quartered warfare. They use their bolters in one hand, utilizing it both for its ranged abilities and defensive qualities. The main strategy for the heralds is to bombard the enemy into submission from far away, and then launching vicious counter attacks against any foe foolish enough to charge them. They make heavy use of dreadnoughts, but tend to prefer infantry to vehicles. The heralds glorify war, and consider it a great honor to die in battle. They are experts in the art of death and always enjoy a good, bloody fight.

    Notable leaders:
    The main leader of the heralds of ragnorok is a commander by the name of Aeger. He is considered to be a great and honorable warrior who inspires great courage in the hearts of his men. He carries a master crafted lightning claw in one hand known as the giant’s claw, an ancient weapon that was once used to kill a towering giant. In the other hand he carries a blessed shield to protect him from his foes.
    At Aeger's right hand is his foremost advisor, the librarian Charon. Charon is a cryptic and fearsome individual. He is very mysterious and dreaded member of the chapter and is both feared and respected by his battle brothers. He is concealed in robes and his true appearance has never been revealed. Only a single large bionic eye protrudes from under his hood, giving him the nickname the “Charon the one eyed.” By his battle brothers. Despite his usual, mysterious appearance, Charon is a master of close combat. In battle, he channels psychic energy throughout his body, transforming into a creature of divine wrath. He is un-earthily fast and has been known to cleave normal men aside like mear children’s toys with his mighty glaive. No matter how tough his opponent may be, his Glaive has the power to kill any opponent. Charon also is able to summon the wrath of every ancient hero from the chapter’s long history and focus it into a bolt of fiery doom. A companion, a vicious fenris wolf, who acts as his familiar, also accompanies Charon.

    Notable events in the chapters history:
    Still need some help with this….

    hopefully someone will like it. please post comments and suggestions:yes: :ninja: :x

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