Read the battle report here. ([combat patrol] IG & SMurfs vs Khorne & SMurfs)

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As a something to do for the lack of anything else, I have been writing a piece of fluff to explain:

A) What were Blood Angels doing with Khorne

Why Blood Angels were playing like Vanilla marines

C) What a Space Marine Captain was doing in patrol force

D) Why I only had a unit of six Hardened Veterans. Blasphemy!
I think this addresses those points. At any rate it's the first draft. I'd specifically like to know if you think I've gotten the tone "right" for a Space Marine Captain. And does Brass strike you as a good man, but a bit of a prick at the same time?


“Lieutenant Brass!? Rossini shouted, poking his grizzled mug out of the tent.


“Imperial Command says our supply convoy has been ambushed and needs a relief force dispatched to help them out. I’m volunteering you and your platoon.

“Just us, Sir?? Brass said slightly nervously. Besides his staff, he had a mere twenty men under his command.

“No, I’ve ordered Hydra squad on ahead of you. They’ve taken a Chimera, so you’ll need to travel light and double time it to stay within a reasonable distance of them. Got it??


“Oh, one other thing. Space Marines have been dispatched to 'assist' you. It’s difficult, but make sure you follow their orders without allowing the idiots to sacrifice your men for some useless end.?

“I understand.?

“Sergeant Evans and Hydra squad should reach the convoy’s location when you’re about halfway there, make sure you stay in constant contact on the way.?

+ + + + Vox Transmission 1935 hrs + + + + +
“Sergeant Evans, this is Lieutenant Brass. Can you read me??

“Loud and clear, Sir.?

“Have there been any signs of the convoy yet??

“It doesn’t look good, there are fires burning in the distance and I can’t hear any sounds of gunfire.?

“Damn, sounds like we’re too late.?

“I think we’re about five minutes away from these fires.?

“Listen Sergeant, keep a sharp eye out. I swear there’s something going on that we aren’t privy to.?

“With all due respect sir, that isn’t out of the usual. We’re not that high up in the chain of command.?

“Tell me this then Sergeant, why is a Space Marine Captain accompanying my patrol force to save some piddling convoy full of supplies that we don’t really need? It doesn’t make sense.?
+ + + + End Vox Transmission 1938 hrs + + + + +

Evans leapt from the Chimera as it skidded to a halt across the loose rock. The burning convoy eerily illuminated the great slabs of crumbling rock that jutted out from the earth like predatory teeth. The Mordian 401st lay dead in neat formations around the burning wrecks. Evans didn’t know whether to commend their bravery of fighting to the last man or condemn their stupidity in failing to get at least a few of the transports clear of the fighting.

Evans and his men moved through the carnage, rolling over bodies and checking vitals.

“Hey, Sarge!? O’Connor called and tapped at the screen of his auspex.


“I’m picking up some life signs, I can’t quite pinpoint where though.?

Evans motioned to the rest of his squad to keep alert.

“Wait, wait.? O’Connor continued. “It’s fixing the location… right over-“

There was a low hiss and O’Connor reeled backwards, a neat hole punched in his forehead. Other shots stung the air, puncturing flesh or ricocheting on the convoy debry.

“Squad, cover!? Evans roared as he hit the ground. Cracking a bundle of glo-sticks he flung them into the darkness where the shot had come from. The glo-sticks scattered across the ground and illuminated a small group of Blood Angels.

“What the hell? Do we fry them Sarge?? Wilcox called out, squinting down the sights of his plasmagun.

“You idiots! We’re on the same side,? Evans barked at the red giants.

“So you say,? one answered calmly. He snapped his arm up to fire again but swore and ducked behind a craggy boulder as the chimera unleashed a torrent of fire, sweeping its turret left and right and forcing the rogue marines to keep their heads down. The laser bolts knocked marines off their feet at the very least and kicked up plumes of rock wherever they struck.

“Fall back!? Evans shouted to his remaining men over the roar of the guns. “Let the chimera cover us.?

Evans slammed the ramp shut behind him and grabbed the vox, the chimera immediately started rumbling away from the annihilated convoy.

“Lieutenant!? Evans shouted into the vox

“Cool it, Sergeant, you’re speaking to a superior officer,? came Brass’ cold reply.

“We reached the convoy, and were attacked by a group of Space Marines. Blood Angels specifically.?

“Sounds like some marines have gone rogue, it would explain why I have the esteemed company of a Space Marine Captain,? Brass’ voice was laced with rancour. “What condition was the convoy in??

“Completely wreaked.?

“Nothing salvageable at all??

“Negative, every vehicle was already blazing and the Mordian 401st died where they stood.?

“A shame, well, we shall return to base then as there is nothing more we can do.?

“Actually there is, Lieutenant,? another voice interrupted solemnly over the vox.

“Identify yourself!? Brass snapped.

“You are speaking captain Aurelis of the Crimson Fists. Yes, I’m that particular captain travelling with you right now.?

Brass rubbed his temples, realising the Captain had probably been listening to the entire conversation over the vox.

“****.? he muttered to himself.

“Keep your mind focused, Lieutenant, you aren’t the first sour guardsmen I’ve met during my service to the Emperor,? he continued. “For some time now we’ve suspected Chaos forces have been posing as Loyalists to smuggle Berserkers and other shock troops behind Imperial lines,? Aurelis paused for a moment. “Sergeant, they are undoubtedly following you. I want you to lead them to our location. We will eliminate their forces and with some fortune, we will take an enemy alive so the interrogators may learn the foul machinations of Chaos. May the Emperor grant you swift speed, Sergeant. Lieutenant Brass, prepare your men. Imperator Patronus.?

The chimera slewed to a halt behind a large rocky outcrop.

“Kill the engine,? Evans whispered to the driver.

Lowering the rear hatch slowly, Evans crept out to meet Brass.

“We heard Berserkers following us, screaming for blood,? He said.

“I know, the Captain and his marines have been meditating like for a while,? Brass motioned to the kneeling marines. “It seems they have super hearing abilities, they can apparently hear our enemy coming right now.?

“The enemy are using gas propelled bullets, do you think they can hear those from a distance??

“I have no idea, Sergeant, and quite honestly I don’t give a damn.?

“So where do you want what’s left of Hydra squad??

“Up there,? Brass pointed up at the teeth like boulders. “Captain reckons they’ll come at us on a broad front as they don’t know where we are exactly, but once we start shooting they’ll home in on us. So make sure your men hold their fire until they’re certain they’ve got a target. If they screw this up I’ll report you for incompetence, Sergeant.?

“Prick,? Evans muttered under his breath as he turned away.

Lying on his belly Evans peered into the darkness. He could hear an engine drawing closer, soon vehicle lights could be seen as they vanished in and out of the rock formations. Evans pulled a
pistol from its holster and pointed it upwards. Shouting, “Contact!? He fired the flare and revealed a skulking group of Blood Angels and Khorne Berserkers accompanying a Rhino. Hydra squad reacted immediately to the threat and methodically hosed the enemy with their trademark plasma guns. The chimera lurched to their aid, erratically spraying the area with gunfire.

“Hold your fire!? Evans shouted. “Let your guns cool a bit, then pick your targets and make your shots count.?

“They’re rushing, kill them all!? Wilcox panicked and started blazing away at the Berserkers, within seconds the rest of the squad was following his lead.

Evans felt the heat first and then the high pitched whine, a warning that the plasma guns were about to reach critical temperature.

“You idiots! Stop firing!? He barked and rolled away from Wilcox. Too late, Wilcox and the others unstrapped themselves and pushed their guns away but were splashed by some of the boiling coolant fluid. Evans blanched at the awful smell of burning flesh. Motioning to the only other two able bodied members of Hydra squad, they dragged Wilcox, Brady and Schmitt behind some hard cover, it wasn’t the first time they’d had to do this.

“O’Connor, medkit! Damn!? Evans said, remembering that both O’Connor and his medkit had been lost at the convoy.

“Sarge, I’ve got these if they help at all.? Walker said, producing a handful of capsules and a syringe.

“Walker, do I even want to know what the hell those are??

“Liquid Ice, Sarge. Y’know, the party drug.?

“Whatever helps, shoot ‘em up. But Walker, if I ever catch you with that on duty again, your balls are mine.? Evans growled.

Surrounded the Blood Angel spun frantically, firing in all directions. The battle had quickly turned against his forces. His brothers lay dead at his feet, gunshot wounds still smoking and yet the cowardly enemy ducked behind cover and refused to finish him off. Turning again, he found himself facing the enemy Captain.

“Corpse worshipping scum, you will die!? He screamed and pulled the trigger of his bolter, only to hear the dreaded click of an empty chamber. Aurelis knocked aside the hurriedly drawn combat knife and flashed his power sword in an arc, shearing the errant marine’s gun arm at the wrist.

“Fool. You shall not slur our father,? he spoke in icy tones and fuelled by fervour, he brought his fist down on the marine’s leg, shattering his ceramite armour and femur.
Bending low over his enemy, Aurelis tore his helmet free to reveal a gaunt face scarred with chaos symbols, a mockery of its former glory.

“Tell me, fallen brother, what legion do you really hail from? Certainly, you are not a noble Blood Angel, merely a foul, though cunning impostor. ?

The Chaos Marine spat blood at the Captain. “The Gods will see your pathetic empire burn, coward.?

Aurelis slammed the marine into unconsciousness. “A shame I cannot simply tear out your tongue. It would make the sacrifices of my brethren pointless if the interrogators learned nothing from you.? he commented.

Aurelis knelt and lamented the souls of the fallen, commending their souls to the Emperor. He had lost two thirds of his brethren, all hacked limb from limb by the enemy, although as a small consolation their deaths had ensured that not a single guardsmen had lost his life.

“Lieutenant Brass, I release you from my command. I will make my own way back to the Agetean front from here.? Aurelis said as he mounted the hastily repaired rhino with his captive. A moment later it melted into the darkness, the noise of the engine fading quickly as well.

“See you back at base, Lieutenant!? Evans shouted as the Chimera quickly followed suit.

“Dammit.? Brass cursed and looked around at his men. “Looks like we’re walking.?