Most Honored Masters and great lords of the Ordos it is with great pride that I present to you my report on the Craftworld Known in the Xenos tongue as Sariour. I have gone to great lengths to compile information from attacks initiated by the vile Xenos and attacks brought against them. Thought my work is incomplete due to a lack of true knowledge on the subject what I have compiled i hope will please you my Lords.

As you already know the Vile Xenos known as Eldar divide themselves up into three sub races. First being the "Craftworld" Variety the second being the planet dwelling "Exodite" and finally the "Dark" Eldar Pirates. We believe the Craftworld Sariour may or may not be an actual craftworls but a corsair fleet. The reason we do not have this information is the Corsair fleets of the Eldar are always changing. One captain escapes imperial justice may retire to the Craftworld as a new leader or more emerge and use the fleet assets of the old corsair prince and their own fleets. Sometimes these vessels emerge from Exodite Worlds as well. The Craftworld Sariour right now is really just unsustantiated rumour though there is a corsair fleet that says thats where they are from.

Now the leader of the fleet is a female eldar...though I must say masters all eldar seem feminine looking so it was hard to truly judge. But anyway this female Eldar is named Caethellia "The Wailing Bride of Kournas." What we know thanks to the work of Inquisitor Czerek and other great crusaders for Imperial truth about the Eldar is their Mythology has only one god that is still in some semblance of life. This "God" as the misguided Eldar call it is Khaine "The Bloody Handed God." This Avatar has been used in many battles most often seen with the Biel-Tann Craftworld. But the question still comes to mind are the Eldar of Craftworld Sariour Worshipping a dead diety or is she wailing over the fact that the diety is dead? Unfortunatly these are questions that both should not be answered and cannot be answered as the Eldar mind is completely aliean and without a shred of good Human Goodness and Divinity.

The most disturbing part is the information that they are not part of any known craftworld. The Uniform of the warriors closly resembles the colors of both Craftworld's Biel-Tann and Iybreasil. The Tactics employ seem to be a modified Biel-Tann Swordwind with an Iybrasil Matriarchy Core. We have also noticed that where Sariour goes Biel-Tann tends to go the opposite direction lending even more credence to it being a different craftworld.

They use both webway and lightning raids from space on Imperial Worlds. though their raids tend to be for things mundane and arcane. Such as their raid on Pilgrim VI an agri world in the galactic south. The raid killed many but they stole the planets food tithe to the Imperium. The strike on the settlement on Axios Prime making off with Xenotech Artifacts in the ancient constructs near the colony.

Much like thei Kin on the Craftworld we know about they have also appeared from their "webway" to engage forces of chaos. Though it should be noted like Biel-Tann with Orcs once the Chaos forces are defeated they tend to turn on the warriors of the Imperium. by this random and capriciousness they should be considered as dangerous as almost any ork Waagh or encroachment by any other vile xenos breed. My humble suggestion is to turn resources to hunting them down and eradicating these vile xenos miscreants.

I hope most great lords that my research and compilation aids you in your task of wiping out the ellusive and piratical random and capricious vile Xenos of the Corsair Queen Caethellia. May the Emperor guide our hand in this most holy work. As your request I have forwarded the work to the Black Templar Crusade in the area. Again I hope my work is satisfactory.

Adept Compilator
Avid Ignatous - m40 386 251 86

* Inquisitor's Note: No forwarding order was given. Avid Ignatious tried and found guilty under Charges of Heresy and Insubordination.
** Inquisitor's Note: Inquisitor executed for execution of Adept Avid, my order's stand- High Inquisitor Erasmus Kaine.