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    Space Fleet attack


    I am trying to develope some fluff for my Space Marines and Sisters.

    They were on ships of an Imperial expidition and the fleet was attacked by another fleet. The Imperials entirely destroyed the enemy fleet but their own ships were severly mauled, so much so that immdiately returning to the heart worlds was out of the question and they were forced to make landfall.

    Since I have zero knowledge of Battlefleet Gothic who would be the best choice for the attacking fleet? Chaos? Tau? Dark Eldar? The battle included desparate boarding actions.

    Thanks in advance.


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    i think dark eldar would have lots of potential. They could have thought "oh look more slaves" and ended up with much worse. I guess it doesnt matter which army you choose, because they would all engage in ship to ship combat. Maybe you should think of a army you really hate fighting, and use that as a start. They all fit in somehow...though i cant reslly see Tau. They would probably go "look infereror species....use the super "lazer"" and nothing would be left of your fleet. Unlesss they were intrested in traveling though the warp and its technology and needed some ships intact....
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