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    Help with populating army list.

    I didn't know if I should put this here, the space marine section, or the space marine army list section. My apologies if it is miscategorized. Thanks in advance to the mod who places it where it belongs, assuming of course it doesn’t actually belong here.

    The reason why I chose to put it here was, despite my enjoyment of covering my fluff burgers with the occasional bit of cheese, I'd rather build a characterful army then a 'mechanically' effective one. I’d rather lose with character, then win with an army that wasn’t quite my own. My chapter has options for ‘trait shuffling’, within limits. My chapter’s work in progress description is at this thread for folks who might want to take a gander. ( (WIP Chapter Fluff (Critiques and Comments Welcome)) <Dunno how to configure links in this thing yet, apologies for the ugly written out one>.

    I’ve got a drop pod list built up, and I have a reasonable idea for army builds on the chapter’s ‘Dispensational Company' of fast attack items and such. The chapter’s significantly codex divergent, might as well flaunt it with all sorts of lists and tactics.

    What I’m looking for, far from a complete nitty-gritty army build (you folks have your own armies to work on), is suggestions on how to convey maniacally over-zealous and nigh suicidal recklessness in the army list in terms of what units, and how to configure said units. Going for the ‘standard large’ army size of 1500 points, but suggestions for larger and smaller are appreciated.

    At the moment these are my unit considerations.

    A jump pack chaplain as the HQ.
    Assault marines.
    True-Grit’d Tactical Squads in rhinos.
    Allied Sister Repentia w/Priest.
    A vindicator or two, or three (the close range aspect of it makes it somewhat of a fire magnet).

    I usually include a sniper squad and castellan whirlwinds on the ‘stand and take it, die for the emperor!’ list but they don’t seem to fit in with the ‘suicide squad’ list I’m going for with this one.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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