Flak exploded from the antiquated anti-aircraft batteries on the surface of this Emperor-cursed planet. The transport ship shook and armor plating was blown off the underside, exposing sensitive machinery. Fortuantley, the skilled pilot was able to affect a landing in a secluded forest away from the crack and flare of the explosions in the air. The pop and hiss of compressed air filled the space around the ship as two figures emerged the hatchway.

Sgt. Kragen and Chaplain Horowitz were both wearing their ceremonial power armour and the Chaplain's crozier glinted from the reflected light of the ship. They both insisted on scouting the area before they allowed their compliment of tech-marines leave the ship. As they crunched through the underbrush and got further and further away from the ship, their sense of isolation increased and Kragen had just turned into Horowitz and said "I think now is the time..." when a chaos blade cleaved cleanly into the tree just to his left. Kragen responsded with speed honed from years of training and the cybernetics in his limbs and hacked into the dark foliage. A grunt was heard and the chaos marine came forward, his armour cracked on his chest and a horned helmet disgusing his facial features, more than likely twisted by the hate of the warp. The foul minion of chaos brought down his sword in an overhand chop that was designed to cleaver Kragen in two. When the sergaent brought up his own blade to block, he did not count on the dark strength of his opponent and was slammed to his knees. Just when he thought he wouldn't have the privelage of a burial on Holy Terra, Horowitz swung around with his staff and, catching the marine right in the middle of his chest plate, bile and blood burst all over the combatants and the minion of chaos fell gurgling to the ground.

"Emperor be Praised, Chaplain! You saved me from a quick end"
"Emperor be Praised indeed, Sergeant, and from the position you are in, you might be able to help me with a quick end..."
Kragen smiled and reached for the fastens on the Chaplain's lower power armour
"Anything to help out the clergy..."