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    Assault on Comm Station Charlie

    I'm starting a marine chapter based on stealth and have taken traits so that they can all infiltrate and all have true grit, so I thought that I'd write a little story about them. Tell me what you think.

    Assault on Comm. Station Charlie

    The Ork sentries slowly waddled their way around in random patterns, trying to prove how much Orkier they were than the others in the patrol by shouting as loud as they can that they were the biggest, meanest, orkiest ork since the Big Boss himself.
    “Filthy zenos scum,? Brother-Sergeant Apaco muttered quietly to himself as he and his squad slowly advanced towards a forward communications outpost used by the Orks to coordinate attacks against the human settlements on the planet. The vox unit connecting Sergeant Apaco to the rest of the Silver Lancers strike force sounded quietly inside his helmet. “All units, this is Captain Quintus, report position and readiness status.?
    “Command, this is second squad, we are in position and ready to commence the assault.? Apaco motioned the other eight members of his squad to crouch and complete last minute equipment checks as the other squads reported their readiness. Moments later, Quintus gave the command to begin the assault. The four squads in the woods surrounding the compound began to quietly move forward, their black, blue and low reflection silver armor making them difficult to make out in the darkness of the moonless night.
    Shots began to ring out as squads one, three and four reported contact with the enemy. Squad two began to slowly and stealthily advance towards the central communications building were they were to place melta charges to destroy it. They paused as a large group of orks ran past them towards the firefight the other three squads had initiated. Second squad slowly stacked up outside the main door of the target and Sergeant Apaco gave the word for Brother Mendo, the squad’s demolitions expert came forward with the charges to blow open the door. He placed the charges then took his place at the back of the line.
    Sergeant Apaco checked to make sure that all of the members of his squad were clear of the blast and then triggered the explosion that ripped apart the door, crushing those orks unlucky enough to be immediately behind it. Several frag grenades came sailing through the opening an instant after the door exploded inward, further adding to the confusion of those inside. The squad rushed through finishing off the remaining orks standing guard inside with quick, controlled bursts from their bolters.
    The first room cleared, the squad continued to rush forward to complete their objective. Clearing one room after another, the ork’s death toll mounted. Reaching the main control room, Apaco yelled for Brother Mendo to set the melta charges and then ordered the rest of the squad to take up defensive positions around the room in anticipation of the counter-attack that was soon to come.
    Nearly a full minute passed before the first ork entered the sights of the squad’s bolters. Moments after that ork’s head was taken off with a bolter round, dozens more flooded into the passage. The chattering of bolters and ork shootas intensified. Though the concentrated fire of the marines was deadly accurate, there were just too many and the fight quickly became a melee. Here, where the orks anticipated a quick victory, they were rewarded with a surprise as the Silver Lancers pulled out their combat knives and, along with their bolters, used them to carve through the oncoming orks because the Silver Lancers extensively train with using their bolters in close combat. In the middle of the raging battle, Brother Mendo finished setting the melta charges and informed Sergeant Apaco that they were finished. Sergeant Apaco gave the command that they were to take the wounded Marine that had fallen and leave the building before the charges went off. Second squad began a leapfrog withdrawal as half the squad retreated while being covered by the other half. In this manner, the squad left the building. Once they reached the outside, Apaco gave orders to sprint into the cover of the dark. Just then, a massive blast tore through the building catapulting the Marines almost ten meters, a great feat when one is carrying hundreds of pounds of powered armor. As the squad picked themselves up and continued their flight into the woods. Sergeant Apaco looked back to survey the damage done by their raid. Not only had the building that they were in completely disintegrated, but most of the other buildings of the compound had massive damage as well. The carnage was not only buildings though, hundreds of ork bodies littered the ground, some partially blown up, some with smoking holes in them from bolter shells, but most were crushed and burning from the explosion that ripped through the compound not one minute ago. Second squad reported to Quintus that the mission was a success with only one casualty, a minor wound from an ork axe.
    “Well done Apaco, the other squads report one dead and two others wounded. Please proceed to the LZ for extraction and debriefing.?

    The roar of a Thunderhawk’s engines rang out across the woods as Second squad jogged out into the clearing that was used as the LZ. Apaco slowly walked to where the other Sergeants were discussing the tactics used and lessons learned from the assault. They clasped hands and congratulated Apaco on the clean assault. The Thunderhawk landed and Quintus and his command squad disembarked. The Marine in ornate armor and a fur-trimmed cloak walked toward the group of sergeants and congratulated them all on a well executed raid and then ordered them all into the Thunderhawk for the trip back to the Strike Cruiser.

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    That was lots of fun to read, you certainly have confidence in your Marines, which is good. Getting the fluff to fit into their rules is a nice touch too. Doing more fluff about the characters and why they like to fight that way would be a good idea too.

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