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    A short fluff story of my home made chapter, the iron storm

    This is a short fluff story about my home-made chapter, The Iron Storm (not to be confused with iron warriors) and it will, I hope, introduce my chapter fairly well. se if you can guess the traaits I used.

    Techcommander Davis let his bolter float off on its tether so that he could manually adjust the small blinking control pannel in front of him. His hand, and its three bionic fingers, worked smoothley and efficiently as he entered the coordinates which had been delivered from his battle-brothers on the planets surface. With this information he could calculate exactly when to fire the re-entry rockets, and so land precisely at the far end of the bridge which his company, the renowned and respected third company of the Iron Storm, were situated at. They were there on reports from the local Imperial Gaurd that hundreds of ork mobs had made a landing in their crude crafts and were preparing to take the main continent. With typical uselessness the Imperial Gaurd had contrived a flawed plan of action and many hundreds of men were already lost to ill timed skirmishes and unanticipated ork raids. It had taken the space marines help to contrive a location where an effective bottle-neck could be made and so make the most use of the Iron Storms beloved heavy weapons. However the orks could still retreat with a large amount of their force intact before they where destroyed, and so Techcommander Davis, the commander of the third Iron Storm company had opted to take the wild drop-pod ride with some servitors equiped and programed to be most efficient and tearing enemies apart in close combat. this way he could drop in behind the ork force as they crossed the bridge and attempt to cut them off. although in doing so he could easily be wiped out by the massive numbers. The pod shoock violently as the re-entry rockets blazed soundlessly into space and the pod began to drop to the planets surface. exactly 318.143 seconds later the armourd sides of the prop-pod fell with a crash and Techcommander Davis lunged out, his ornamental cog shaped axe making a perfect arc and beheading the two nearest orks before another fell to the crushing grip of one of the large lifting arms attached to his servo-harness. He made a quick radio pulse to the other servitors that where in the drop-pod and soon they where by his side carving a swathe of destruction through the packed orks who had retreated from the missles and bolters of the third company only to find themeselves face to face with a five man army of very deadly ability. It seemed like an age before the last ork had either managed to run away or lay as one of the countless dead green bodies which would end up making that all to familar smell which presided over dead orks. but now that that was done it was his job to asses the damage done to the company under his command and so, like a lone ranger he crested the top of the slightly arched bridge half draging a distinctly holey but salvagable servitor behind him. As he approached the well dressed sqauds of men who had formed up ready for his arrival he was glad to notice no casulties amongst any of his groups. one of the veteran sergeants approuched him and gave a quick report and asked what the next course of action would be. Thechcommander Davis, weary though he was, gave orders for mopping up parties to be formed out of the scout squads which permeated up even to the third company. "oh and one last thing" he added to the veteran sergeant as he dropped the servitor which had just died in his hands. "get me some more servitors".

    Please post your opinions and ideas as I would very much like to know is this sounds good or not.

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