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Thread: My Eldar Fluff

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    My Eldar Fluff

    Well ,here's a short fluff piece I wrote for my brand-spanking-new Eldar, as a sort of introduction to a CoD campaign I'll be participating in next year. Its not brilliantly written, but here goes:

    "Autarch Tethelion strode down the long wraithbone corridors of the craftworld, his footfalls echoing hollowly in the empty halls. He was glad of the solitude; it gave him the time needed to prepare his mind for the meeting ahead.

    Farseer Lorath- the seer who had requested his presence today- had always made him nervous. The oldest and most powerful of the Seers of Ashari Craftworld, Lorath gave the impression of always having his mind half in the warp, which it probably was. In his latter days he had grown increasingly eccentric and strange, even for a Farseer, and Tethelion could not help feeling uncomfortable in his presence.

    He entered the Farseers’ chamber. It was dark, but illuminated by the light of the many eldritch runes that hovered, glowing, in the air. The Farseer knelt in the middle of the room, three warlocks in attendance around him. custom demanded, Tethelion dropped to one knee.

    Lorath was silent for a long time, and just as the Autarch was beginning to grow impatient, the Farseer spoke.
    “Tethelion. I thank you for answering my summons. Take a moment, warrior, and observe the skeins of our future�

    Tethelion gazed around the chamber. Around the Farseer, the runes orbited in supernatural patterns, glowing with mysterious blue light. Out of the corner of his eye, he could catch other forms too, twisted mirror-images of the Seers’ runes that vanished when he tried to fix his gaze on them. Warp-shadow, he thought. So this was not the only plane the Farseer was gazing upon…

    The Farseer looked up, then pointed towards the central rune. Tethelion knew it well; Imprisonment, Eternity, Denial, Repentance, the Stars… the Eldar.

    “Our people, Tethelion. And look, above them�- motioning to another rune, hovering above the first and glowing with a deep red light- “peril.�

    Another rune flickered into existence, alongside the first, then slowly the two merged into one, more complex than before. Tethelion recognized this one, too.
    “These Eldar are… lost?�
    The Farseer nodded. “Aye. The Exodite Eldar, who saw our doom approaching and hid themselves upon the Lileath. Our wise kin. This�- motioning to the rune- “is the rune for the Exodite clans on the planet of Aer-allinoth, or Thraxia as the Mon-Keigh know it. There are over half a million Eldar on Aer-Allinoth.�

    The Rune of Peril slowly grew larger, and Tethelion could see that it was not one rune, but several, forming an interlocking chain. The central rune he could partially recognize; it was made up of Ash- planet- and another he did not know.

    “That�, said Lorath, “is the Mon-Keigh world of Yandar (note: Just a random name I pulled out of the air). A vile place. The planet itself is dead, killed by the mon-keigh and their unnatural technologies. A hive of scum and villainy choked and polluted.�
    A second rune- that for Mon-Keigh- was imprinted upon the first. A third and fourth hovered like flies around it.
    “The Young. The Beast. Both the Tau and the Ork have an interest in this world.�
    Tethelion did not see the connection with Aer-Allinoth, but he remained patient.
    “There…there is something else, too. A darkness, a shadow in the warp. My sight is blind to it… but I fear it, all the same�

    The Farseer held the two planet-runes- Aer-Allinoth and Yandar- in his hands. Suddenly, bright arcs of light connected them. Slowly, the arcs darkened from blue to red, and the red stain spread from one rune to another.

    “If any of these races take Yandar, Aer-Allinoth will die. One leads to another, surely as night follows day. Whatever the cost, we cannot allow this to happen. Tethelion, Craftworld Ashari must go to battle once more. We cannot let the Siere on Aer-Allinoth die at the hands of our enemies. You must lead our blades�

    Tethelion gazed uneasily at the blood-stained runes in the Farseers hands. What the Farseer said was true- the death of the Exodites on Aer-Allinoth would be a tragedy- but the death of the Eldar of Ashari would be even worse.

    “What of our brethren on Biel-tan?� he asked. “Surely they could-“
    “I have already spoken with the Court of the Young King. The Swordwinds are too stretched at the moment; the Ork push against them in great numbers.�

    Tethelion was silent for a long time. Then he rose.
    “Very well, Farseer Lorath. I will muster our warhosts. We enter the webway tomorrow.�

    Suddenly, one of the Warlocks kneeling alongside the seer stood up. “The armies of Ashari will not fight alone, Autarch Teth’elmorrenstalrhiantharmurhchu-el-ion.�

    The Warlock reached up and removed his mask, to reveal another mask. This one was painted with a strange design, a face in black and white with an unusual smile.
    Tethelion dropped to his knees in awe. “Ardathair!�
    The Harlequin nodded. “When the warriors of Ashari go to war, the Rillietann of the Laughing God will dance alongside them�
    “I… I will be honored, Ardathair.�
    The Harlequin held his gaze. Behind the mask, in the Harlequins eyes, Tethelion thought he could glimpse a glimmer of… amusement?
    “Yes. You will be�.

    Well, what do y'all think?

    "You're very interesting, and very perceptive. So interesting, and so perceptive, in fact, that we shall now fight with KNIVES!"

    "I've been dead long before you were born, and I'll be dead long before you'll be dead!"
    -Space Ghost

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    entertaining and well written.
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    I thought it was really good.
    Nice job.
    "What do Humans know of our pain? We have sung songs of lament since before your ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea."
    - Farseer Eldrad Ulthran of Craftworld Ulthwe

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    nice. i really liked it.

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