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    Project Homo Sapians Novus???

    Hello All, I got another fluff question for all of you Fluff Masers out there, this time I simply wish to learn more about what happened with the Project Homo Sapians Novus and the ill fated creations.

    So firstly on to what I know about what happened there.


    1) It was a project to make superior Marines, including mixed Geneseeds, they also had organs superior to what their normal counter parts have, as well as extra unknown organs.

    2) They made a few chapters, all of which had many mutations such as the Flaming Falcons etc.

    3) They would mutate rapidly, in one occasion 2 of them mutated in unarmed combat, and they killed 30 other Marines.

    4 ) According to fluff I received from Adrian MalSeraph the project was created by Thorian Inquisitors as a project to form vessels for the Emperor to walk among his people again.

    *This appears to be a speculation based on some fluff*

    The rewards more than outweigh the risks should we succeed. Imagine it! The Emperor reborn and walking amongst his people as a living god. Who can say such a thing is wrong?

    +++ Inquisitor Crescere. From Inquisitorial Report TH/21/36: 'The Incunabla Incident +++

    Quotes Inquisition - Lexicanum

    5) It appears that one of the secret test subjects had sent out a massive psychic beacon, that summoned either Marines, or Chaos Marines, perhaps Fabius Bile?

    6) A team was sent there to explore, they found signs of a struggle and one remaining Marine in stasis, when he was with their last contact they were about to revive him. The
    team was led by a mysterious Brother Lequara, who knew exactly where they had to go and
    how to get in? Who was he, was he perhaps an Inquisitor who disposed of them and escaped with the subject? Or was he Chaos?

    7) When Grey Knights arrived they found nothing left, no sign of a team or sign of a battle, not even the research facility, although the Knights found a small warp trail, possibly an escaping ship?

    Is that all there is on the subject? And what else to your knowledge happened? Anything will be of a great help.

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    That is more or less all the fluff there is on the subject. Project Homo Novus Sapiens, or Homo Sapiens Novus if you like, was detailed in the one Index Astartes article about the Cursed Founding but not much else. It is, however, conspicuous that Fabius Bile claims to have unlocked the secrets of creating new Space Marines and, given the description of the intruder into the research facility, it seems likely that this is where he got that information. On the other hand, it could just as easily have been used to create one of his other genetic experiments, including his so-called "New Men" .

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    You mean the project described in the Index Astrates books?

    Well.. read the end of the story. Fabius Bile and the Emperor's Children killed everyone involved in the project, and presumably took its findings for themselves. It explains where the primogenitor's 'new men' come from anyway.

    As for where the facility went.. perhaps the puritans got there first. Orbital bombardment is a good way to get rid of bad places.

    The flame falcons and the cursed founding chapters are not neccesarily connected with that specific project. It was a pretty dark time, when few official records were kept and a lot of the barriers which prevented people prying into things were broken down.. it's possible several people were researching 'better' space marines during that period.

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