Hey, my army's fluff, not sure if it belongs here 'cause the rules link is outdated, but this is the fluff section so.... Here goes, my first attempt describing my Eldar craftworld, all comments welcome.

Craftworld Valentia (Rising Star):

As Craftworlds were being constructed and left the Eldar planets, the many Eldar remained in contempt, however there were a few from the Eldar homeworld who’s opinions changed. They watched as madness enveloped their world and wondered if such had happened to those who had gone in the original Craftworlds. So they banded together and started construction on their own Craftworld one that would come to be called Valentia.

Knowing that if their people chose they would be able to stop construction, the Eldar who were very strong psykers worked with the most able wielders of Wraithbone to create a shield. A physical ring of Wraithbone that absorbed offensive energies by creating an energy field. This massive ring was built quickly and installed onto the almost complete Craftworld when their brethren attacked.
Mobs of raging Eldar clogged streets as they were egged on by what could only be even more insane fellows. They used weaponry that had lain dormant and unused for centuries, but which had stayed in perfect shape like most things the Eldar constructed. As weapons fire was absorbed into the rings shield it shimmered with a glimmering haze as it hung in the air, invisible but for the shimmers.

However as construction continued the Seers started to have visions of flame and destruction as their brethren destroyed their creation. After numerous days of howling screams and weapons fire all around the mass of bodies accidentally pushed too close and an Eldar stumbled through the shield. It seemed that though it followed principles used in the past it was too massive to stop a physical body.

The mob pushed through but the Seers were prepared. They had squads of warriors, for the entire military of the planet, though small, had joined them in their endeavor. These squads of warriors unleashed a hail of fire never seen since by the Eldar of Valentia. As the bodies piled up it became apparent that they would block the entry of their fellow horde. After a day the weapons of the soldiers halted, no enemies were left on the correct side of the shield.

Ten more days it took to finish the completion of the massive ship, for though smaller than many others it had complex systems built into it to aid in the process of getting through the atmosphere, after all, most such ships would have had to been created in orbit. During these ten days there were four other engagements as the enraged and psychotic brethren of old charged to their deaths.
When the Craftworld finally departed they left with already a tenth of their original number dead, most civilians who had taken up the fight as the waves got worse. Proceeding into space, the ship managed to use its engines that while designed for exceeding gravity ended up being used to travel faster than the Craftworlds they knew of had been designed to go.

They traveled through space for what seemed an age of vast nothingness; they had been on the borders of the primary Eldar worlds and had far to travel still. Partway through their journey they felt a collective psychic scream and their souls burned and tugged at the bounds of their mortal existence. It has been postulated that they should have died then, however they had discovered an accidental advantage. The shield they had constructed shielded them from the majority of the psionic blow, but was destroyed in the process.

They actually ended up stopping near the area of space the Imperium calls the Maelstrom. This warp storm was being created before their very eyes and their highest Seers wished to study the phenomenon. They were shocked but thankful when a shard of the god they knew as Khaine came to rest in the core of their ship. They held onto two artefacts, the Witchblade Destiny, rumoured to be one of the swords forged by Vaul to appease Khaine and the Spear of Fate a singing spear relic of the House of Eldanesh. These weapons were saved from the terrible reality of the Eye of Terror at great cost, for they are unwieldable by all but the strongest souls.

They shifted to the galactic south of the storm and there they waited. They slowly move around parts of the phenomena, taking the advantage of its emanations by complete accident. It is rumoured that the strength of their psykers, comes from their proximity to the storm.
They are an extremely militaristic Craftworld where the artisan is regarded on as a necessity and realistic while the Path of the Warrior is artistic and romantic in itself. Because of how the Eldar of Valentia look at the Path they have few but the rare Outcast and have a great number of the more elite and exotic Aspects. Farseers and Exarchs are regarded as true warriors of the people, and they have few Autarchs. However those they do have command immense respect since it is hard in a society such as theirs.

However there is another force on their Craftworld. A force that rarely goes to war, the blade priests of Khaine, all descended from the House Eldanesh exist on Valentia. They are a sect of the most destructive warriors and most charismatic leaders. So powerful are they that they rarely go to war except in times of great need.

The souls of the dead are honoured by internment in such noble constructs as the Wraithlord and Wraithguard, however few souls are actually regarded as being worthy of such internment and as such all existing Wraith constructs are highly valued warriors. Wraithlords are so valued that they are often regarded as more venerable and powerful than the most hardened battle tank, and so are used as often as possible.

The current leader of the Seers of Valentia is Farseer of House Valere, Aydrien Valeria and the wielder of the Witchblade Destiny. He wields it through necessity as the Eldar of Valentia are harassed more and more, and he sees war in the future as they take the fight to the enemy. His half-brother, descended from Eldanesh and as such a battle priest of Khaine is Blade Prince Doman Eldaren.

As head of the battle priests of Khaine he wields the Spear Fate as such leaders have done since their foundation. He ebbs and flows as wars go on though, so as Khaine’s rage dies down does he los a measure of the strength he is endowed with in battle and takes upon him at the end of every fight the curse of Khaine. This is a curse the battle priests would suffer were it not for their leader who accepts the curse upon his head. It attempts to kill him after every battle, and were it not for the forceshields the priests wore he would not last long.

Harlequins have visited Valentia for millennia, and are wont to do so when they somehow know fighting is nigh. For Valentia engages in combat as often as much larger Craftworlds like Biel-Tan. For this they keep their weapons clean and ships ready.

Grav tanks are rarely used except in the elite reconnaissance and speed units of Falcons, Wave Serpents Vypers and Jetbikes that seek out and identify new targets for the main body to destroy. They then move on to smaller, weaker prey and have their own fun. Heavy Grav tanks like the Scorpion are known to be used in these formations commonly as they can keep up and deal maximum damage.

Due to this, massive Wraithlords and even Titans wield the main heavy weapons. Heavy Titan patterns being known to accompany even small units of fifty or so Eldar warriors on the warpath. Valentia is small, but they make every shuriken and every warrior count as they combat their enemies and rise in prominence in the gritty war-torn galaxy.