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Thread: Creoth III

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    Creoth III

    Over the last two decades the mountianous Hive world of Creoth III has been producing over 300% more psycers than the Sectum average for a world of its size. Many of these psycers have been trained to use their power specifically in battle. Obviously this has made the planet highly suspect to the Ordo Hereticus, who dispatched Inquisitor Edipus to the planet. Although there appears to be to nothing wrong with the planets geneseed the Inquisitonal report suggested that, as the hight proportion of Psycers was dangerous it could be instrumental in some areas of the Imperial Guards campaigns.
    As such a contingent of Sisters of Battle were dispatched under Cannoness Alicia, they follow the Creoth Psycer regiment and routinly follow them into the heat of battle.
    Creoth III is a mountinous world and a perfect home for Ratlings.

    Traits?: Ratlings
    Heavy Weapons
    Carapace Armour
    Rank and File (one that adds initive)

    Sorry I dont have a codex quiet yet and am doing this from memory. Will add more later if people want, to explain Carapace and Rank and File (?)

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    How old are you?
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