Upon the dark world of Colchis a young child known as Damien was accepted into the Covenant, the caste of priest’s who governed over Colchis, to be taught the ways of the caste.
Kor Phaeron became Damien’s mentor, teaching him everything he knew. He was a fast study, but remained very secretive outside of his lessons, Damien would confine himself to his room, alone in the dark.
Damien soon met with Lorgar due to his apprenticeship with Kor Phaeron. Lorgar and Kor Phaeron were the only people Damien would associate with outside of his of his study periods, becoming close friends with the Primarch.
When the Covenant split into the two factions it was unsurprising that Damien sided with Lorgar. Damien led many warriors into battle against the opposing priests, proving his worth as a leader. Still he would remain secretive outside of battle, only emerging on the eve of an attack to deliver powerful speeches with his fiery and commanding voice, a skill he had learnt from watching Lorgar.
Damien became not only a devout follower of Lorgar’s promise that one day a savior would come, but he also became a skilled fighter and leader. He followed Lorgar into the temple where they both had learnt the ways of the Covenant and slaughtered all the priests within. This was the final attack, that ultimately lead to Lorgar’s victory, and within a year the Emperor and Magnus the Red descended down upon Colchis and offered Lorgar command of the Word Bearers Legion.
With him Lorgar was allowed to take with him a selection of his finest warriors to be inducted as space marines, among those selected was Damien.

Damien was put in charge of the second company, and throughout the Great Crusade Damien captured many worlds in the names of the Emperor and Lorgar, building immense monuments and cathedrals. Damien continued to remain in his quarters until the eve of a battle when he would perform powerful speeches instilling images of victory in his warriors. During battle he fought with as much zeal as when he had during the war on Colchis, and it was evident that he was fit to become a Chaplain. Again he was a quick study and tested the knowledge of the higher ranking Chaplain with his questioning. He soon obtained a position of both Company Master and Chaplain.

When the Emperor reproached Lorgar and announced his displeasure with the Word Bearers slow progress, and Lorgar refused to speak to any chaplains and lieutenants. Kor Phaeron was the only person that Lorgar would speak to, and Kor Phaeron attended many meeting with him and Damien. It was Damien and Kor Phaeron who first gave voice to the idea that if the Emperor wouldn’t accept worship, there were others who would.
Finally Lorgar turned to the chaos gods; some believed that it was Damien who had first been tainted by chaos and then passed the seed along to Lorgar and thus spreading it throughout the entire legion. Soon the Word Bearers were worshipping the gods of chaos and when the Horus Heresy broke out the Word Bearers were the second legion to rebel.

Damien led his company against holy Terra, fighting side by side with Lorgar. When the chaos legion eventually fled back into the Eye of Terror, Damien and his company sought his refuge on the Daemon-world of Sicarus.
Shortly after Lorgar’s rise to Daemonhood, Damien changed his own name to Daemon Ra, some say the he to was offered daemonhood, but choose to keep his mortal form, only his eyes burn red beneath his dark cloak as the only sign of his daemon form.
Over the milenia he has become a truly powerful Dark Apostle commanding one of the largest Hosts of the Word Bearers legion.

Well thats just the story behind my Dark Apostle. What do you think?