Planning on making a cadre out of the "Untrustworthy" N'Dras sept, and would like some info. Anything from sept colors, to weapon preferences. I know there can't be much about them out there, but anything will help. I already have a color picked, but I want to hear if they have anything official.

also could use some info for Commander Brightsword. for this I would like to know what sept he(she?) hails from, the real tau name (Shas'O bla'h bl'Ah Yadda'Smack), how the legend died, and famous moments. I have the CoD so I know the one about the 1st borns battle. Apparently there is something in Kill Team, but I'm so broke right now I can't even buy a page of it :cry:

Oh and are there any bits of fluff (official or player made) of a tau Contingent?

If your going to skim this, pick up on the underlined and italisized words please