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Thread: Living Icon

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    Living Icon

    I was busy putting together my army the other night and I got all inspired. I've been trying hard to make some unique icons, and I decided I could turn a marine into a living icon. The idea snowballed from there and I ended up at about midnight with a page worth of rambling.

    Anyway, this Marine is a simple bitz swap, I've replaced his head with the horned head from the mutie sprue and his left arm with the crushing crab claw arm from the mutie sprue.

    And no, the following is supposedly proper, if very rough latin. It's not GW dog latin and it's certainly not pig latin as Lord Yossanrion guessed (that boy worries me -_-'). If anyone has a link to a high quality translator I'd appreciate it a lot.


    “In meus hora of postulo ego offendo a pactum per dominatio of quattuor ventus!”

    “Dammit!” Inquisitor Jerehmiah cursed as he thumped the wall with a mailed fist. He seethed for a moment and then rewound the vid log to study it again. He’d already been at it for hours, but any shred of evidence that he could glean from the enemy would prove valuable in unravelling their plans.

    Their plan had gone horribly wrong; the Chaos Marines that had infiltrated Fort Jorgan had been discovered and were forced to blow their explosive charges early. They had lost three of their number to the scattered fire that chased them down the endless corridors, but now in the outer assembly yard they were almost free. Only one thing stood in their way.

    As they neared the exit, a sudden gust of wind pushed the morning mist away to reveal Justicar Patricus. Standing alone in the open gateway he had his force weapon raised and a cold smile on his face. Behind the saboteurs, shouts of the pursuing Imperial Guard could be heard.

    “No time,” Champion Elias said to his last two marines as he glanced behind them. “We must cut through him.”

    Patricus ignored the bolter fire exploding around him. Swinging his blade in a large arc he cleaved the first marine in two. The second caught him off balance and knocked him down with a kick that cracked a rib. Rolling away from the blow, Patricus rose with a sweeping strike that disembowelled the chaos marine.

    “Die!” Elias roared as he struck with his chainsword. But he was outmatched and the Grey Knight laughed as he parried and slammed a gauntlet into Elias’ face. Before he could recover, Patricus brought the force weapon down on his sword arm and cut it clean from the shoulder.

    Towering over his victim, Patricus sneered at Elias. “I am the might of the Emperor and I am charged to deliver his will, traitor. Pray to your gods all you want, they will not save you now.”

    “Fool, you know nothing,” Elias grunted as he clutched his bloody shoulder.

    “At least have the courage to look at me when you speak, scum.”

    “I said… You know nothing.” Elias’ head snapped up, his eyes consumed by red warp fire.

    “In meus hora of postulo ego offendo a pactum per dominatio of quattuor ventus!”

    As the last syllable left his lips a blast of energy burst from him, knocking the Justicar away. Raised into the air by unseen forces, Elias screamed in agony as horns erupted from his shaved forehead. Warp fire coruscated across his body and collected at his severed arm. It built for a moment and then a new limb burst forward in a bloody display of chaos magic. Raising his new clawed limb, he pointed it at Patricus.

    “Ventus dominatio vindicatum vestri animus, proditor.”

    Around Elias, Daemons tore their way into the material plane. Patricus stood his ground and beat them off, but they grew in number and bore him into earth under a wave of hacking blades and talons.

    Still illuminated by warp fire, Elias looked up into the gaze of a security camera. Even though he was only watching a recording of the events, Jerehmaih shivered as Elias’ red eyes pierced him. Raising his warped limb, Elias gathered energy. The recording fought against the rising distortion for a moment and then succumbed to it. Through the harsh static Jerehmiah could hear the last screams of Justicar Patricus.


    C&C are welcome as always, some people had trouble distinguishing who was who in the early drafts so I'd like to make sure that it's fixed now.

    ... only triumph could turn pooing his pants into a good thing..

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    Awesome ^^ That's what you get for messing with Chaos *snickers* Encore, Encore!

    The Ancient Powers of Chaos, go where they please...
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    I personally like it. It would make for an interesting game of Inquisitor I'll admit.
    I'll be damned before the soldiers of the Emperor are just left to rot!
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    If it doesn't work with the Emperor. Then it's been officially Karmooned!!!


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