This is some fluff about how my chapter of traitor marines started. this is only part I, so there is more to come. Tell me what you think.

Fires of Retribution – the beginning of the end

Part 1: The Strands of Fate are linked

After a narrow escape from the vast pursuing fleet of Blood Angles, Kossolax’s situation was dire. The Blood Angles would hunt him for the end of time, until their thirst for revenge was quenched. However, that was the least of his worries. His true fear was of Abaddon. He had failed; it was as simple as that. He caused a major blow to the Blood Angles, but that had never been the main objective. He had been so close. He had almost found it, but of course the Blood Angles just had to show up. To go back to Abaddon with the mission unfulfilled would mean certain death. He would have to go into hiding. On his own, his men were few and his power was not enough to give him a chance for survival. He would hide, for now, but in time he would get his revenge. To hell with the Imperium. To hell with Abaddon. He could trust no one.


Space Marine Master Gabriel looked stood at the head of the bridge, glaring out into the infinite chaos that is the empirium. A man dressed in the formal military command uniform of an admiral walked up behind him. “Sir”, Admiral Cassius said, “We have a problem….”. Cassius hastily led the commander to the main command monitor. “Sir, as you can see, there is a problem with the warp drive. A malfunction has led to a critical mass in the reactor core of the mechanism. I’m afraid unless we disengage the generator, we may all meet our end, as the reactor goes down and we are stranded in the warp forever.” Gabriel was perplexed. The very thought that they would not reach the Achilles system in time sent a chill down his spine. Millions would die unless they came soon, and it was his duty to protect the lives of the innocent. Nevertheless, he also had a duty to his battle brothers, and he would not risk their lives over his responsibility. “Disengage the Warp drive and head for the nearest star system. But make haste admiral, time is short. Have your men begin repairs as soon as possible.”


The Planet the marines chose, as their home base of operations while the ship crew repaired the flagship was a small jungle world. There had been some debate over what to name the planet. There was a joke among the marines that they should call it ‘Mystery Planet X’, but a scowl formed on Gabriel’s face when he heard of this notion. Although, this joke name did have some merit, as the planet was quite mysterious. It was dotted with numerous structures and temples, yet the preliminary surveillance scans showed the area near the landing zone to be deserted of any inhabitants. As Chapter master Gabriel walked down the exit ramp of the thunder hawk he turned his head towards his most trusted lieutenant, Argos of the 2nd company “we have received an odd distress call from a large structure several miles to our west. The signature of the it appears to be from a small contingiant of Blood Angles claiming to have been lost in this area. I would like Take Tactical squad’s alpha and omega to check it out. I have faith that you will find out what going on.”