This part tells the story of how the Caldon Guard defeated the Genestealer invasion. Part one sets up the story, and can be found here: (IG Fluff - 212th Caldon Guards (Please read and comment))

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General Paulus stood on the highest terrace of the Imperial Palace. His face was grimly set as he surveyed the devestation before him. The perimeter of the city, only a few kilometers away, was hidden beneath a thick shroud of smoke. Occasional flashes of gunfire lit the dark clouds from below. Somewhere, from out of sight, a deep, slow, series of booms rolled like thunder across the cityscape. The sermon of a Basilisk had begun.

Commander Hyle emerged from the shadows to Paulus' left. After a few moments, he broke the silence.

"If we cannot find a way to defeat these demons soon, we will perish" he said.

Paulus did not react, his gaze was fixed on the city perimeter. Hyle was right. The imperial forces were already stretched thin and could not withstand many further attacks. It seemed that each time the alien horrors returned they came in greater numbers, while each time the forces of the imperium grew ever weaker. Bravery was no subsitute for men.

"But what can we do? Their numbers seem inexaustible..." Paulus' voice grew darker as he turned to face Hyle "...and have you spoken with Brother Malchius? He believes that they are using us as hosts. For each man that falls in battle one of their kind returns in his place, a twisted monster burning with hate." Paulus returned his gaze to the city. "Why has this come to us?" he asked "This vengence of some unholy god."

He raised his eyes to the heavens. Through the smoke and dust he could just make out the eldritch glow of the warp storm that had engulfed the Caldon system for over a week now. He voice seemed far off now, as if carried by the wind.

"If the storms do not abate" he said "we are lost."


General Paulus re-entered the command room. A handful of tired looking engineers manned the ring of control stations arranged around the central holomap. Their eyes were foccused on the glowing screens in front of them, bathing their faces in a ghostly green light. Paulus mde his way across the room to talk with his chief engineer about the power situation on the upper levels. They were soon deep in discussion.

Suddenly, a warning flashed across the main screen in the centre of the command room. 'Orbital Platform Alpha: Status Critical' it read in glowing gothic script.

An engineer turned to Paulus. "It's the orbital defence ring, Sir." he said "It's tearing apart under its own weight".

Paulus looked at Hyle for an explanation.

"They came aboard in a shuttle" he said "In the fighting that followed one of the main reactors blew. The ring was greviously damaged. It will likely come down within the next few hours, but it won't get far. Once the atmospheric shielding is turned off it'll burn up in minutes."

One more misfortune in a series of disasters, thought Paulus. The loss of the orbital defence ring was of no real importance to the ground war being waged in the imperial city around them, but psychologically is was a heavy blow. The room waited in silence. As always in a crisis, Paulus found himself thinking back to his time spent as a young officer on Tallarn. He had learnt many things during his time in the desert. How to survive in one of the harshest climates in the Imperium, yes, but also of the ancient wisdom of the desert people who had lived there for generations, wisdom born of milenia eking out an existence in the cruel heat and endless, endless, sands. One thing that Paulus would never forget was that, in Tallarn, the word for crisis is 'kerasth', a word which can also mean 'opportunity'.

Paulus turned to the engineer, the spark of an idea in his eyes.

"Can you keep the shields up?"

"The shields?" the engineer asked.

"Can you keep its atomspheric shields up?"

"Yes Sir, but..."

"...and can we guide it?"

His gaze was met by a blank stare.

"Can we guide it?" he barked "as it falls?"

The Chief Engineer answered "The ring has powerful stabilisation mechanisms. We could guide the descent path." He tailed off. There was confusion in his voice, he did not understand. Hyle stepped forward. He did understand.

"Guide it where?" he asked.

Paulus moved over to the holomap in the center of the room. Gripping its edge tightly, he pointed to the ruins of Kalden city, a hundred miles to the north.

"Guide it here" he said "Ever since the power grid went down, they have concentrated there. Brother Malchius believes that part of their life cycle requires a living host. Kalden city has it's own reactors. It still has life support.

Hyle nodded "That is true. Since the grid went down, all those who fall victim to their dark kiss have been taken there."

"We still control the perimeter of this city. If we can destroy the reactors at Kalden, it will shut off life support there and deprive them of their breeding ground. The reactors are deep underground, beyond the reach of any conventional weapon. But if we brought the orbital ring down on top of them..." he looked up at Hyle "It will be a mortal blow. And then, just maybe, we can stem the tide."

The Chief engineer stood up, a look of fear on his face. "An impact of that magnitude" he shook his head "Who knows..." he tailed off, lost for words.

Hyle looked at Paulus. "Sir." he said "There is truth in his words. The ring is vast. An impact of that size...we risk the destruction of every living thing on this planet."

"We are already well down that road, my friend." Paulus replied.

The two stood facing each other on the bridge. The far off sounds of battle seemed to fade around them. They had reached the eye of the storm, and it was here, in it's stillness, that it's outcome would be decided. Hyle looked into Paulus' eyes. The room was hushed as the two stood in silent communication.

A moment passed, then Paulus turned to the engineer seated by the control panel. Calmly, as if to himself, he spoke.

"Bring it down" he said.