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    Dinking around with Special Characters

    So, I'm bored and decided I should throw around the concept of special characters for my SM Chapter.

    First a brief overveiw of my chapter. The 10th Company consists of Scouts (new SM recruits), and snipers (experianced marines who have spent all their time as scouts and learned how to use sniper weaponry), this is the only Company in my Chapter that is able to use Bikes or Speeders. And like the rest of my Chapter has access to Dread-Vets.

    The rest of my Chapter works as such:

    A marine starts off in black armour in a Tactical Squad, and they switch to either a Devestator or Assault Squad every once in a while to see how it all opperates (either this or they became a sniper, librarian, chaplain, apothocary, etc. instead), and, when off the battlefield, they are trained in the ways of the techmarine. As they increase in years and rank they are able to design and build their own bionics and paint their armour in brighter hues of red (starting out black it becomes a dark red, and then lighter and lighter from there). When they become a veteran they have a nice red colour to their armour, as well as having various bionic implants. And by the time they become a veteran sergeant they are almost completely integrated into machine. From here they can move on to one of the higher ranks as a Dread-vet, and as such they resemble a dreadnought in size and power, however have much more varying forms (like spider legs, treads, wheels, etc.). From here they can become Commanders (although they are more like Techmarines).

    Everyone in my Chapter above the rank of scout is trained as a Techmarine and after being in the chapter for a long time resembles a dreadnought (except maybe a couple rogue marines).

    So, since I'm bored I want to mess around with some special characters so here goes:

    Chapter Master: Techmarine with +2 Wounds (one for Scion of Mars, one for being a spiffy special character), Servo Harness, Master Crafted Dread Lightning Claws (give 2D6 armour pen), Terminator Honours, Bionics, Adamantine Mantle, +1 Str, +1 Ld, Every wound left on him over 1 counts as a Tech Servitor for the purpose of BotO 285pts

    Chief Librarian: Epistolary, +1 Wound, +1 Str, Extended Psychic Hood (+1 to the roll for stopping an enemy's psychic powers), Master Crafted Dread Force weapon (gives 2D6 armour pen), Adamantine Mantle, Artificer Armour, Bionics, terminator honours, familier, Might of Heros, Veil of Time 295pts

    Master Chaplain: Master of Sanctity, +1 wound, +1 Str, Adamantine Mantle, Artificer Armour, Bionics, Terminator Honours, Jump Pack, Master Crafted Dread Crozius Arcanum (2D6 armour pen) 235pts

    If any of these characters appear in an army then there must be another HQ of the same type (ex. The Chief Librarian must have another Librarian as an HQ), and may be in the same squad as them. These characters will only show up in a battle to train a Company's Head Official or if the Chapter's Fortess-Monostary is being directly attacked. Note that none of these characters may be used in games under 2500 points.

    So what do you think, overpowered?

    Yes... Okay I was just checking out the actual Special Characters and they aren't super equipped like these guys, they all tend to have only a few pieces of equipment, gah, I guess I was just bored and lacking in sleep. However I do think that as each of my characters will be running amuck in Dread Armour they need to be decently powered to go with it. However even Dreadnoughts can be destroyed by only a single shot, and as such the Adamantine Mantle may be a life saver but it is rather overpowering.

    So here's a reworking of it:

    Chapter Master:
    Techmarine with +1 wound for Scion of Mars
    +1 Toughness
    Servo Harness
    Terminator Honours
    Iron Halo
    Dreadnought Lightning Arm (Counts as a pair of master crafted lightning claws, Melta Bombs, and a Bolt Pistol)

    Chief Librarian:
    Extended Psychic Hood (+1 to the roll for stopping an enemy's psychic powers)
    Dread Force Claw (Mastercrafted Force Weapon, Melta Bombs, and a Bolt Pistol)
    Artificer Armour
    Might of Heros
    Veil of Time

    Master Chaplain:
    Master of Sanctity
    Terminator Honours
    Artificer Armour
    Dread Lightning Claw (Counts as a pair of Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs, and a Bolt Pistol)

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