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Thread: The Prisoner

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    The Prisoner

    Here is a story about a poor woman who stupdily gets captured by slaanesh worshiping lunatics.

    I pushed my back against the hard, cold wall. My headache became so painful it began to cloud my vision. My other senses had been dulled by the shock over what had transpired. How could such a thing happen? It was so peaceful to begin with. The beginning of a smile grew on my face as I remembered my home. The beautiful architecture, the exquisite views. Gone. In a flash my life had been shattered. The worst thing about it though was that I didn’t even know why it had happened. They came, they take, they go. But this time they took me.

    Who are they? It is difficult to describe. They are people who have no morals, who become so self-centred that any whim will and must come true. They are warped by their desires, always trying to reach new limits, yet the human body has its boundaries. Thus they have become deranged mad men as they so desperately trying to reach the impossible goal. Perfection. Why someone would worship a god that led someone to that I could not guess.

    Those hands! I awoke suddenly. Breathing deeply. I tried to get rid of the memories of how I came here, yet they would not go. As a drop of water from the ceiling fell down to the floor my memories I had tried so hard to forget came flooding back.

    My home was so isolated from the major cities that no warning was given of the enemies coming, no message, no siren. The sky became a swirling sea of bright pink as their shuttles came crashing to the ground. One landed in the middle of my house. It destroyed my home and killed my family. I was in shock. The realization over what had happened disabled my body. Collapsed amidst the rubble the enemy soon found me.

    One grabbed me by the throat and helps me up so I could look directly into his eyes. They were pearls in a sea of chaos. In a soothing voice he said, “you will come with us and we will show you the light and the error of your ways will be forgiven.” I must have been knocked unconscious because the next thing I remember was being in a room. Nothing could escape this place I could feel the trapped souls in the air I breathed and their blood flowing down the pitch-black walls. I should of tried to escape yet every time I moved a flash, a memory smashed its way into my vision:

    The shattered body of my son as he bled over the corpse of my husband.

    Why Emperors did I survive? Why couldn’t I be dead and be at peace with my family. What had I done to deserve this? My mind was clouded from the pain. Then almost silently a door opened. A huge warrior entered. I hated myself for doing it, but I gasped at his beauty. His armour was the complete opposite of the room he occupied. It seemed to be composed completely of light. His face was not like any human I had seen. It was pastel blue. And his eyes, oh his eyes! They defied belief. In my desperation I thought he was my angel sending me before my God, yet it was not to be.

    I cried out to him “Are you going to take me to my family? Will I be brought before the Emperor?”

    “You are along away from your planet and family now you are going to a new place. Were you can experience pleasures beyond your imagination. Why would you want to waste your beauty in death when you can be given a new life to worship Slaanesh for all eternity?”

    In horror I responded, “I will never worship you god!”

    That’s when it happened. I saw the bitter anger in the warriors face. His armour turned to black like the rest of the room before disintegrating into nothing. He was completely naked and that’s when I knew what was going to happen. I was weak and he was strong. I was unable to beat him back. He was all over me with those hands, oh God those hideous ha…

    Finally the memories dissipated, I could see again, not that it would do me much help. All alone, in a cold, dark, room. I couldn’t help but think what those hideous beings were going to do to me. It couldn’t be any worse than what’s already happened, could it?

    I shook my head. I couldn’t wait to find out. I had to escape. With my mind up I tried to stand up and look for an exit. But I was unable. The pain in my head was growing. The pain, oh Emperor what have they done to me. I slumped to the floor weeping under the agony that had befallen onto me. On the floor I wept and wept. With every drop of a tear a small part of my emotions, memories went with it. Soon I felt completely empty and alone.

    While on the floor a door opened. They had come for me again and I knew. I was going to suffer. It was the same warrior, his armour, gone back to its original state.

    “This is your last chance my child; will you turn away from your corpse god and worship the Dark Prince or will I have to take matters into my own hands?”

    In complete disgust of his blasphemy I shouted with the anger of the Gods “While his physical shell may be broken his spirit will live on forever and he will strike you down, go on kill me! I will be rewarded for my loyalty!”

    “Oh child, I have already told you to kill you would be a waist of your beauty. Now, I would not count on your corpse god rewarding you after you kill so many of his faithful followers.”


    He laughed a warm, hearty laugh. “Oh you will see, but now it is time to sleep.”

    I looked in horror as he withdrew hideous looking device. It was splattered in blood, and human skin had been used to decorate it. It bared resemblance to a needle but it could have been used as a torture weapon. I crawled as far away as I could yet the walls seemed to close in on me. He grabbed me by my hair lifted my head up to his. Terrified as to what this deranged man was going to do to me, my body completely shut down to any commands my brain was giving it. He licked my face with his tongue. It was as if a delicate piece of silk had dragged across me. Then he stabbed me viscously with his instrument and…it…all…went…black.

    “Honey wake up”

    Who had said that? I knew that voice. My pain had been replaced by unbearable fatigue. Even opening my eyes seemed to be an uphill struggle.

    “Oh Sarah please, don’t give up on me now.”

    Could it be? Could it really be him? How could this be possible? I saw him dead. Finally after what seemed like an age my eyes burst open. I was met with blurs of colour. A cheap imitation of sight. But soon it all came together. A bright light, a hospital ward, a familiar face. It was him. Everything was better now.


    “Sarah your back. Oh thank the Emperor. I thought you would never wake up. You’re in a hospitable. It’s all going to be Ok. Your safe now.”

    “What about our little Jimmy, is he here to?” I was so relieved. I was out of my nightmare and reunited with my husband. We could start a new life. We could run away from the terror, which has flung its self upon us. It could all be forgotten.

    “He’s gone to Grandma’s. He will be so happy to hear your back!”

    “But, I was captured. How did this all happen?”

    “They came Sarah. The holy angels. The Space Marines. They have liberated all presence of the enemy from this planet with their fire and faith. The chaos worshipers fled the planet and they left behind the prisoners they had captured. We found you Sarah, it’s all going to be OK.”

    “Hold me John.”

    Then the lights dimmed. I drew my breath, perhaps they had come back. I looked to John for comfort but all I was met with was a look of disgust. What was happening?

    “I will not touch you! You disgusting bitch. You whore. I have seen the marks of Slaanesh carved into your skin. You have turned your back from the Emperor and you will be punished for all eternity.”

    I could not comprehend what was happening. It was as if I was cursed. I was given a light of hope and in an instant it had been engulfed in the darkness of madness. My mind was in complete chaos. What markings?

    “John please.”

    “No Sarah, its to late now, your not woman I fell in love with. You have changed beyond recognition and I cannot forgive you. Goodbye.”

    In my horror he raised that hideous instrument. That needle. John with a wicked smile plunged it deep into my heart and it all went away. It…all…went…black.
    What was happening to me, these nightmares, is it real, is any of this real I thought to myself, as the blackened clouds poured down not rain but glass. It did not matter to me I didn’t feel pain anymore, I didn’t feel anything anymore.

    How long had I been suffering these visions I did not know, it seemed like years? Every time I met someone I knew everything disappeared and I woke up in a different place. A new world, a new hell.

    I walked down a street, turning round every so often, always on the look out, anything could happen, anything. A small figure emerged from the gloom. He was wearing tatters; he seemed to be composed of blood as the droplets of glass tour into his delicate body. I ran towards him, to protect him and more importantly to get answers. As I came closer I realised who it was. Jimmy. My son.

    I ran even faster yet I was not nearing him. I tried sprinting harder yet I could not reach. Hopelessly I had to watch my little boy die as the glass shred him apart. I fell to the floor. Why wouldn’t it stop? What was happening to me?

    Yet again everything around me began to dissolve away and was replaced with utter blackness. I could not move. Something was different though, I felt pain. Something I had not felt since I had been trapped within my own nightmares. Had I escaped, could I be free? Slowly centimetre by centimetre, millimetre by millimetre I opened my eyes.

    I looked about, trying to get my bearings. I had not seen this room before. It was like, a lab. I seemed to be strapped to a bed, which was hanging vertically on the wall. That pain, it had begun to intensify. It was emanating from my wrists and my back. Before I looked to see why a voice distracted me.

    I looked about to see who had said it. There out of nowhere two men appeared. One was a hunchback figure wearing a heavy cloak adorned with hypnotic patterns and the other; it was him, the warrior I tried to look away but my head had been strapped to the bed.

    “You were right Eziek, she is beautiful, even more so now.”

    “Who are you?” I whispered, the pain had begun to sap my energy and I fought to stay awake.

    “Your awake, and so soon after the operation, that is good. I am Slithern, and you already know Eziek don’t you?” He sounded like a snake I could barely understand what he was saying, yet one thing stood out.

    “What operation?”

    “Of course you haven’t seen yourself have you. Eziek if you would be so kind?”

    Eziek moved gracefully towards what seemed like a computer and pressed a button. Suddenly what seemed like a mirror swung from the roof the ceiling until it was at level with me. I screamed in horror. I screamed until I could scream no more. What had they done to me! I wept. My hands had been savagely replaced by metallic claws and out of my back sprouted mechanical wings. Tubes covered my entire body led to a hideous machine. I had become a monster.

    “You like the transformation then? I don’t think your loyalist friends will take you back now. Don’t worry though you can take your revenge on them.”

    “I will never turn my back on the Emperor!” I said in defiance. I had no hope now, nothing to lose.

    “Oh no, don’t you feel it, that desire?”

    What was this hideous being talking about it? But then I heard it. Something in the back of my head screaming, “blood. Feed me.” I went pale at the thought of my mind betraying me. Then a sickly liquid flew down the tubes from that machine into my body. As more of the liquid ran into my body the louder the screaming got in my head until I could not take it anymore, there was only one thing on my mind.

    “Feed me.”

    “What do you want?”

    “Flesh, meat, blood.”

    “That’s better, much better” said Slithern as he began to laugh manically.

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    It's amazingly well written, but it's... disturbingly disgusting and quite horrid and I dare say it turns my stomach. - If that's the effect you wanted to achieve, congratulations you succeeded quite well.

    I believe however, that you have a biased view on Chaos towards it's evil and sadistic side. And though I'm well aware it's mostly seen as such - personally I believe in the 'good side' of Chaos that represents Slaanesh as a way to achieve perfection, as sensations being a waygate to achieving internal harmony, and as a supporter of passion, love and amusement as well as entertainment. - Not just the carnal, sadistic, lustful, crazed flesh orgy-ridden blaspheming creature.

    I believe Lyran would agree with me. - I've written some pretty sick shit, but this takes the whole maggot ridden cake. Don't take my coments as a bad criticism, this is just my reaction ^^;

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    Well. This isn't too screwed up. I've read stories from the point of view of a man in the process of making a woman fit into a medium-sized suitcase. With a hacksaw.

    Still, it is quite too screwed up for this forum. Or it would be, if I could really figure out what was going on. Your grammar isn't great and the impact of the story seems to be based more around shock value than any real skill. If you want us to feel sorry for a woman who gets turned into some wierd drugged-up daemon thing, you have to make us give a crap to start with, and I can really find no reason to care about Sarah and her son Jimmy.

    Also...not really army fluff, since it's not about a particular army, unless you own 1500 points of Stupid 40k Civilians, and this is your latest battle report.
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