Before i start if i put this thread in the wrong section my bad. I figured this was the right place to put it.

Ok, Im planning on trying something alittle different with my DA successor chapter (Disciples of Caliban). But before i actually begin to put the pieces in motion i figured i should get the fluff correct for them. Ive been looking for more information on the chapter but most of the stuff i come up with has to do with just the DA's or whats found in the DA codex. From reading it i get the feeling that this chapter is an extension created to hunt the fallen (cypher), even more dedicated then the DA. There purpose is to hunt the fallen much like the ravenwing, but using the whole chapter and in most cases having nothing to do with anyone else. This leaves no outside support from other imperial forces, instead only other members of the Unforgiven are ever called upon. Now major differences are seen between the DoC and the DA. One such difference is the introduction of new recruits. Before being inducted into the 10th Scout company, a Neophyte goes through a test of will and character. He is judged by the interrogator Chaplains. If proven worthy, he is given the full account of the Fallen. With this he is charged with locating the Fallen. A Recruit will continue this until his is able to capture a fallen, only then will he be elevated to the statis of Battle-Brother. The 10th Company's purpose is the locating of the fallen. In cases were the 10th are unable to capture a fallen through stealth (In most cases) the rest of the chapter is brought to bare. Large amounts of Heavy Weapons are used to capture the subject and eliminate anything that could let out the DA's secret. Often entire sectors are purged in such a way. Another major difference is the 2nd Company. When the DoC where founded they were unable to obtain any large number of Bikes or Land Speeders due to the over usage of the Ravenwing by the DA. The DoC only ever use these vehicles if it is deemed absolutly nessisary. They are rarely ever seen in battle. There gene-seed is as pure as it gets and is one of its most treasured assets. To ensure this all Veteran Sergeant's are trained as Apothecaries and if battles are large enough they wear there Narthecium/Reductors with them in combat.

Now since i cant find much else i figured i put alittle fluff in myself. Im going to be playing this as a trait army instead of the standard DA's.

Purity Above All-To show the Purity of the Gene-Seed
Honour Your Wargear-Given that i believe the chapter would bring its forces into the battle and bring all guns to bear wiping everything out as to preserve the secret (Lots of Plasma)
For drawbacks
Eye To Eye-Because of the over usage of the Ravenwing, the DoC were unable to acquire the resources to have bike squads. Instead they rely on the Scouts to locate the Fallen.
We Stand Alone-The chapter is shrouded in mystery and have nothing to do with outside matters but on the rarest of occasions.

I feel this is best how the DoC would be represented. Id really like to have all the fluff correct so if anyone has any other info or any suggestion please post a reply. Im guessing this thread wont get alot of response so for all you DA players i could use your help. Also once i have got all the fluff set ill go about making an army list and ill post it in the Army list section. Oh and lastly if anyone has used this chapter before and has links/Posts or pictures send me the link. Thanks Guys and Gals, hope to hear from you.