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    Angles Descendant Chapter

    I have been working on this for a while now but only recently but may ideas down on paper (sorry virutal paper). A colour sceme of Skull White with a yellow ink and Shining Gold details, Traits of can take Devastators as elites if they have tank hunters and can take assualt of elites if they take furious charge. Disadvantages of no more than one land speeder (or bike?) and possible have pride in your colours (not sure yet).

    The Angles Descendant chapter was created from Dark Angles Geneseed, after the first Tyranic War as a quick reaction force to any future Tyranid threat. This however was dropped after no sign of the Tyrandids, other than one or two gene stealers, was uncovered in the galaxy for two hundred years. The Chapter was originally led by Gabriel Faust a company master of the Dark Angles and one of the few privy to the chapter’s darker secrets.

    The Angles Descendant have a relatively short history but have proved effective time and time again in eradicating the enemy incursions, and particularly through in their removal of the chaos scum. The chapter is based on a single world in the Segmentum Ultima but each Company is equipped with their own large fleet including two battle barges. This allows them to quickly respond to any threat throughout the galaxy and lend aid to the imperial forces involved. The companies are divided up and one of the ten companies patrols each Segmentum (except Segmentum Solar). The 1st is the Veterans household and responds to requests for help from the 2nd-6th companies, 7th-9th companies are used to replenish losses from the other companies provide additional training to recruits who have just become full marines.

    Home World
    The Angles Descendant home world of Jeruse is large agricultural world with a terra like climate. The world is technologically still fairly disadvantaged in comparison to the more populated worlds. The Angles Descendant’s fortress in a simples stone building covering 2km square, it is small and easy to attack compared to most marine fortresses, however the world is far from any point of danger and is not required to support many marines at a time. The world its self is exempt from tithes and all food produced is used to/traded to sustain the marines whilst they are away from Jeruse.

    Combat Doctrine
    The Angles Descendant use the Codex Astartes as a guide more than a set rule, for no one book may cover all possible situations, although they do view it as an invaluable reference. Much of Imperial legend is full of daring orbital assaults on planets by drop pod, the Angles Descendant prefer to gain footholds on the planet which are then reinforced to make supply based. They then use coving fire to allow assault squads and dreadnaughts to remove the enemy from the next defensible position and then fortify it with devastator and tactical squads to form an ever expanding circle of control. Although yet again this isn’t always the case if the enemy hold import industrial areas or production facilities these may have to be captured quickly before the planet can be cleansed.

    The Angles descendant believe that having a psychological hold on the populous can be more important than a military one. This stems from the original light grey armour of the chapter causing the inhabitants of a chaos infested night world to mistake them for Angles like the Emperors marines of old were initially. Seeing this sight many of the inhabitants turned on the chaos marines and aided in their defeat. Gabriel Faust decided this could be used to the chapter’s advantage and had the chapter armour changed to pure white with gold details.

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    Huh, what a coincidence. That name is what I was going to name the Chaotics of my Chapter.

    Looks very clean, no fluff errors that I can see. I like the idea of changing the colors to seem more divine, as a Space Marine must seem to the populace.

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