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    Space Wolves Character - Haegr The Great

    Well, after reading wolfblade the second time, I have decided Haegr (the giant guy [did i spell his name wrong? it's late...])looked cool. This may be him if he turned wolflord.

    WS5 BS5 S5(10) T5 W3 A4 LD10 Sv 3+(4+)

    Wargear- The Hammer of Russ, Brace of Russ, Circlet of Russ, Frags, Meltabombs, Kraken's Adamatime, Wolf Pelt, Wolf Tail Necklace

    Special Rules-
    Hammer of Russ - This is a Thunderhammer, or a Frostblade. Your must choose which as the beggining of the combat phase.
    Brace of Russ - This is the dual pistols he carries. Counts as mastercrafted boltpistol.
    Circlet of Russ - This is rumored to have sat on Russ's brow. This confers a 4+ Inv save.
    Kraken's Adamarime - This ancient object keeps the bearer safe from otherwise potentially dangerous shots and attacks. The bearer cannot be killed instantly from double toughness, he only takes one wound instead.

    A Giant Amongst Giants - Heagr himself is HUGE. His stature inspires his comrads, and keeps them fighting. This asks as Rites of Battle as a SM Commander.

    The Mighty Warrior - Heagr beleives himself a mighty warrior, and is fearless in combat.

    His toughness represents his sheer size, as does his strength.
    What do you think? Over powering, or fit for one of that stature?

    Points - ???

    I'm back.

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    Cant see any problem with the description/stats/wargear, but how many points were you thinking of him being?

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