The faceless choir sang as the metal shell plummeted towards the earth below. The Soul Drinkers readied their sacred bolters. The Marines prepared themselves for the impact predicted upon striking the metallic fort. The pods shredded holes through the adamantium defences; the decompression crumpled the mega structure. The bolter roared as they opened fire, flashes lighting the room as though it was on fire. The air crackled around the squad as the Hell began. The mechanics of the bolters roared once again along with the whirring of chainswords. The flashes showed gruesome images upon the blood-splattered walls. The Hell continued wreaking havoc upon the still living foe. The Soul Drinkers charged with Sarpedeon’s mutant arachnid legs flinging him towards the worshippers of the Daemon. The Soulspear flew into life as Sarpedeon clenched his fist around it. The pinprick sensors activating the Warp twisting blade as they recognised the blood of their original owner, Rogal Dorn. The blades spun as Sarpedeon struck. The Warp crafted Spear slid through the chests and arms of the heretics. The Soul Drinker’s morale soared as the heretics fell, the Marines ran straight into the arms of the mutants. The mutants fell in droves, piling up at entrances as the Soul Drinkers broke through to claim the main hall. The Soul Drinkers broke through and reached the hall. Sarpedeon deactivated the Spear has the fighting died down, Pallas walked towards him to clean the wounds he had received from the heretic scum. Dreadnought Varrius strode past to rest beside the Great Door that led to the Daemon, they had come to vanquish. Sarpedeon ordered the Soul Drinkers to break down the Door, enter and take firing positions. The Door shook as explosions went off, the hinges held on for a few seconds then snapped in half. The Door fell in and made a ominous sound. The Marines rapidly deployed through the Door. The Marines fired short bursts that echoed around the chamber. The laughs of the Daemon could be heard as Sarpedeon entered. Sarpedeon spoke to the Daemon for a short while before it drew its great weapon. The enhanced senses awoken as the Daemon charged brutally towards him. Sarpedeon leaped out of the way and the Daemon stopped and looked for where he had gone. A second later, the Daemon gurgled as a black blade appeared through where its abdomen should have been. The blade withdrew and the Daemon’s body thudded upon the marble floor of the chamber. Sarpedeon voxed the Lygris to send down the Thunderhawks. The air was driven into gale force winds as the ships landed. The Marines piled in and disappeared into the darkness of the night, never to be seen again.