ok heres my first posted story, its got greyknights and soul drinkers working together, i havent finished the soul drinkers books so this story may not be fluffy but my cousin collects soul drinkers and i collect greyknights so this is what he and i have made.

Squad Gabriel and Uriel closed in, they had pursued the creature for hours and they were beginning to grow impatient with the daemon’s tricks.
They were sent to the chapel of Saint Aralias to destroy the daemon that was known as Aragnos the vile, he had already been on the run from Brother captain Ariel a decade before, but this time was different.

The Soul Drinkers 3rd company had been sent to liberate the planet Kantarous of a chaos cult who had taken over the imperial army stationed there, when the soul drinkers sent their encoded message it fell on deaf ears, all but those of Grandmaster Ariel who had been hunting Aragnos the decade before.
“ Justicar Gabriel, what is your position and current speed” voxed Grandmaster Ariel
“We should be coming to your position in ten Terra minutes”
“Well done Squad Gabriel”
Grandmaster Ariel had seen the destruction that this Aragnos had caused, he had seen imperial monuments covered in bodies, whole cities sacrificed to the dark gods, the destruction of a whole company of Ultramarines and the desecration of their corpses.
Opening his eyes and forgetting the past Ariel prepared his terminator’s for the arrival of the creature that had almost killed him ten years before, the constant pain that came from the scar that intercepted Ariel’s eye and forced him to have a bionic replacement fitted filled him with courage, if the daemon didn’t kill him then he couldn’t do it know.
Ariel hefted his Nemesis force sword from its scabbard and activated its power field, Ariels terminator squad prepared for the fight ahead, brother Marcus activated his Nemesis Power fists, Raziel who carried the squads psycannon, charged the holy ammunition and drew his halberd, Zadkiel prepared his flamer and sword chanting prayers of purification and strength, Sariel checked his storm bolter clip and drew his force Maul.
“Sir the daemon has changed his direction he’s coming back the way he came, my squad will do what we can to hold his advance” voxed Uriel
“Your courage astounds me still Uriel, if you fall the chapter will remember you”
“My life is yours Grandmaster”
With a nod Ariel and his terminators pulled up their auto maps inside their helmets and found the location of squad Uriel and the Beast.
“Uriel has led his squad with courage, bravery and has saved my life twice, I will not let him die, we make our own way”.
Ariel pointed to the crypts wall and charged through it, his squad followed.
More will be coming so if you like it so far get ready for more, if you dont like it stop reading, or post me some things that you would like to see in the story.