“Battle squad four do you read” whispered a mysterious voice
“Sir we are on route to reinforce the Knights of the hammer” voxed captain skaal of the soul drinkers
“Stop brothers I sense Aragnos’s presence approaching you from the south” whispered the voice
“ But sir that tunnel is blocked” replied skaal
Concrete and earth showered skaal’s squad, the wall to the south had just given way under the daemons exit, it stood hovering above skaal’s squad “you there soul drinker you shall be my next host
“My body will not be used by you”
“ Ill make sure that his promise is kept and your presence sent back to the void you came from,” replied Grandmaster Ariel, who had followed through the daemons tunnel.
So I see that you have not learnt from our last encounter Ariel, my promise is that ill take that soul drinker’s body for myself and I will then kill you and your knights”
Ariels squad opened fire on Aragnos and the daemons that had followed him, the soul drinkers that were with skaal also fired upon the daemons that threatened to posses their captain. Aragnos spiralled in the air dodging the bolter rounds that came at him, he then vaulted towards a soul drinker who had just melted his kin with his plasma gun, and the marine’s head fell away from his torso. Skaal slashed at Aragnos in vengeance of his lost brother, but the daemon was too quick. Aragnos then counter attacked Skaal, digging his claws into the captain’s chest, Skaal screamed in agony.
“Zadkiel get that creature of him, ill cover you” was Ariels vox caste message
Zadkiel removed his nemesis sword from the naked she daemon in front of him and charged at Aragnos. A Gout of purifying flame swept across Aragnos but yet he still hung on, Skaal now resorting to punching the creatures head called out to his squad, they immediately showered the daemon in bolter shells. Aragnos let go of Skaal just as Zadkiel crashed into Aragnos sending him into the far wall; “ Ok now Im mad” Aragnos sent purple fire at the crypt wall it then separated and en-coiled itself to make a symbol that would melt the flesh of a man if he were to look at its foulness.
From this sign came forth daemons, all manner of foul creatures of the abyss.

One of the slaanesh daemons found himself face to face with Raziel who put a psycannon round through its torso, Sariel melded four of the beasts together with a swing of his nemesis maul.
Marcus slapped his nemesis power fists together and squished a daemons head, Marcus turn to engage another daemon when he was struck by four bolter rounds.
Skaal was standing there with void stricken eyes, bolter smoking, and his now elongated tongue licking his chest wounds “I told you I would have this body”

Marcus now enraged that his friend Skaal who he had fought with for nine months on this planet was now being a vessel for one of the greatest fiends walking this section of the galaxy.
Aragnos now in his new body jumped through the portal through which he had summoned his minions from.
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