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    Heresy Era Librarian

    I seek information regarding Heresy Era Librarians.
    How are they organised in the Legions?
    Numbers per Legion?
    Are they avoided like they are now in most of the Chapters?
    Did they get fancy gears like all warriors of old?

    All information is welcome!

    Thanks heaps.

    Quick general question: Is the concensus that Space Marine gear now is better then Heresy Era Legion gear? Or the other way around.

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    There was no Codex Astartes, so the Librarium system wasn't assembled, and if the HH novels are anything to go by the Imperium didn't officially even acknowledge the existence of the Warp, much less the psykers who tapped it.

    The vast majority of space marine psykers would have been found in the Thousand Sons legion, who had something along the lines of one fully trained battle sorceror for every squad in place of a sergeant. With ten squads a company and nearly 200 companies in the legion, not including the TS's own command staff, that's a lot of sorcerors. Of course, they all died during the Scourging of Prospero or turned traitor afterwards. So you can fiddle with it, but remember that they weren't common or even organised, so there were likely no things like force weapons or special Librarian gear (no psychic hoods), they were just Marines with psychic powers.

    Modern gear is overall better than Heresy gear, with the exception of items whose function or construction has been lost; for example, no-one knows how to build a "proper" Baneblade since they lost the STC - virtually all Baneblades in active service are just reverse-engineered versions of their mightier predecessors. Land Raiders, also, number much less since the Forge World set to making them was taken by Chaos; one could argue they're still more advanced, with variants such as the Crusader and the Helios. One thing is sure; Space Marines get things like Vindicators, Razorbacks, Annihilators, apothecaries, force weapons, Rosarius, adamantine mantles - all sorts of things that Chaos relies on gifts or warp artefacts for. It can be argued that, while overall equivalent, Space Marine armour is more advanced or at least better maintained than the armour worn by the Traitor legions; this is balanced since Traitors are universally thousands of years old and have that many year's worth of battle experience. So Imperium has better guns, Chaos has better men.
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