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Thread: Karian Spectres

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    Karian Spectres

    Hi all!
    After a lot of work finishing off my thousand sons i decided to start a new army...guard. I have written some fluff but i think it may need a bit of work so i want to ask the good people of LO to help. Here goes...

    The Karian Spectres are a well equipped Imperial guard Regiment* hailing from the promethium rich hives of (yes you guessed it) Karia. The system, which consisted of five planets and two stars (Thanius and Perisul), was rediscovered (having been forgotten during the Horus Heresy) in the ending years of the 33rd Millennium near to The Veiled Region by 'The Emperors Grace'.

    Out of the 5 planets in the system it seemed that only one was inhabited, sensors on the ship detected signs of a human civilization. Upon landing the Emperors Grace was greeted by the people of Karia suspiciously. When they had received a message from the Emperor to send troops to aid him they (being fanatically loyal) sent every fit man and woman available to assist the loyalists. Not one of them returned.

    Over the years they grew secluded and scared. They had not received news for what seemed like an age. The population grew ever more frightened. They began to fear that the Imperium had fallen to the forces of chaos. During the Horus heresy many of the machines active mining the planet had been abandoned because nobody knew how they worked. Grimly, the people began to rearm themselves in case the enemy had indeed defeated the Imperium and was coming to destroy them. They resolved to fight to the end for the emperor. They forged weapons of war, fine amours and they trained their warriors impeccably. But still no enemy came.

    Years passed and the people had still not received word from the Emperor. For over two and a half thousand years they waited, when they caught sight of an imperial ship descending form the sky they felt hope but were still wary. A lot may have changed. At first the newcomers were treated warily, but when it became apparent that these were indeed their allies they felt wondrous joy. The men and women aboard the ship told them everything that had occurred since the Horus Heresy. Once they learned of the emperors near death and incarceration on the Golden throne, they were furious. They wanted vengeance against the forces that had so nearly destroyed the Imperium of man.

    Once the Imperium learned of the Karia System they sent engineers to repair the machinery mining the great stores of promethium, priests and missionaries were sent to show them the imperial faith. They found this extraordinarily easy; the people had remained stoically loyal over the millennia.

    When the people of Karia were told that they had to raise soldiers for the Imperial Guard they rejoiced. It was a chance to fight the powers of chaos and reap vengeance against the enemies of the emperor. They were rich due to the promethium on their world and so they clad their soldiers with the finest arms and amour they could.

    Over thousands of years the Karians became almost legendary in their relentless hatred of the enemies of the Imperium of man. They have a highly elite force. They are loathe to see one of their soldiers wasted and so when a brave warrior was too badly wounded to continue duty (but still alive obviously) he is rebuilt using extensive augmetics. His near death increases his hatred of the enemy to near madness so when in battle these warriors charge forward recklessly into close combat to rip apart the enemy with their bare hands (or augmetic saws). These soldiers are known as Hiraki or Reapers of blood.

    They have specialized snipers who dedicated their life to the task of destroying the enemies of the emperor from afar they are amongst the finest snipers in the imperium. Many a foe has despaired at the precision fire of the Lord of Shadows (name may be changed) In battle the soldiers of Karia utilize specialist tactics. They focus on one point in the enemy's line and decimate it before retreating as suddenly as they came. Thus earning the name Spectres. Their favored special weapon is the flamer.

    Thanks for reading. I am going to post my army list and im looking for ideas on the models i should use and stuff like that.


    PS My first post in ages so if i have done something horribly wrong then please tell me. Or u could laugh....either way works for me. :yes:

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    Fear not, for we shall deliver it

    Thousand sons Cabal of High Sorceror Arkhan 14/3/4
    The Karian Spectres(Guard) Work in Progress

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    Very nice indeed. No flaws that I can see, and a well written background. All very plausible. The Augmetic soldiers MIGHT be a little too far. But you could easily write around this by toning it down slightly, and suggesting that the veteran soldiers end up heavily augemented due to wounds. Pehaps some sort of fighting machine or servitor instead? Badly wounded soldiers can opt to become close combat servitors and carry on that way.

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    Overall a good idea with no fluff holes I can see. However, there is something that bothered me a little. The emperor takes all their men and women of able body, leaving the people to get by without them. The men and women taken don't return. The Emporer doesn't write, doesn't call. So when they meet the Imperium again they embrace it with open arms, they don't feel the slightest bit angry that the Imperium took so much from them then forgot they existed? This just sounds a bit odd to me. Apart from that little thing the fluff seems good to me.

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