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    Necrons of Carina IV

    ok guys this is for my necron army once ive finished my Black Templars
    any comment and criticism is welcome as i want to improve my fluff writing

    The Necrons of Carina IV were only recently awoken from their metallic tomb under the surface by miners. The Necrons are slowly waking as the tomb spyders activate the mysterious warriors. The Shadow Wraith and a small group of warriors and some destroyers have already awoken, killing miners who venture past the uncovered tomb.

    The Shadow Wraith and his group of Necrons emerged from the mining tunnel leaving a trail of devastation. The warriors walked silently towards the rising mound of steel and dirt. A green spark of light shone from the mound and then a huge Monolith rose and hovered waiting for the Lord to enter its confines. The Monolith slowly drifted towards the great tower of the Hive. Several Wraiths flew out of the ground to follow to the living metal mammoth to the tower.

    The tomb spyders quickly activated the Immortals to be teleported to the Monolith to aid in the attack upon the black tower of the Hive city. The turrets upon the city’s walls spotted a shadow hovering slowly towards them and then a great green flash blinded the gunners confusing them as they regained their sight because the shadow had disappeared.

    The great craft entered the city secretly by teleporting into the city’s confines and gliding towards the ever-growing tower. The Lord flew out of the Monolith his sensors recognising the sound echoing out of the tower as he flew up and his warriors marched towards the door of the tower he saw flashes of light from the upper most chamber of the tower.

    The warriors climbed the stairs of the tall tower and the Lord and his Wraiths flew ahead to dispose of any foes their way. The army of Necrons reached the highest level and the Lord ordered the door to be blasted open by the Immortals. The door evaporated seconds later. The Lord entered and his eyes saw a brutally bloody scene. In the centre of this scene stood five of his best warriors, Pariahs, the war scythes burning the blood of from the power of the weapons.

    The group mysteriously disappeared as a group of Adeptus Arbites entered the room.
    The men of the squads stared in amazement at the scene that had unfolded within the chamber. A chill ran down the spine of the Adeptus. They turned slowly as a group to see a hulk of metal standing behind them. The last thing the Arbiters saw was a slash of neon and then felt the life drain from their bodies.

    Thanks for looking now you can post comments please?

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    Don't rush it. Your story had a good fell to it but it felt like it was rushed. I am not sure if this is just going to be a cursory piece to go with your army or a fleshed er... Metaled out story about your army but I think that if you take some time with the details you will have a good piece of fluff.
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