The facts surrounding the White Fox are shrouded in mystery and myth. It is not known wether or not he led a chapter or a squad, but his genius in suprise attacks and assassinations and his use of infiltrariton allowed him to cut through enemy ranks like they were mere children. 1000 years ago however the White Fox dissappered. Wether or not he is still alive is a question yet to be answered. There is only one remaining member of the White Foxes company and he is a chaplain known only as Nightshade. Without a homeworld of their own, Nightshade would move from planet to planet gathering marines which he would handpick to join his force. This stirs up unrest with the other chapters but there was at one time or another that they owed their victory to the efforts of the White Fox. Renamed the Council of The White Fox, Chaplain Nightshade wages constant campaigns against all the forces of evil but has a specail hate for the Alpha Legion of Chaos. The White Fox has been accounted as to describing the Alpha Legion as a "disgrace to the subtley of the unseen death." The Imperium relinquishes both and Inquisitor and their prescious assassin from the Vindicare temple as tribute to the deeds of the White Fox. The doctrines described by the Imperium for the Council of the White Fox are See but dont be seen, No mercy, No respite, Flesh over steel and Die Standing. Oneday the White Fox will come agian and the forces of evil will again meet their end...:ninja: