40k Maplewood RTT report - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    40k Maplewood RTT report

    Maplewood hobbies hosted a 2 day (one fantasy one 40k) tourney and me and a couple other HQ gus decided to go. I was the only one in my group that went both day. I brought my usual Ork list which I will bring to the Balti GT.

    MA Warboss
    Mek w/ kff
    X2 12 Flash Gitz- 5 Rokkits
    X2 12 Flash Gitz- 5 BS
    X2 15 Grots- rokkit slava
    15 Sluggaz- 3 rokkits, PK
    X2 8 Trukk Boyz- PK
    3 Kanz
    Looted Bassie

    Game one vs Andre's Necrons

    He ran:
    Lord- Veil, orb
    Destroyer lord- shifter, orb
    47 Warriors- 3 squads
    X3 3 Wraiths

    Andre was an awesome opponent and won best sports. The mission allowed one non vehicle unit a turn to veil. I used it with my sluggas and Warboss, The warboss took a wound then got into CC unfortunately he rolls an 11 to break leaving me to fail 4 of my 8 2+ saves next round. He only used it on one squad that came in and I proceeded to kill them about 3 times over and they were 5 strong at the end of the game. The Killa Kanz were MVPs, They smacked the Lith after it deepstruck and then on turn 6 killed his destroyer Lord. In the end his wraiths and flayers took down about half my army and I returned the favor so it was a draw. I achieved 3 objectives to his 1

    11-9 Draw

    Game 2 vs. Steve'sDark Angels

    Chaplain termie squad,
    6 combat squads (2 had rhinos)
    6 Bikers

    i had an awesome time playing him and even though he was new, he took the beating very well and always had a smile. First turn I took out all he his vehicles andwiped out 1 combat squad and pinned another. The trukk boyz assaulted the bikes and wipd them out. The termies deep struck killed a couple of boyz, then 3 died to sluggas and was charged and wiped out. The rest was clean up. He was going to call it but I gave him a shot at my warboss for the battle point with a lascannon, my boss went down.

    20- 7 Win

    Game 3 vs. Alex's Cheesy Iron Warriors

    Cheap Speed Prince
    X3 3 Oblits
    X2 5 marines- infiltrate
    X3 3 Defilers- Mutated Hull
    6 Havocs- 3 Las, tank hunters

    I overloaded my left flank leaving a defiler and 3 oblits to face of against the tukkboyz. He did not understand this until I started making KFF saves. My luck was horrendous with shooting. Somewhere in the ballpark of 50 Rokkit shots hit 12 times and managed 1 glance against AV 13 . He kept flaming/ heavy boltering pie plating me till my rokkit gitz+ slugga boyz (firepower soaker). After huge battles in the Left he had a defiler and oblit with one wound, The Big mek charges in with the trusty choppa and finishes him off and the Basilisk takes out another defiler while the BS gitz finish off the havocs. All he has at the end was 1.5 squads of marines, 1 defiler, 1 Oblit. I have, the basilisk, BS Gitz, Big Mek, and a Trukk. His suicide squad was alive while mine (grots) were dead. This put me over by about 300 and I had taken down a very cheesy, broken list, with a top comp list. :party: :party:

    18-10 Win

    Game 4 Dark Angels

    Command squad- LRC
    2 deep striking termies
    6 Bikers
    Ven Dread

    Another new player and another easy win, he rushes the bikes forward and assaults grots who run and they get rokkited. The regulr dread is taken down as is the speeder turn one. The termies that came in deep strike in front of trukk boyz . I consolidate so one squad is shielding the other and that he could not get my nob in the kill zone. Belial assaults out of the LRC and as expectedmy nob breaks, mobs up and assaults belia's squad. In the end of that fight all he has is the standard bearer who promptly gets BSed. The second squad that deepstrikes takes out a BS git squad because my warboss cannot hit with his KMB. In the end I hve all but the trukk boyz and a squad of BS gitz. He has an immobile Ven Dread, an immobile LRC, nd one last AC termie in CC with 10 Rokkit Gitz.

    20- 7 Win

    Conlusion- My army performed as expected, didn't lose, and proved it could beat any army even with 27 HB shots and 3 pie plates a turn. Once I repaint it it will be ready for Baltimore. I came in 4th. First was Nidzilla (4-0), second was Speed Freeks (3-1), third was nidzilla (3-1), and my Bad Moon Orks were 4th (3-0-1) I think the IW guy dinged me because he didn't expect to lose (especially againt orks) and my last opponent as well because I might have came of as a jerk to this kid who was pissing me off. I gave all my opponents full because that is how I do. Hope you enjoyed the report.

    2009 Tourny records (W-L-D) (20-4-4):
    9/56, 1/12, 2/14, 4/14, 32/82, 1/6, 16/72

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    Nice job pulling off a win against CHeesy IW with orks! That powergamer must have been really surprised at losing to one of the most underpowered and hardest to play races out there. Great job going 3-0-1!
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    I couldn't help but imagine some poor guy looking up to find a Badger hurtling towards him, about to wrap itself around his skull.
    [ 1500pt. Chaos List, C&C! ]
    -=W: 2 -D: 0- L: 3=-

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