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    2000pts Tyranids vs Space Mariens pics

    Battle report
    In this game im fighting my friends SM the mission was Cleanse 2000pts this is my first time using Photoshop for a battle report so it might seem some one moved to far in one or doesn’t have line of sight in another but they did.

    Also some quick notes the map dark grey is buildings, green is a hill, brown lines are sand bags, and closed brown lines are 5+ saves sand bags. Tiny is my Hive Tyrant and Hgaunts are Hormagaunts. C in terminator squad is for the Chaplin, H is for the Captain.

    My list
    Hive Tyrant 178pts
    w/ 2x scything talons, toxin sacs, wings, and warp field

    Lictor 80pts

    Warriors 3 113pts
    w/ extended carapace, enhanced sencecs, toxin sacs, scything talons x3 Deathspiter x2 Barbed Strangler x1

    2x 10 genestealers 200pts
    w/ extended carapace

    2x 12 brood gaunts 144pts
    w/ fleashbors

    2x 14 brood Hgaunts pts 308
    adrenalen glands +1 I

    Fast Attack
    2x 3brood raveners
    w/ scything talons and rendering claws 240

    3x Bio-acid spore mines

    Heavy support
    3x Zanothropes 195pts
    w/ warp blast and synapse

    2x Carnifexs 296pts
    w/ Barbed strangerler, Venom canon, enhanced sencecs

    I don’t know the upgrades my friend had in his list but the main stuff is in the pic. And now that I think about it it might be 10 terminators plus the Captain and Chaplin but I’m to lazy to add them in now. and both Landspeaders had assault cannons.

    The mission was Cleanse so I put all my stuff out in the open hopping to get first turn and pile in the building. He set up his stuff around the building and then infiltrated his Devistator Squads in the bottom left and top right corner. We Rolled the dice and he got first turn Damn.

    SM turn 1
    He moved everything left or right with the terminators moving through the center building and the devistator squads staying put. Now for the painful part shooting he started off with the missle launcher devistator squad taking off 3 wounds on the right Carni and then the AC dreadnought finishing it off. The the landspeeder on the right started by picking off 5 Hgaunts. On the left the AC dreadnought and landspeeder opened fire on the other Carni causing 3 wounds. The LM dreadnought shot at the closest Zonethrope for 1 wound. Finaly the Heavy Bolter Devistator squad shot up a bunch of Hgauunts on their killing 7.

    My turn 1
    The Hgaunts and gaunts went left or right trying to go for the Devistator Squads, the surviving Carnifex and Warriors felled into the back building desperate for cover, and the rest went up into the middle building. So every thing that could fleet did exseped for the gaunts. First the left gaunt brood which shot at the land speeder, destroying the assault cannon. The second gaunt brood shot at the assault squad killing 2. The top right Zoanathrope shot at the land speeder and destroyed it, and left Zonathrope shot at the tactical squad but missed. The Carnifex and warriors were out of range. The right Hgaunt brood assaulted the Missle launcher squad killing Three while only one gaunt falling in return.

    SM turn 2
    He started by moving his assault squad in range of assaulting the Hguants, the Terminators went into the building, and the LM dreadnought moved back to take a shot at the top right Zoanathrope. Just about every thing else moved around the building. Shooting. The heavy Bolter Squad shot up the rest of the Hgaunts. The Tactical squad and landspeder on the right shot at the gaunts and killed 8. The AC drednought shot at the Zoanathrope with one wound and killed him. Then the terminators shot at the Zoanathrope but didn’t do anything but then took a wound from the LM dreadnought. After the right Tactical squad and AC dreadnought killed all of the right gaunt squad.
    The assault squad charged and massacard the Hguant squad after the Hgaunts killed the rest of the missle launcher squad, and consolidated into the sandbag bunker.

    My turn 2
    First off the lictor came in this turn and so did the spore mines. I dropped the lictor in the sandbag bunker and luckily it didn’t scatter. The spore mines, who aimed for the Heavy Bolter Squad, did scatter but luckily not to far as it still landed on the top one, and was able to wound 1 killing him. The genestealers surrounded the terminators, Tiny (My Hive Tyrant) jumped out of cover to assault the ones out of cover. The left Zonathrope and Ravners moved up in the building and the gaunts moved into assault range. The Right Ravners went after the Tactical Squad. The genestealers and Ravners fleeted. First the Left Zonathrope shot at the Drednought stunning it. The Carnifex shot at Landspeeder and missed all three shots, and the Warriors did about the same as the barbed strangler was the only thing in range and was only able to wound 4 and they made all their saves. The right Zonathrope shot at the Dreadnought destroying it. Finally the gaunts shot at the marines killing 1 and then assaulted them a long with the Lictor. The gaunts failed to do anything in combat while suffering 2 losses and the Lictor killed 2 on rending before failing his saves. Ravners on the right side assaulted the Tactical squad killing 3 on rendering and another failed his save the marines struck back killing one Ravner and giving another a wound. Finally the Genestealers and Terminators, both genestealers broods and Tiny assalted the Terminator squads. His Sergeant and Chaplin struck first due to the cover, the sergeant killed 1 and the Chaplin didn’t even hit all 3 1’s. The Genestealers struck back killing all the Terminators and putting 2 wounds on the chaplin. All the genesteallers sourounded him while Tiny consolidated in to cover.

    SM Turn 3
    Only 2 things moved this turn, the landspeeder and the assault squad which moved into assault range of Tiny and shot with their pistols but either missed or I saved them. Then the landspeed shot at the bottom Ravener Squad giving them 1 wound. The AC Dreadnought, part of the tactical squad and heavy bolter squad shot at the Zonathrope only causing 1 wound. Finally the LM Dreadnought shot at Tiny causeing 1 wound from the lascannon. In assault the Ravners killed 3 space marine and taking 2 wounds in return. They faild their leadership and tried to run but the moment they turned their back the Raveners cut one strait in half. The chaplain fell from all the rendering hits killing him 6 times over. The top genestealers squad went for the assault marines and the bottom squad went for the tactical squad. Finally Tiny, the assault squad went simo with Tiny due to frag grenades causeing 4 wounds an me failing one save. Tiny struck back taking down 3 marines easily, but the sergeant turned on his power fist causing 2 wounds killing Tiny.

    My turn 3
    The top Genestealer brood went after the assault squad, the left Geanstealer brood went for the Tactical squad, and the full squad of Ravners went for the Assault cannon/CC Dreadnought. Shooting was ok both Zonathropes missed but the Carnifex did hit the Land Speader destroying its engines sending it spiraling in to the building. In Assault I did a little better the lone Raravner and Space Marine just staired each other down with nothing really happening. The Top Geanesealers assaulted the Assault squad they took 3 geanstealers down before taking 3 wounds in returen (would have killed them all but the sergeant had a combat shield). The Geansealers on the left assaulted the tactical squad suffering only one death before killing 5 in return, and still they held their ground the brave fools. Finally the Ravners charged the AC/CC Dreadnought Blowing it to pieces and taking a wound from the flying metal chunks.

    We decided to call the game after that because their was a mega-battle my friend wanted to play in. in the end we decided I won because I had more scoring units. This was a very old game and sense then I changed my list a bit I replaced my warriors with a DevilFex and got rid of the spore mines for S+ and flesh hooks on my Hguants.

    Last edited by Barreldragon; September 19th, 2007 at 22:20.
    Tyranids 2000pts, Chaos 2500, Eldar 2000pts, Necrons 750pts

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    Congrates on your Victory.:drinking: I like your Nid List. If i had to make some Constructive Critizism i say lose the Spore mines (i hate"Gamble" Units) and exchange them for more Guants. But i think the Devil Fex you added might do the Trick.

    As for the Tatics, Good Job on Wiping out the Termie and Devastor Squads, well played on your part. also i lik............. oh nuts, my Boss is coming!!!!!:happy:

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    Cool battle
    Nids always win 8Xbut anyway any canges I would make are:
    I would change the list a bit. Barbed strangler only works when used agaiinst low armour saves, but other than that everything worked as it should ie:
    Gaunts died
    Geansteelers killed and
    spacemarines died

    Cool batle:happy:

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    dude great victory!! i was a bit nervous when i saw the initial set up of both armies but after the first couple of turns it showed that neither of you were tactically insuficient. Great game and i really liked the photo thingys...good job!;Y
    A feral Ork is a happy Ork.

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