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    750 points Dark Angles vs. Imperial Guard

    Defense of Hive City Outskirts

    After Action Report: Hive City Bhamut. Bhamut defence force. Colonel Saunders. Personal Journal
    Not being told why this particular piece of rock was so important, only knowing that the High City Lords had determined that an opposing force would be attempting to move through the abandoned tenements to the northeast of town. I was given charge of a small force and ordered to stop the intruders before they were able to gain a foothold.
    In the middle of the day forms took shape on the horizon. Marching implacably, they came at us. We dug in and prepared. I was quite shocked to see my foe was indeed a band of Space Marines themselves. I had heard no reports of the Adeptus Astartes operaint on Bhamut. I could only assume this was some sort of renegade band, no doubt given over to the depredation of the infernal powers.

    Dark Angels vs. Imperial Guard. Take and Hold.

    Dark Angels: Chaplain and 5 deathwing terminators deep striking, 2 10 man assault squads with plasma cannons. One was broken into two 5 man detachments
    Imperial Guard: Senior Officer command with plasma guns and commissar. Junior Officer with two squads. 5-man storm trooper squad (grenadiers) led by a veteran sergeant. 5 man squad of ratlings and 2 Leman Russ Battle tanks with 3 heavy bolters.

    Terrain: A mix of forest and destroyed buildings. The right half of the battlefield had some tall buildings on it, the left half was mostly open except for some low hills. A large rock spire dominated the center of the field. The dark angels set up with the two 5 man squads on the left and the 10 man squad on the right, poised to advance through the town. The storm troopers set up on the far right, with the ratlings infiltrating into a building just ahead of them. The rest of the guard setup to hold the left and center of the table.

    Turn 1
    Dark Angels: The deathwing terminators deep struck and landed right in front of the main imperial guard force. One of the 5-man squads advanced towards the center of the field while the large tactical squad started creeping through the town on the far right flank. The terminators and stationary plasman cannon decimated a squad of imperial guard, dropping eight of them and causing them to flee off the table.
    Imperial Guard: Looking to get some distance in order to use their main guns, on of the Leman Russ tanks drove towards the center of the table while the other threw the gears into revers and backed away from the menacing deathwing. The remaining guard squad and Junior Officer advanced on the terminators, while the stormtroopers on the right moved into cover within the crumbling buildings. The guard squad sprayed the terminators with lasgun fire, but failed to make a mark. Then the Russes opened up, delivering a pair of explosive battle cannon shells right into the center of the terminators, killing four of them. The junior officer charged the terminators and managed to put a wound on the chaplain before falling back. Finally, the ratlings killed one of the members of the tactical squad advancing on the right flank.

    Turn 2
    Dark Angels: Left tactical squad continues its advance, shooting into the building where the ratlings were hiding, but failing to pick them out amongts the cover. On the left flank, the chaplain and remaining terminator advance on the Leman Russ near the center of the table, shooting at the guard squad as they go. Combined with plasma cannon fire and fire from the still advancing tactical detachment in the center of the table the guard squad loses a few of its number, but does not flee. Finally, the chaplain and terminator assault the Russ, manage to put a chainfist into its rear armor but only inflict a crew stunned result.
    Imperial Guard: The Junior Officer, being at less than half strength, can't rally and runs off the table. The command squad shoots and assaults the chaplain and terminator, killing them both. The storm troopers continue to advance to meet the large tactical squad advancing on the left. They combine their fire with the ratlings and undamaged Russ, managing to kill a few of the Emperor's Finest. The guard squad pours lasgun fire into the tactical squad in the center, killing two of the five. Finally, the storm troopers assault on the right, and manage to lose a few of their number and kill one marine, then are cut down in a sweeping assault.

    Turn 3
    Dark Angels: The three-man tactical squad in the center assaults and destroys the the remaining guard squad after it loses a few more members to plasman cannon fire. The tactical squad on the right takes a shot at the rear of the damaged Leman Russ, but the superheated plasma failed to penetrate.
    Imperial Guard: The Command HQ assaults and massacres the three marines in the center, and consolidates back towards the center. The two Russes combine their fire and obliterate the Plasma Cannon firebase on the left. The ratlings fire on the right tactical squad but fail to have an effect.

    Turn 4
    Dark Angels: With only one unit left, things are looking grim. The large assault squad fires its plasma cannon at the command squad, managing to only kill the medic.
    Imperial Guard: everything in the army turned to pour fire into the remaining command squad. Between the ratlings, two Leman Russes and command squad the tactical squad was completely obliterated, although a plasma gunner did succumb to an unfortunate overheat.

    -+-+-+- END OF TRANSMISSION -+-+-+-


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    Nice report, the only problem being your opponent didn't have enough AT firepower to handle two leman russes. Good work anyway.

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    Nice to see the Guard give a beatin! Two leman russes was a bit o' overkill, but i spose when playing against guard...you gotta expect it...
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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