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    Baltimore GT tournament report

    After a trip listening to our driver singing classics, we made it to Baltimore, for a fun night of last minute painting, thanks to which our veteran chaos player got props for new, improved bases. Yay!!!
    The hotel was a rip-off where even internet was not free. Ah well, nothing is perfect.

    On to the GT itself. More than 60 tables saw battles on them, meaning that there were at least 120 players of W40k. Most tables had a very decent amount of scenery on them (6-8 pieces, each pretty big), ensuring good variety and tactical situations.
    The armies were quite varied too, with fewer beakies than expected, especially on the higher tables.
    It’s worth noting that each scenario had 3 objective:
    - primary 12pts, that only 1 player could achieve
    - secondary, 5pts
    - tertiary, 3pts

    My force was my classic ork army list:
    HQ 175
    Boss - Badskarr megaarmor, cybork, boosters
    Big Mek - Studbaker KFF, tools, 3 oiler grotz, choppa
    Elites 359
    4 Kommandos - Sneakaz 1 Rokkit launcha
    Nob tankbustas, rokkit, ammo runt, choppa
    5 Kommandos - Ninjaz 1 Rokkit launcha
    14 skarboyz - Schwarziz 3 Burnas
    Nob klaw, gob, choppa
    Fast Attak 199
    8 trukkboyz - Quikiz burna
    Nob klaw, choppa
    Trukk rigga, grenades
    Trakk - VaVoom Skorcha, rigga, searchlght
    Troops 627
    11 shoota boyz - Blastaz 3 Big shoota
    Nob Big Shoota, Gob, pole, choppa
    19 grotz slaver, squig
    15 slugga boyz - Punchaz 3 Rokkit launcha
    Nob klaw, gob, choppa
    15 slugga boyz - Kikaz 3 Rokkit launcha
    Nob klaw, gob, choppa
    Eavy Support 390
    Leman Russ - TwakBoom riggaz, 1 heavy bolter
    3 kans - Stompaz 3 'Eavy bolters
    3 Zaps - Zzzaps mek, tools, 1 oiler

    Game 1, table??
    My first game pitted me against my compadre Joe and his black templars! We were so surprised that we didn’t even think of asking the referees to pair us against other opponents. Objectives: Primary: center of the table, Secondary: table quarters, tertiary ???
    Joe, by his own admission, made a major mistake by choosing the wrong deployment zone, with less cover, and even more importantly, less access to the strategically placed rock formation near the objective.

    My orks used it as a springboard to the objective and a nice cover.
    Joe’s large 20-man squad rushed to my lines, goaded by a few shooting casualties, and crashed into one of my ork units. The fight was quickly joined by killa kans and skarboyz, decisively beating the large crusader squad as it was too far to receive support.

    In the meantime, bad luck plagued the templars’ fire support units, as they could not disable the Ork russ despite 3 turns of lascannon and missile launcher shooting, while the speeders got the worst of it in a firefight with a mob of boyz and a skorcha trakk. Despite a Templar sergeant heroically running down a mob of shoota boyz, the orks carried the day. 20/0

    Game 2, table 17
    I faced off against an panzee army with Eldrad, 2 units of avengers, 2 units of banshees in serpents, one unit of dragons in a serpent, and warp spider.
    Primary: loot counters
    Secondary: enemy lines victory pts
    Tertiary: ???
    2 woods next to each other on my right flank provided good cover for my infantry to advance, with the kommandos infiltrating them, whil my fire support units stayed on the left side, shooting away. Thanks to Eldrad’s powers, Bryan repositioned all his skimmers on his right flank, and started sweeping.

    Fortunately, my Zzzapps acquitted themselves extremely well, shooting down a serpent and eventually the falcon as well. A mob of slugga boyz later downed the 2nd serpent thanks to a lucky shot in the rear. In the meantime, the avengers suffered from horrible difficult terrain tests, obviously afraid to reach the woods. Despite a ferocious charge from the banshees that annihilated the skarboyz, the ork pressure was too strong for the panzee, and the orks captured most of the objectives.

    However, the result was very close in terms of victory pts (difference of 30 pts, varying with several recounts), and we agreed to give 5 pts to the valiant panzee.
    15/5. Total: 35.

    Game 3, table 17
    Primary: enemy lines VP
    Secondary: center of the table
    Tertiary: ???
    I stayed at the same table and was getting familiar with it. However, a surprise awaited me: my next opponent, an ork player, was lit up like a Christmas tree, and so drunk that he was quite incapacitated in his gaming abilities. The judges called the game and I instead faced a Valhalla army with 3 demolishers. The terrain had been rearranged in a curious fashion, in effect creating a cage in the table quarter in which my opponent deployed. I could not cross it as his 11 heavy bolters and many lascannons, but his guards could not get anywhere closer either as it would take them within charge distance of my orks.

    The game then turned into several skirmishes. Once again, my zzapps did a great job, destroying a demolisher and blowing the gun off another, while my russ disabled the hellhound’s gun and kept the chimera in check.
    On the other side, my only means of assaulting, the trukkboyz, got blasted away by another demolisher, but retaliated by destroying its gun, after which they became engaged in a race with it, trying unsuccessfully to destroy it for good.

    All orks dodged the 'umie fire lanes and left the russ to cover their right flank. At the last turn, the whole army moved towards the center of the table, snatching the objectives from the guards!
    Once again, it was a close battle, with the orks less than 6o VP ahead of the 'umie, but enough to get them all the pts!
    20/0, total: 55pts

    Game 4, table 7
    Primary: table quarters
    Secondary: kill most expensive unit.
    Tertiary: enemy lines VP
    Opponent: tyranid, shooty: 2 tyrants (one winged), 2 venom cannon/strangler fexes, 2 devourer fexes, 2 raveners, 3 leaping warriors, 5x16 gaunts, 2 zooanthropes, 5 stealers.
    In a previous tournament, I faced an almost similar army, and learned some very painful lessons, mainly that the nids’ shooting rips orks apart but the the orks have the edge in CC. I thus resolved to charge as soon as I could.
    This battle was probably the best I had in a tournament, with a very nice and skilled player, and where all moves were complex strategic affairs. 2 large woods in the middle and on the right flank provided cover for my mobz, and my fire units once again covered a flank.
    Kommandos infiltrated on the far left and fought gaunts and zooanthropes the whole game.
    I suffered some initial casualties to shooting but fought back well, the shoota boyz killing most stealers before being shredded by devourers. My large units on the right moved on, while another unit of boyz and the trukkboyz carefully advanced on my left, trying to stay in cover while getting an opportunity to charge the nids.

    The only real mistake my opponent made was to indeed move within charge range, and my whole left flank quickly crossed the distance and starting chopping off gaunts and fexes. Even the tyrant and the warriors could not turn the tide against the orks, despite finishing a whole unit of boyz. But by that time, the second unit had made it in contact as well, and the sheer number of choppa attacks was too much for the nids.

    In particular, a charging mob of orks killed the fex on the charge with their 60 attacks before the klaw-equipped nob could even strike. In the meantime, the kans were charged by several groups of gaunts after coming to the rescue of the grotz.

    They were fortunately immune to their attacks and slowly whittled them with the assistance of the skarboyz, which were themselves exterminated by the winged tyrant and a ravener.
    After killing off another brood, the ork warboss started hunting down the winged tyrant, my opponent’s most expensive unit. While he could not reach the cowardly creature, he chewed up a carnifex instead.
    So far, the dice were still favorable to me, and this showed in particular in this battle, where my opponent often rolled poorly. He was a great sport about it,though, and it was a very enjoyable battle throughout.
    15/5, total 70

    Game 5, table 4
    Objectives: all variations on the kill’em all theme.
    Opponent: chaos. 2 sorcerers (lash and warptime) on bike, greater daemon, 2 units of 10 with lascannons, 6 chosen with lascannon, 6 obliterators, 5 lesser daemons, 5 havocs with 2 HB and 2 autocannons.
    That army usually fares poorly against orks, and I had good hopes. The dice gods took offense of my confidence, however, and nothing worked right in this game. My opponent’s deployment was superior to mine and led to the early demise of my trukk, but I had a few devious plans in mind. Unfortunately, none of them worked: my kommandos failed to wound the oblits they charged and got run down, the grotz were lashed and the orks in cover between them exterminated in a flurry of 6s, my trukkboyz could not win a fight against 3 daemons and 2 chosen, and my russ could not wound the havocs.
    My opponent capitalized on my poor dice results and never gave me the chance to recover, pulling his units out of harm’s way at just the right moment, and methodically hacking down the priority threats. Kudos to him!
    By the end of the game, my remaining kan could not even kill the sorcerer, despite needing a single wound to kill him after 4 rounds of CC to score a few pts. In a nice display of sportsmanship, my opponent Peter “chose” to fail his last invulnerable save.
    3/20. Total: 73pts

    No pictures, I was too busy getting soundly trashed...

    Overall, a great time, and very good opponents. No dbag or any problem. I often wished that scores would have reflected results more closely, however, as some of my victories were much closer than the pts allocation suggested, although my defeat was every bit as crushing as the pts suggest!

    Because of a computer problem, names between O and R didn't print, and those players could not see their final scores. I'll edit this when the results will go online on the GW site.

    Overall, my main objective was accomplished: when I was on table 4, people walked and incredulously asked me if those were orks, and how come they reached this point. Nobody expected orks to perform well at this tournament, and yet they did!! This attracted a lot of sympathy from fellow gamers and the GW staff!!


    "Politics is the womb in which war develops"

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    whoa, that's some nice victories there. that battle versus the guard must've been annoying!

    a really clear and well written report with pics, i enjoyed every minute of reading that. still, 73/100 is really a good score

    what was your place in the GT?


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    You would have won that last game had you joined us at Hooters. Not going to Hooters is a serious offense that the dice gods punished you for.

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    Nice to see some reports from a tourney. Liked the pictures as well as tourny armies are fun to look at.

    And kudos for doing well with Orcs!

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