We were playing table quarters with table corners as deployement zones and nightfighting in effect (bad for me since I was the necrons)...

I don't remember everything about every squad in this game, but I have most of it.

Blood Angels-

Death Company Squad w/chaplin
Assault Squad with Jump Packs and Librarian
Tactical Squad in a Rhino/Razorback (I am not sure which)
Tactical Squad in a Rhino/Razonback (I am not sure which)
1 Devistator Squads
1 Predator
1 hth Dreadnought
1 shooty Dreadnought
2 squads with a lascannon and the rest of the guys with bolters


Necron Lord w/War Scythe, Destroyer Body, Phase shifter, and Res Orb
Squad of Immortals (10)
2 Squads of Warriors (10 and 11)
2 Squads of Wraiths (3)
1 Squad of Destroyers (5)
1 Squad of Heavy Destroyers (3)
1 Tomb Spyder
1 Monolith

Turn 1 - Blood Angels:

Moves up with the Rhinos, death company, jump pack squad, and hth dreadnoughts. Immobilizes one Rhino trying to move a little extra.

Turn 1 - Necrons:

Moves one squad of wraiths over to where it looks like on rhino is coming in. Heavy Destroyers pop the Rhino that was immoblized and a squad of warriors fire on the squad that piles out leaving 4. The Monolith fires and finds nothing under it's blast. The tomb spyder has a baby scarab, pass around the cigars!

Turn 2 - Blood Angels:

The same things move forward as before and death company and the rhino with the tactical squad get in assualting distance. A few shots are fired at the monolith doing nothing. Marines pile out of the rhino and hit a squad of wraiths and warriors from one side while the death company hits it from the other. They wipe out the warrior squad and harm no wraiths while only losing a few Marines. The Necron Lord runs in fear from seeing the squad wiped out.

Turn 2 - Necrons:

6 of the Warriors from the wiped out squad stand up and join the other squad. The Lord Rallies and moves toward the squads in hth along with the second squad of wraiths and the tomb spyder with baby. The Warriors\Immortals fire at the Marines who were in the destoyed Rhino getting them down to one last guy who make a run for it. The Necrons in hth manage to take out a few Marines and death company while taking 2 Wraiths as losses.

Turn 3 - Blood Angels:

The Jump pack squad is in range to assault the chunk of warriors and the hth dreadnought moves to assault range of the Immortals. The blood angels in the back pop the monolith leaving it dead on the battlefield. The hth dreadnought takes out 2 Immortals and then the immortals surround it when they consolidate. The jump pack squad tears though a bunch of warriors and takes no casualties. The big hth results in a few more losses from both sides taking out a few Marines, death company members, and two more wraiths.

Turn 3 - Necrons:

Two wraiths stand back up. The destroyers and heavy destroyers move to avoid becoming part of the hth. The dreadnought takes out 2 more immortals, but an immortal gets a luck hit in from behind and destroys the dreadnought! A few more warriors die in that hth. The lord takes out the remaining normal marines in the hth that has death company and the wraiths bring down the chaplin leaving just 2 death company guys left.

Turn 4 - Blood Angels:

The heavy weapons teams start to move forward and the rhino that dropped off the squad that was in hth moves back. The jump pack squad whittles the warrior squad down to three who then run for it and manage to out run the jump pack squad. The last two death company boys are killed, but not before taking out a wraith.

Turn 4 - Necrons:

The warriors run almost off the board, but manage to stay in for one more round. The tomb spyder moves toward the blood angel controlled area, and the wraiths and lord move toward the jump pack squad. The destroyers and heavys position themselves along with the immortals to fire into the jump pack squad. They take out all but the librarian.

Turn 5 - Blood Angels:

Some of the heavy weapons squads and dreadnought move toward the necrons and the librarian moves toward the necron lord. The dreadnought fires into the squad of immortals, but manages somehow not injure anything. One heavy weapons team hit the destoyers with 3 plama cannons taking out three of them. The librarian assaults the lord and kills him! Then he consolidates into the squad of heavy destroyers.

Turn 5 - Necrons:

A destoyer stands back up but no lord does. The wraiths move to the librarian. The tomb sypder moves to the dreadnought and he destoyers move off to the upper quarter and a heavy weapons squad, but stay out of line of sight. The wraiths kill the librarian and the spyder manages to immobilize the dreadnought and rip off it's combat arm.

Turn 6 - Blood Angels:

The squads stay put. On heavy team fires at the immortals, but doesn't hit anything. The dreadnought is destoyed by the tomb spyder.

Turn 6 - Necrons:

Still 3 above phase out, the tomb spyder and the heavy destroyers float across to a quarter controlled by the Blood Angels and the destroyers move to have line of sight of the squad on their quarter. They fire, but only manage to take them to one model above half.

Game Ends...

Necons control one...
Blood Angels control one...


I was really happy with this game since the guy I was playing has always won against necrons and he plays against them all the time. Also since this was my 5th game I was pretty please with it.