Were were playing a table quarters game on a deamon world with frequent earthquakes. The map and units are confusing and not synched up. But hey whatever.

Yellow is Dark Eldar.

4 reaver Jetbikes w/ two blasters and drachon on bike w/ shadow field and agonizer
Raider w/ wyches w/ wych weapons and succubus w/ agonizer
Ravager w/ dark lance and 2 disentegrator
10 man Warrior squad w/ two dark lances
Raider squad w/ grotesques and haemonculi w/ sissorhand
Raider squad w/ warriors and syberite w/ agonizer
10 man Warrior squad w/ two dark lances
Raider squad w/ warriors and syberite w/ agonizer
Ravager w/ dark lance and 2 disentegrator

Chaos (red)

10 man chaos warriors w/ autocannon
5 berserkers
10 man chaos warriors w/ autocannon
Lord on steed of slaanesh w/ bliss giver
7 Death Guard w/ 2 plasma gun
7 Death Guard w/ 2 plasma gun
10 raptors w/ 2 melta guns
Prince w/ lash
Reserve: 2 oblits and 1 oblit.

Chaos turn 1:
Defiler moved up and left to get a shot on the ravager but missed. Autocannon from the leftmost chaos warriors shot down the raider with grotesques. The rightmost warriors with autocannon shot down the 2nd raider from the left. Both deathguard squads moved foreward 6" and the prince moved into the forest.

Dark eldar turn 1:
The leftmost raveger blew up the defiler and the rightmost killed a couple of plague marines. Some darklances killed a few other marines. Raiders moved up to the temple and dropped a bunch of warriors. And the bikes turbo boosted up. Talos Advances. Then an earthquake killed 2-3 guys on each side.

Chaos turn 2:
My prince jumped out next to the death guard so he could lash a warrior squad to within assault distance. But I rolled an 11 and failed the power. So he was left sitting there like a retard. My shooting killed a raider behind the temple since it's butt was sticking out a little bit.

Dark Eldar Turn 2:
Dark eldar used some thing that can kill a psyker if they roll over thier leadership. I proceed to roll an 11 and my prince dies without even getting shot at. Then a couple of plague marines get blown up. Another earthquake happens and chaos looses a ton of guys to horrible luck.

Chaos turn 3:
My raptors jump foreward to try and kill the ravager that had moved up to better firing position on my plague marines. But one misses and the other rolls snake eyes on the penitration roll. I remember to roll for reserves and get two obliterators. They teleport in and blow the rightmost ravager. My autocannon blows up the other ravager. My plague marines rapid fire into the temple and kill 3/4ths of one warrior squad. Chaos completely forgets about the talos.

Dark Eldar turn 3:
The talos assaults a plague marine squad and I think they are done for. But he only manages to kill two. Autocannons blow up jack squat and the bikers hide some more. And so do the wyches. I loose a few more dudes from all squads and an obliterator. The warriors in the temple assault but roll terrible, one squad fails to make it and the other squad fails to wound. The grotesques continue to advance. Another earthquake hits and I loose 4 raptors and an already wounded obliterator to more terrible rolling. Eldar loose a few more warriors on foot.

Chaos turn 4:
My other obliterator teleports in and kills the last raider except for the one hiding in the forest. Then they hide and decide to stick around in the top right table quarter so they can hold it to win the game. My lord runs up and kills the talos with bliss giver. Some chaos marines move up and gun down the last of a warrior squad in the temple. And the other warrior squad in close combat with some plague marines takes them down to 2 left. My raptors jump left to be ready to countercharge the bikes+wyches that I see coming a mile away. And my Lord goes that way too, I forget about the grotesque squad.

Dark eldar turn 4:
He gets into position to assault with the wyches and bikes. Shoots a few more of my guys and kills some more plague marines.

Chaos turn 5:
The remaining plague marines in squad two charge into the fight with the warriors and manage to kill them, squad one gets obliterated. There are only 4 left from squad two. I do some minor shooting. Grotesques charge the last 4 plague marines and are left in a stalemate for the rest of the game.

Dark eldar turn 5:
Wyches + bikes with army commander charge into my left flank and smear a squad pretty good.

Chaos turn 6:
I charge the wyches and bikes with the remainder of my force. 2 berserkers, 6 raptors, 5 normal marines, and my lord. I roll 10 attacks for my lord but it bounces off of his lords shadow field. His lord does one wound to me. And then the wyches kill him off. Everything else makes like 25 attacks against his lord and manage to kill him.

Dark Eldar turn 6:
He kills some of my dudes with his wyches and then my weight of numbers kills less than half his remaining squad.

Final tally is that I contest two quarters and posses one with one going unclaimed and win the match, with huge losses on both sides and the determination of winner purely happining because of my hiding obliterators.