This is my first thread so you may have to forgive me on some points, being new to this and all.

To start off, this was by far the toughest loss Ive ever had to take. 2 teams, 2 players a team with Eldar(me) and Eldar vs Nids and Khorn CSM. Apocalypse (first time playing) with six objectives.

HQ: Farseer w/guide (nothing fancy)
Troops: 2x5 squads of Avengers only, each squad in wave serpent w/twin-linked Bright lance,shuriken cannon, stones
Troop: 2x5 Pathfinders
Fast Attack : 3x1 Vypers w/scatter, cannon (I like to take them in the 3 fast slots)
Heavy: 2 Falcons w/scatter, shuriken cannon, holo-feild, stones
Heavy: 5 dark reapers

HQ: Farseer, jetbike, spear, (not sure powers)
Troops: 2x10 Avengers w/exarch, bladestorm, each in Serpent w/starcannon, shuriken cannon, stones
Elites: 10 Banshees w/exarch, executioner in same Serpent as others.
Elites: 10 Spiders w/exarch double death spinner
Elites: 6 Dragons in Falcon w/holo, stones, starcannon, Shuriken cannon

HQ Lord w/wings, demon weapon, plasma pistol (not sure what else)
Not sure exactly but looked like;
3x10 squads of assault marines (jump pack, power fist, plasma pistols..the works)
One dreadnaught (not sure)
One Predator w/ 2 lascannon, 1 twin-linked lascannon

1 Hive Tyrant w/wings, the works+ venom cannon
6 Carnifex w/the works; claws, 2+ armor save, 6 or 7 toughness, + d6 attacks
one assualt 3 weapon str 5
1 Red Terror

(o) objective

!-----W ----------Other---!
!---R -R W----R-------W--!
!-oW ---------o-----Ro-R-!
! Eldar--------W----R---R-!

All my vehicles hiding behind rocks on west side, vypers closer to top. Reapers and Farseer deployed in middle bottom to take that opening. Pathfinders in middle woods and top left woods.

My Ally also deployed 1 Serpent in rocks

No Nids on the table

All 3 Assault squads starting from middle top woods to middle top rocks with dreadnought and lord close to woods and the Predator on far right in woods.

Eldar turn 1

Eldar took first turn by choosing less time for setting up (new to me, all down in 1:30, they took 10)
I chose Planetary bombardment for my tactic, first turn I rolled a 1 (wouldnt of risked it if I read the rules through)
One heck of a good start to the game. It took out an entire sqaud of assault marines, and blew his Dreadnaught. I moved all 3 vypers and one falcon north to shoot up far left assault squad and killed about 6. Pathfinder taking pot-shots at assault behind rocks killing 2, and Reapers taking another 1(only 1 visable) moved some serpents up, missed range to the predator and 24 inched my other falcon for better center position. My Ally moved his Serpent up.

Khorn/Nids turn 1
Also chose bombardment but didnt roll it. Moved left assault squad toward vypers on left, and shook my Falcon (holo-field + Skimmer is nice). Right assault squad moved left too, trying for my pathfinders shooting and killing 1. Lord trying for my other pathfinders failing to wound. Predator vaporized 2 Dark reapers.

Eldar turn 2
Vypers finished off remaining left assault squad. left most pathfinders shot at lord taking 1 wound, Serpent missed its twin linked BL shot and 1 got through armor of Lord with the shuriken cannons. Ally starcannon and shuriken cannon finishing off the lord. Other pathfinders taking 2 more off right assault squad, with Falcon and other Serpent taking 3 more while shaken falcon slinked off. My ally brought his Spiders in behind the Predator destroying it about 6 times over, also braught in other 2 Serpents, one on the left and one near bottom middle woods.

Khorn/Nids Turn 2
Last of assault squad moved forward hitting nothing, bad maneuvering left him without assault range. Nids finally show up with hive tyrant moving in on bottom right behind rocks and assaulting my Allies Jetbike farseer killing it without a fight, and 4 carnifex's came in. One from left table edge shooting and assaulting my Serpent, a lucky(or unlucky) roll of 1 for a penetrating assault hit left me able to scoot next turn. One behind my reapers and farseer in bottom center killing my farseer but taking a would from a witchblade and consolidating into the reapers. And two coming in behind the spiders on the top right shooting and assaulting taking out all in 2 inches of combat leaving 5.

We started running low on time so by unanimous consent we chose 3 as our last turn.

Eldar turn 3
Vypers couldnt make it to the nids, instead overkilled remaining 5 in Assault squad with the 2 squads of pathfinders(also couldn't get LOS on Nids) the 10 Avengers from allies Serpent, and his 2 Serpents having them take around 35 wounds, some with saves some without. Allies Banshees also shot up the Assault squad not being able to make it to assault this being th last turn. One of the better moments in the game was when my allies Falcon came in from reserve on the far right, dropped the Dragons and vaporized the Hive tyrant "poof". My Falcons and 1 Serpent shot at cornifex contesting the far left objective, the serpent dropping avengers to shoot only dealing 3 wounds out of 5. Other serpent claimed middle right objective and dropped avengers.

Khorn/Nids Turn 3
No Khorn units survived, so just the nids at this point. 2 more carnifex's appeared near my two Serpents in bottom left objective and bottom middle with The Red Terror joining the bottom middle carnifex. Both shot and assaulted the 5 man squads killed them all easily. Top right Carifex's finished off the Spiders.

Game was 3 objectives Khorn/Nids to 2 Objectives Eldar
Victory Knorn/Nids

The reason it was so hard to swallow was that when we totaled up the points each side had lost (all rounded off) we found that Khorn/Nids lost 1750 points while we only lost around 540 points. A near 1200 point lead with 12 scoring units to their 6.

It seems like, since Im playing Eldar, I could run an all reserve Serpent army with Dragons and Avengers with all vehicles sporting Star engines and beat the pants off any army around...just run in last turn to surprise burn all objectives on the board.

It bothered me...
I'm constantly impressed with the Vypers. 70 Points a pop for a skimmer with 7 str 6 shots..not too sad if they die, wonderful for throwing a wrench in Target priority, and 21 str 6 shots is 4 at 36" 3 at 24" is devastating. These 3 took out a squad and a half of assault marines with little help. Awesome for the points in my opinion.

I was wondering if I left those Avengers in the Serpents, (both withing 6 of the objective) and the Serpents weren't taken down, seeing as how the Avengers would still be kicking would the objectives then have been contested?