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    Night Lords take on the RTT

    RTT tournament 12/1/07
    Battle Report
    Army: “New” Night Lords
    General: Raytard22

    Here is my armylist
    Sorcerer w/ MoS, Lash, wings
    2x 10 CSM champ w/ powerfist, 2x plasma, chaos glory
    10 Chosen champ w/powerfist, IoK, 2x melta
    8 Chosen champ w/powerfist, IoS, 2x plasma
    8x Raptors, champ w/ l claws, IoK, 2x melta
    2x Obliterator

    Game 1

    vs. Godzilla bugs
    Let me tell you this being my first time playing against a zilla list in a tourney I was quite intimidated while he magnetically assembled 6 carns, 2 hive tyrants, then pull out 2 ravangers, 3 ripper bases and 8 genestealers…. The big bugs were typical for the list 3 carns with tl devourers, 3 sniper fexes, 1 winged tyrant, 1 sniper tyrant with 2 guard….
    Right off the bat my opponent asked to see my list, which to me has never happened before and his first comment was oh you’re playing lash. He then asked some general questions like how many AP2 weapons I had and after my answer he probably started to feel the way I had moments earlier… Unfortunately for me this slow and questioning pace did not relent….
    First off the scenario, Traitor , after exchanging an 18 point chosen model for a ~140 pt devourer fex, my confidence was starting to grow and I had a clear vision of my victory. Unfortunately my opponent was further thrown off by this and began doing stupid stall tactics and “playing dumb”... There were several things like some post deployment terrain disputes (he actually called a judge over to ask what a terrain feature was once we had agreed on what it was ourselves), and basic and blatant breaking of the rules (like moving models through your own models and such) caused me a great deal of grief game wise…
    The battlefield was another bane of mine; the table was basically split in 2 sections, a section of indoor rubble and an outside with rock outcroppings (Where we play the tables are set for you before the tourney)… It was basically a line of sight nightmare and my choices were deploy close where I could have firing lanes or deploy back and block my los half the game… Choosing the former I deployed my CSM’s and oblits in the building with my other units infiltrating to support and ready the counter charge. He deployed 80% of his army in 1 terrain feature and one solo sniper fex in another feature near where I infiltrated…
    My game plan was simple, go after the hive mind first, deal with the genes/rippers/ravengers as they came, don’t worry too much about the cheep fex’s….
    I got first turn, advanced the sorcerer ,infiltrated units, raptors, and traitor fex, into los of the solo sniperfex… I tried to lash the fex out of the cover but failed my psychic test with an 11… Shot everything at it and managed to do 2 wounds to him. My other flank of the 2 CSMs and 2 Oblits took out 1 of the tyrant guard and wounded another sniper fex…
    His first turn took like what seemed forever to shoot with 8 bugs, he didn’t even have a large blast template for his guns… He did ~4 wounds to one of the CSM squads then charged it with the ravengers and lost 1 and the combat but was in hive mind range…
    My turn 2, I jumped the sorcerer over cover to help with the falling flank…. Lashed the tyrant and his guard into rapid fire range of the full CSM squad managed to kill the other guard and do 2 wounds to the tyrant woot!… The CSM squad fell to the solo ravanger in a bizarre close combat of a lot of misses… The infiltrating flank continued to shoot at the solo sniperfex but only manged 1 wound this round , no one was in charge range… oblits both got hot firing plasma cannons at the tyrant, the other squad managed to do a 3rd wound to the tyrant….
    His turn 2 was more of the same, he managed to kill an oblit with sheer volumes of 2+ saves….he shot what he could at the full CSM squad and inflicted ~4 wounds In my worst tactical move he managed to isolate my sorcerer and killed him with a lucky S8 sniperfex shot after moving his isolated fex out of cover into the inside battlefield...He then charged the CSM’s with both tyrants and the rippers…I was in cover so I was able to strike at I 10 with the winged tyrant… I was able to kill the guard tyrant at I 10 his winged tyrant did 3 wounds to my squad and I was able to isolate the rippers so they couldn’t attack… this was a foreign concept to him , he called over a judge and after 5 minutes of discussion I got my 3 power fist attacks on the winged tyrant and did 2 wounds… Chaos Glory allowed the 2 CSM’s so stay in the combat tying up the big bug and the rippers… I made a comment like “I’ve never met a tyranid player who didn’t know about close combat rules” , I’m usually not a poor sportsman but at this point I felt he was playing dumb on purpose as 15 mins left had just been called…. His reply was “ I usually just stay back and shoot”
    I shook my head as I look at his rippers, gene stealers, and ravanger who were all h2h elements and a big part of his armies successful strategy….
    My turn 3, the obliterator had a chance to kill the solo sniperfex but managed to roll at 1 on the to wound with the lascannon… I advanced the traitor fex shot and wounded 4 gene’s … the infiltrating flank held for the 4th turn counter charge but the slaneshi chosen advanced on the solo sniperfex and managed to miss the luckiest bug in the 40th millennium in the shooting phase…. The 2 CSM fell without a chance to swing back and the bugs consolidated towards the traitor fex…
    His turn consisted of charging the traitor and the slaneshi unit with everything in range… at this point time was called….the traitor fell to the gene’s which would be the killing blow in the fight(+150VP)… the slaneshi unit was dropped below half , and did not do any wounds to the tyrant because the powerfist was out of the combat…

    Lessons learned,
    When your guns are range 24 and your opponents are 18 make them come to you…. Don’t fear cheese lists
    Don’t count the spoils of war before the battle is over
    At all costs play fast and encourage you opponent to do so as well… pick you battles for rules arguing as older players are usually less likely to agree they are wrong without definitive proof… ie win using his rules…
    Game 1 Lost on turn 3….

    Game 2
    vs. IG infantry gun line with carapace armour
    Over all this was a much better game for me and I actually enjoyed playing against this opponent. His list was ~70-75 models only slightly out numbering mine… He had 1 troops platoon with lascannon, grenade launcher and command squad with missle launchers, His other troops choice was a grenadiers squad with 2 grenade launchers. Lastly he had a tricked out command squad, with 4 gun choices x2 heavy bolters 2x lascannons…. He also had sharpshooters on every squad which when combined with the carapace armour accounted for his low model count
    The scenario was Scouting Engagement , I once again rolled first turn.. Turns 1-3 were fairly uneventful, I had 2 rounds of meaningless lashes and he managed to consistently do wounds to each of my advancing squads… He however did not really focus his fire, which was his downfall… Turn 3 I hit h2h with his line squads and my raptors, chosen and CSM squads made short work of them… The obliterators were MVP’s with the plasma cannons, after deep striking near icons…Turn 6 I made it interesting for myself and charged his command squad with my sorcerer, a juicy trade 145pt model for 200+-command squad… I used the force weapon and killed his commander, the unit ran and there was the sorcerer with only a sole obliterator between him and 4 squads of heavy weapons… On his final shooting phase he managed to first kill the oblit and then my sorcerer….I controlled more terrain features and narrowly won in VP’s it was a much needed win for me…

    Lessons learned,
    Even IG can shoot and kill with lascannons
    BS 3.5 is almost as good as BS4 no matter what mathhammer might say…
    Game 2 Won on turn 6….

    Game 3

    vs. Vanilla orcs
    This was another fun game for me, his list was pretty basic, 1 killa can, 1 drednaught, a looted leman russ, 2 squads of grots, 3 truckboys squads, stormboys squad, warboss with mega armour and a kamando squad….
    The scenerio was Emmisary Escort, He went first and with typical orkie strategy plunged headlong towards my awaiting arms…. His first turn resulted in little more then a few BS2 shots and 3 wounds caused by the stolen tank… I answered with plasma doom on 2 of the trucks, entangling 2 squads and killing aprox half of the passengers in those trucks… I also immobilized the killa can… His turn 2 he jumped out of the 3rd truck and charged at the slaneshi chosen, they killed all but 3 at I 5 and then his fist and burna did some damage taking down half of the squad, my fist however managed to kill only 1… His stolen ride malfunctioned and drove forward uncontrollably… I answered with more shooting of soft targets, I lashed his stromboys out of cover and charged them with the raptors, won and consolidated into the killa can…. His next turn the slaneshi flank fell taking with it the rest of the truck boys squad… His dread charged the raptors and was stunned by krak grenades… My next turn I charged the kan and dread with the Khorne chosen and with a little help from the blood god was able to grenade down and powerfist the 2 lumbering orkie constructs. At this point the orkie player never really recovered and the next few turns were spent sending small waves of surviving orks to bolter doom… This was the first solid win for me of the day where I felt like I won….

    Lessons learned
    Poor orks I can’t wait to battle them with their new codex

    Game 3 Won on turn 6….

    The tourney had 16 players I placed 4th or 5th overall. I didn’t leave empty handed as I took the best-painted army prize of $25. Looking back over the report I can see that the first round loss really irritated me(hence the wordy recount). I want to be better prepared in the future to face such opponents and such armies… I think writing this battle report definitely helped….

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    ahhh zilla lists! The bane of ALMOST all 40k players....(except for those who use them)
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    the nidzilla list is not the problem, it is the player, aas he points out, to claim you dont know the assault rules with that army is absurd

    Nice battle report, unfortunatley tourneys are not always about enjoyment games, congats on the best painted award
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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