Ok so monday night was late home, grabbed stepson and an army box or 2 and headed to the local indie stockist late for the usual monday night thing, needless to say they were mostly still arguing over what was going to be played, but a large battle was on the cards, arriving late we descovered it would be 3 imperial vs 4 others, 750 points per player, although Ross (step son) had necrons, I checked my army case- elysians, so 4 imperials vs 5 others (one imperial player used 1500 points to even it up a bit, I cant really give an overall battle report, it was complicated and I ended up being batted backwards and forwards to sort bits out/referee, but for my little bit:

2250 points DA
750 points Vostrian
750 points D-99 Elysian special forces

1500 points Necrons (actually seems closer to 1750)
750 points speed freaks
750 points chaos
750 points Dark Eldar

My Elysians (roughly)

Command squad: heroic vet captain, power fist, vet sgt, power weapon, Aux Grenade launcher, metla gun, medic, master vox
vet squad: 8 vets, vet sgt, power weapon, aux GL, melta gun, demo charge, vox
vet squad: 8 vets, vet sgt, power weapon, aux GL, plasma gun, demo charge, vox
vet squad: 9 vets, vet sgt, power weapon, aux GL, GL, demo charge, vox
Drop sentinel, multi melta, HK
Vulture, TLAC, rocket pods, Armoured cockpit, flares (the phospher kind, not suede trousers with wide legs)

ok so everyone deployed sept me, and all went at it, first turn and their second turn saw our left flank explode into combat, the middle being largely dominated by 15 dark anel terminators and the right rooking a little shakey, the DA player on the right started asking for my help from turn 1, he had 2 combat squads and a dev squad facing off against 750 points of crons: lord, detroyer body, etc, 2 squads of 10 warriors, 3 tomb spiders, heavy destroyer, things took a turn for the worse for him on turn 2 when the other necron player (Ross) vieled his lord and a warrior squad up to one of the SM squads and obliterated it with rapid fire, by our turn 2 the sm player had the remenants of his dev squad left and had suceeded in taking out one tomb spider and wounding the other two

So we join the action on our turn 2,
the whole flank is shielded by terrain from other action, the crons are sitting in a big block, 5 wide, 4 deep, the guy seems to think he is playing fantasy, the lord is off to their right (probably his bigest mistake, because he is not surrounded by warriors, if I DS in the right place I can shoot him), the heavy D to their left, the 2 remaining spiders in front

bad time of it really, the vulture and the command squad join the fray. I shall omit the Vulture from details as it spent th whole game destroying DE squads elsewhere on the board, it did a good job of it, saved the terminators from a whole parcel load of dark lance shots and nasty chargyness, but had little effect on the drop zone

the command squad tried to deep strike by the lord, but owing to the gods of scatter dice, deviated off behind the warriors, they open up and through lethal spate of firing manage to down 5 warriors from the nearest squad, I brae myself for rapid fire death

Baddies turn 3:, h turns his warrior squad round, several get back up, and decides he wants to charge me! curious, he could have rapid fired about 18 warriors in to a 5 man guard squad, but he seems intent on assaulting me
He does assault with the wounded warrior squad, imperials drop him to 5 warriors, he promptly kills everyone except the vet sgt and the officer - tied combat (I should point out his charge pulled him out of res orb range from the lord and the wounds were done from the officers power fist and the vet sgts power weapon - no WBB

Imperial Turn 3:
Reserves: 2 squads (woo woo), first squad tries to DS by the lord, but deviates off towards the intact and unengaged warrior squad, so try the second squad same place and presto- on target
Now the shooting begins: demo charge on the lord, melta gun on the lord, GL on the lord, and for fun 10 lasgun shots on him too - he keels over, self repair unable to cope with the firepower, no WBB

Next squad: demo charge at the warrior squad - lands on target, 2s to wound, no save, no WBB - you can see where this is going? the sole surviving warrior is downed by melta, AGL and lasgun fire

Combat: the officer and vet sgt manage to pull down another 2 crons, but the sgt goes down, combat won but he stands, the officer is now wounded and facing 3 warriors

(note because there were 2 cron armies on the field, the phaseout was agreed to take place as a total between the 2)

Baddies Turn 4:
he now has 3 warriors locked in combat with a heroic veteran captain and 2 wounded tomb spiders, the spiders go straight for my drop squad veterans, one for each squad

Combat: Officer avoids damage and pummels last three warriors in to oblivion
First sgt picks up dice, 3 attacks, 3 hits, need 6s - and get 2 of them - dead tomb spider
Second sgt picks up dice, 3 attacks, 2 hits, again need 6s - get one and down second tomb spider

Terminus - the crons are wiped out on my flank and I didnt get to bring on the last drop squad or the sentinel
the game is called as the vulture is systematically wiping out the baddies light infantry at one squad per turn. leaving 15 terminators and a dread to deal with Ross's crons, may be iffy but with myself still having a demo charge to drop, it was only going to go one way and it was getting late

ok he made 2 terminal mistakes:
1, he let his lord get outside his warriors, as such I could DS and shoot him, removing the res orb with ease
2, he shoudl have rapid fired my squads, not charged them, I never got to the bottom of why he did this, if I was giving him the benefit of the doubt I would asume he was trying to protect them from demo charges, but I do worry it was cos he didnt know what he was doing

In the end his comment was "I think they earned their points, I am happy", I looked at 4 dead guardsmen, albeit veterans, and 750 point of dead crons and bit my lip