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    1500 New Orks vs Chaos

    Been a while since I have done a report, trying to start a new army, so bear with me. Here we go. Nuts and bolts in regular print, italics is the story. Board directions are N,S,E,W from my perspective (orks). Both me and my friend are currently working on fluff for our armies, as well as prepping a campaign, so some of the story elements relate to that.

    1500 pts, Secure and Hold, Gamma.
    Orks (new dex) vs Chaos

    Boss on a bike with a Powerklaw.
    3 Nobz on Bikes w/PK
    6 Kans w/rokkits, 3 units of 2.
    3 Trukks, each with 11 Sluggas and a Nob with PK and Boss pole.
    2 Squads of 20 shootas with Rokkits.

    Demon Prince w/Lash
    Demon Prince w/Warptime and the power that uses the flamer template.
    One Defiler w/extra ccws and battle cannon.
    2 Preds with Autocannons and HB sponsons.
    One rhino with 10 Marines, Champ w/pfist
    One rhino with 10 marines, Champ w/pw.
    Raptor Squad w/10 guys, 2 meltas, Champ with Lightning Claws.

    Map is a rocky/desert world with a large mining plant right in the center. There is scattered rocky outcroppings, and a road running diagonal across the battlefield. The board is pretty much symmetric on both sides.

    *radio static* “Hey Boss…we’z gettin some radio chatter. Sounds like humies…you gotta ‘ear dis!”
    The Meks voice crackled over the radio, then a slight static as he put it up against the transmitter…
    “Please, anyone…please. We just esc….Bacchus Pri…tortured, I …I can’t see! Please, they’re after us…it wont be lo…can’t go back…Riven..Marines…”
    Warboss Fugget FaceBiter turned away from the radio. “Ha! Sounds like some o’ dem spikey boys lost dere play tings…I betcha they want em back. Whadda ya say boyz? Feel like a little krumpin?”
    The excitement in the air spiked. The answer was unanimous.

    Loot counters are pretty much lined up in the middle, one in the center by the factory, one on the East side and one on the West.

    The Boss and the Nobz deploy on the SW corner behind one of the rocky outcroppings.
    All six Kans deploy in a line across the middle, along with a truck full of sluggas.
    Both Shoota squads line up behind the factory walls near the middle, to the east of the Shootas.
    The Weird Boy lines up near the two shoota groups.
    The remaining two trucks deploy on the SE corner.

    The Predators deploy on the NW corner, facing the Kans. The Defiler deploys near the middle, also looking at the Kans.
    Both Rhinos deploy opposite the Trukks on the NE side.
    The Raptors deploy along the N side of the factory. The Princes are both behind the Raptors.

    “What we got?”
    “Looks like a couple humies, dey scattered when we landed. One is just lyin in the sand babbling over dere to da East. One be hidin in the garage o’ dat old factory right dere. Da weirdboy says da uvva is in dose roks to da West”
    “And da Spikey Boyz?”
    A piercing howl ripped through the sky…otherwordly. Not one howl, thought the Warboss, but two, simultaneously. The Demon Prince flew slowly into the sky opposite the Factory, scanning the battlefield. The Boss chomped down on his cigar…these Princes were bad news. Never fought like a proper ork should fight. Too many tricks.
    Fugget then watched as the demon split into two, the dual screams causing the boyz to wince. Two one-winged demons dove to the earth…they were coming.
    “You boyz scared of a little noise?!”, he shouted to the wincing troops, “Lets show em ow to do it propa! ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!”. The Boyz took up the chant, which started to drown out as the engines started to rev and the Kans began to fire up.

    Turn 1a. Chaos.
    Winning first turn, Chaos moved for the markers. The Preds advanced some to shoot at the Kans, and the Defiler also crept forward.
    Both Rhinos advanced 12 inches and the Marines disembarked all around the loot counter.
    The raptors flew to the top of the building, as did the Tzeentch Prince.
    The Lash Prince landed near the E loot marker, on the ground.
    The lash prince pulled the first group of shoota boys into a nice, template friendly pack next to the edge of the building where the other prince promptly warped time and flamer templated them into disarray. The Raptors and both squads of marines joined the fun to eradicate all 20 boys.
    The Defiler crushed a Kan with his Battle Cannon.
    One Pred fired rather harmlessly at the other Kans.
    The other Pred was able to destroy the Trukk holding the 12 sluggas. One Boy died in the entangling carnage (sorry, no wacky ramshackle fun).

    The raptors and one of the Princes landed on top of the factory, staring down at the advancing mobs of orks. Along the Eastern side, the other Prince led two units of the Riven at the advancing Mobs.
    “Foolish creatures…”, both Princes said in unison, their gaze sweeping the lines, “…they have no concept of what they face. Yes. Yes, an example then.” Four eyes focused on the leading group of Orks. The world twisted as the warp distorted the area around the Orks. Invisible lashes wrapped around them, forcibly pulling them off the ground. The entire mob went sailing through air, as though catapulted from the ground. The Prince on the roof launched into the air above the rising mob. The avatar of the fallen marine whispered terrible curses as it inhaled, releasing them in a torrent of flame at the lashed orks. The greenskins screamed as their flesh bubbled and melted.
    The Riven roared their approval, firing their weapons into the flailing mob as charred, burnt corpses fell to the earth.
    “Dat looked ‘urty as ‘ell” muttered a Boy.

    Turn 1b. Orks.
    Ere we go!
    The Boss joined with the Nobz and turbo boosted up the western edge, ending behind another pile of rocks.
    The five remaining Kans marched forward.
    The Weirdboy joined the Shoota squad, which marched forward toward the raptors and the building.
    Both Trukks zoomed forward, their sluggas disembarking right in the face of the two rhinos and the Demon.
    The Weirdboy invokes a Waaagh!...that nobody uses.
    The Kans fire off at the three vehicles approaching. The Defiler is grazed, but no damage. One of the preds is shaken.
    The Shootas unload into the Raptors, who weather the storm and come out unscathed.
    The sluggas fire, one unit at some of the marines, to no effect. The second unit fires at the Demon Prince, to no effect.
    One of the Slugga Boyz charges a group of CSM, the other charges the Demon Prince. The Prince brings a few boys down, but takes a wound. Orks hold. A few marines bite the dust, but more orks lose. Orks hold.

    “Showtime Boyz!” yelled Fugget over the din of the engines, and the ork line surged forward.
    The Boss watched as one of the Killa Kans exploded, as the advancing tanks opened fire. One of the spider contraptions came clanking around the side of the Factory.

    Over by the Mob, the Weirdboy rose above the mob, a terrible warcry issuing from his throat. The Trukks blasted forward toward the ground based marines, the Orks on board barely waiting for them to slow down before they jumped out, charging forward at the waiting marines.
    The Prince lumbered forward, a haze of ork ash raining down as the orks bore forward.
    “Tricky panzee lovin’ git!”, the large Nob yelled, his Powerklaw dragging low at his side, “Git da big ‘un boyz!”. The Demon snarled as a pack of Orks poured on top of him. The charge hit like a rocket shell.
    Nearby the Boyz fell into the Marines. Near frenzy, the Riven were ready.
    “Mindless beasts, never pick a fight you cannot win…” the champion yelled as the marines cut down the first wave.
    “Bleeding git…”, the champion turned to face the Nob, snarling as he saw the Powerklaw wrench through the armor of Terok, a sickening crunch accompanying the marines death curse, “Orks is always winnin!”.

    Turn 2a. Chaos.
    The Shaken Pred moves forward a little. The Defiler continues its march towards the Kans. The Prince line up to assault. The Raptors come off the building and line up by the Shootas.
    The Raptors fire into the Shoota squad, killing a chunk of boys.
    The Defiler uses his Battle Cannon to crush a chunk of the entangled boys. Further pred firing whittles the group down to a Nob and a Boy…who proceed to pass leadership.
    The Raptors charge the Shootas. Several boyz die, only one raptor falls. Orks pass leadership.
    The group of marines charges the sluggas attacking the prince. After a chaotic exchange, in which several boyz die, the Nob drags down the Prince. The Orks lose combat, but pass leadership.
    The other Prince joins the other melee. No Boyz survive, but the Marines are left unscoring. The Prince consolidates into the other combat, as do the Marines.

    With a terrible scream yell, the roof-bound Prince leapt down into the swirling melee below. Following suit, the Raptors dove straight into the rapidly firing orks. Crude orkish shells bouned off their power armor as their champion plowed into the front of the mob, ork blood causing his lightning claws to sizzle.

    “What da Gork just ‘appened?!”. The Ork crawled out from under the wreckage of the trukk, grabbing his head.
    “Dem bad beakies got a lucky shot, dats all” the Nob said, tossing the corpse of an ork off his fallen Boss Pole. Hoisting it to his shoulder, he looked toward the screaming raptors. “Dem uvva boyz is havin all da fun. Lets go.”
    “Just us?” croaked the ork, discarding his busted slugga.
    “Dat, or just me” growled the nob menacingly.
    The message was clear. The Ork grabbed a rusty chunk of the destroyed trukk and charged toward the melee.
    “AH BOYZ!”. They all felt it. This was as good as it got. The marines held tightly, smashing back the initial charge. But there was still a lot of fight left.
    The second Prince roared into the ranks, crushing a downed ork under its claw.
    The Prince grabbed an ork, wrenching it in half. “You have come for death…and those shall be the lucky among you!”.
    “Any a you boyz tired of dis?” The Nob slammed his shoulder against the marine and charged the demon. The beast hissed, and its single wing buffeted the boyz around it to the side.
    “Come little fungus, I will…”
    “SHUT IT!” The Nob chucked his boss pole, the tip flying into the demons roaring mouth. With a shocked choke, the demon reared back, clutching the javelin. The Nob slammed his opened powerklaw into the creature’s abdomen. With a brutal tug, the Nob spilled the demons insides on to the battlefield. “SHUT IT! SHUT IT! SHUT IT!”, the Nob pounded on the screaming demon, the other boyz piling on.
    Slowly, the orks grew aware that the demon at their feet was no longer screaming, but yet the scream continued. The other Prince thrashed and roared defiance, its pain and anger apparent to even the lowliest snot.
    “Uh, Boss, I tink we gotta go…” one of the Boyz backed up. The marines surged forward, screaming at their loss, and the orks, taken aback by their opponents ferocity were slaughtered.
    “Bah. Neva-mind. Too late I tink, lets finish dis boyz”. The remaining boyz jumped to meet the marines, save two.
    “Dat was a helluva shot wit dat pole, boss”. The boy muttered to the Nob from the rocks. He didn’t hear. He was still shouting, and slamming. “SHUT IT SHUT IT SHUT IT!”

    Turn 2b. Orks.
    The Boss and the Nobz fly up toward the closest Pred, the Boss leaves the group.
    The march of the Kans continues, though the single Kan starts ambling West toward the Western loot marker.
    The Nob and boy from the wreck move toward the Raptors/Shoota melee.
    The Weirdboy gives himself a power weapon…and is not in base to base contact.
    The Kans fire, taking out the middle Predator. Other rokkits hit the Defiler, but cant hurt it.
    The Boss hits the side of the Predator while the Nobz are able to reach the rear. Many powerklaw attacks later, the predator explodes, wounding the boss.
    The Boy and the Nob charge the Shoota/Raptor rumble. A few more raptors fall, as do many more shootas. Orks pass leadership.
    The Chaos Marines/Slugga fight see the Boyz lose combat with the addition of the DP and other Marines, fail leadership, and get ran down.

    The screams were audible, even over the roaring vehicle fight. The roar of the bikes didn’t allow words, but the Boss knew what the three Nobz were wondering. Why did they have to miss the fight? They got their answer as they rounded the corner. The Tanks were firing away at the advancing Kans, oblivious to the roaring death to their rear. The bikes circled the tank, dragging their powerklaws along the hull. The Boss jumped off his bike and on to the back of the tank. With a mighty cry, he slammed his fist into the engine bank on the back of the hull. The tank instantly exploded, sending debris, and the boss flying through the air. The Nobz paused. “Boss?”
    “Dat was a good un! Ha!” the Boss clambered back on to his bike, spitting a few teeth onto the ground. “Still work to do boyz…”

    The Demon slowly lifted its head, eyes blazing two different colors. His vision twisted. The pain of death still wracked its frame. Without a sound, it flew into the combat, sailing over the group and slammed its talons on to the Nob, still lost in the slaughter of his kill. He lifted the lifeless Nob into the air and with a terrible ripping sound bit the orks head clean from its body. “Now the rest…”
    In moments, the orks broke before its fury. The Marines chased them down, slaughtering some, others were incapacitated. The Prince turned toward the remaining marines. These orks had inflicted greater casualties than he had anticipated. “They come with us. Secure the prisoner.”
    A muffled scream came from a small rock cluster. The pathetic human believed the Riven had forgotten about him. About his escape. The only escape from Bacchus Prime…no, his torment would be legendary. And now these Orks thought to deny him reclaiming the other two…
    With muted rage, the Demon Prince took to the air, sailing to the next battle.

    Turn 3a. Chaos.
    The Defiler continues to crawl toward the Kans.
    The Rhinos position themselves into a wall along the northern edge, to deter the Nobz from attempting a last minute loot counter contention.
    The still-scoring CSM unit (8 strong) moves back some to stay in range of the loot counter. The other squad of four moves toward the Trukks.
    The Prince roars over to the Shoota/Raptor Melee.
    The large CSM group unloads its bolters, destroying one truck. The small groups taps its pistols at the other, but nothing happens.
    The Defiler destroys a Kan that is parked on the center loot marker, leaving one.
    The Raptors and Demon decimate the remaining boyz, running them down after a failed leadership, killing the Weirdboy as well. The Raptors are 4 strong, and head toward the Kans along with the Demon.
    The group of 4 CSM charge the trukk and destroy it, the resulting explosion killing a marine!

    The Demon bore down on the melee, taking delight as his Raptors…those given artificial wings to match his countenance, tore the orks to shreds. At the back of the group an ork clutched at its skull. Its pain resonated in the Prince. This was a curious ork. He dropped from behind the Weirdboy, and with a single slash took the legs from the ork. He pinned the psyker to the ground with his claw, and looked at the remaining orks. The sudden arrival of a terrible demon prince had shaken the orks, the Raptors quickly overwhelmed them, powerful incapacitating spikes driven in to them. Back on Bacchus Prime, these orks would help test the limits of the orkish physique. And by Slaanesh, they would push those limits. But first, his prisoners…
    The prince took the sky once again, and saw the figure cowering next to the wall, a crude orkish contraption standing over her. Without her eyes, it would be difficult for the human to understand what was going on.
    To his disappointment, his predators had been destroyed. The vehicle troops would be punished for this failure later.

    Turn 3b. Orks.
    The Nobz head toward the Defiler.
    The Boss heads toward the center marker.
    The Kans continue to march, gathering near the center marker. The single Kan holds the West marker.
    One group of Kans shoots the raptors, missing. The other in range shoots the Defiler, destroying it.

    “BOSS! LOOK!”. The Nob yelled, the bikes dangerously close. But the Warboss already saw it. The Demon came soaring over the building, heading toward the remaining Kans. He pointed to the Nob, then to the spidery demon machine. They got the message. They tore off toward the Defiler and the Boss headed toward the humie female. That’s what the Prince wanted. He’d have to kill him to get it. He gripped the throttle tighter. The Grot hanging from the bag on the back of the bike shrieked with excitement.

    Turn 4a. Chaos.
    The Prince flies over to the remaining Kan near the center loot marker.
    The Raptors fly toward the group of two Kans.
    The Marines consolidate around the East loot marker.
    The raptors fire at the Kans, destroying one.
    The Prince assaults the remaining Kan on the center marker, immobilizing it and and tearing off its dreadnaught arm. The Kan inflicts one wound with its remaining attack.
    The Raptors assault the Kan, and lose one raptor. The remaining two fall back.

    The Prince dove toward the Kan, which was still focused on the dying defiler. Landing behind the crude contraption, the Prince grabbed the massive arm of the Kan, and with a terrible twist, splintered it off the vehicle.
    A high pitched curse of surprise echoed from inside the Kan. The Prince mused that it must be one of the gretchin inside…and chuckled at the fear the creature must be feeling.
    In his amusement, he did not notice the shift of the Kan, and the next thing he knew a piston driven steel foot crashed down onto his talon, shattering the bone. With a roar, the Prince knocked the Kan on its side. As he prepared to pry it open, he heard the roar of a motorbike…

    Turn 4b. Orks.
    The Boss closes the gap with the Prince.
    The Nobz turbo boost down to the center marker with the Boss and the Prince.
    The Western Kan continues to sit there, somewhat hidden by rocks.
    The Kan pegs one of the remaining raptors.
    The Boss assaults the Prince.
    The Demon prince directs his attacks against the Boss, and tears him down to one wound. In a show of strength, the Boss wipes out the Prince in one massive PK attack.

    The Boss pulled away from the Nobz, his bike being faster. As it should be. If it wasn’t, he would’ve beaten that friggin Mek…but regardless. The Demon Prince saw him now, one of the Kans falling next to him. The Boss roared and held the trigger on his Dakka, yelling trying to drown out his own guns. He let the Powerklaw hang low…that would be the thing to take this beast down. Hell, his bullets probably wouldn’t even hit this monster.
    With amazing speed, the demon leapt forward, swinging with a claw meant for his head. He banked to the right, felt the claw tear down his side and then into the metal of his bike. The claw shredded the tire and with a loud bang the bike flipped, rolling over itself several times, coming to rest on top of the Boss. He heard the creature laughing as it approached.
    “Little worm…I will devour you from the feet up…your anguish will sound all over the halls of Bacchus”. The Demon leaned over the bike, and the Boss roared out in pain, crushed under the enormous weight. “Or perhaps I shall just start with your head!”.
    The mighty jaws lunged for the ork’s head. With a grunt, he shoved his closed powerclaw into the onrushing teeth, snapping the creatures grinning countenance. The monster roared as the Boss expanded the Klaw. The pistons on his weapons creaked and groaned, the strengths seemed even.
    “Dis be takin too long, ya overgrown GROT LOVA!”, the Boss whipped up his slugga and fired several times into the Demons open mouth. With a roar the Prince leapt backwards, dragging the bike off of the boss, pieces of the powerklaw coming away in his mouth. The Demon choked and gagged. Fugget looked around for a weapon. A few yards away he saw the discarded saw arm of the Kan on the ground. He ran over and with a massive grunt lifted it to his shoulder.
    The Demon spat and gagged, its throat and mouth torn to pieces. Threats and curses were unintelligible, but the meaning was plain. With a bubbling shout, the Demon dove toward the Boss.
    The Boss roared and swung the saw, bringing the blade across the top of the demons head, the saw cutting through the helmet and deep into the skull of the beast. The Demon hit the ground. The Boss allowed the arm to fall and walked up to the Demon’s head.
    Kicking it for good measure, he started thinking about the best place to display this skull.
    “Hey! Ya bleedin grot, git out o’ dat Kan and come cut this head off! I need it for me Bike!”.

    Turn 5a. Chaos.
    The Rhinos reset their wall to the South now, as that would be the most direct route for any of the Bikers.
    The lone Raptor makes his last man standing roll, and speeds for the single Kan on the West loot counter.
    One of the Rhinos fires it bolter and takes a wound off of a Biker Nob.
    The raptor fires at the Kan with its melta, missing.
    The raptor charges the Kan, the Kan wins.

    Turn 5b. Orks.
    The Biker Nobz pull in behind the factory.
    The Boss turbo boosts towards the rhinos.

    “What now Boss?” the Nobz asked.
    “Stay ‘ere and watch dat one”, the Boss pointed to a cowering human female, her eyes gouged out long ago. “Im gonna go chase da rest of em. Gimme yer bike!”. One of the Nobz dutifully jumped off. The Boss was in no mood to take any guff.
    With a rev, he sped toward the visible rhinos.

    Turn 6a. Chaos.
    The small group of marines moves forward, just in case the Boss does something crazy.
    The Rhino shoots and misses the boss.

    Turn 6b. Orks.
    The Boss moves toward the rhino.
    The boss bounces a few more shots off the rhino.
    The boss assaults and destroys the Rhino.

    The Boss heard the ship on the other side of the abandoned transport. With a roar he tore into the ship, watching the Chaos drop ship take the others back to wherever they had come from. He drove back to the others.
    “Whats da story?” He asked his nobs.
    “Dat was a great fight, boss.” The others nodded in agreement. “What we gonna do wit dese humies? Dis ones got no lookers, and that grot wit da uvva one said hes just babbling and droolin like a brokin Mad Dok.
    “Eh, bring dis one wid us…but I don’t wanna listen to no mad humie. Feed em to da squigs. And wheres my blasted trophy?”.
    “Ere boss!” two grots dragged the massive head of the Demon Prince by a few chains and hooks. The Boss laughed and lifted the head. The two grots hurriedly scrambled onto the side of the bike.
    With another rev of the engine, the Boss took off back to camp. One of the Nobz slung the petrified human over the back of his bike, and tied it up with some rope.

    The bikeless Nob yelled, but to no avail. He started chasing off after the 3 bikes, his dismay drowned out by the roar of the bikes and cawing of the now circling carrion birds.

    At the end of the game, the Orks had the three Nob Bikerz on the center loot counter, and the lone Kan on the West loot counter. The large CSM group held the Eastern counter. Orks won the loot. Also surviving was the small group of CSM, an immobile Kan, a regular Kan, and the Boss.

    Victory points totaled up, Solid Victory for the Orks…barely.

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    3 (x3)

    This is a great battle report. You really came back to win that one well. Your nob is great.
    I also liked the fiction you wrote for this. It is quality, so far as I can tell.
    Rep for a good job.
    Turtles For the Turtle God!
    Shells For the Shell Throne!

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    72 (x3)

    wow i really liked this! You did a good job telling the story, and also winning the game! after the demon lash and fire combo, and the 20 orks gettin fried, i thought ya was screwed! but ya pulled it out! ya big ol' boss you!
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    78 (x2)

    A good report, and a nice, fluffy story.

    Though I was a bit confused at some points (it looked like you turbo-boosted AND
    assaulted in the same turn with the biker-Boss), it was clear that you fought a good
    battle and came through in the end.

    Innovation suffuses this hobby like a tea bag in the boiling water of play.

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