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    The Mighty Betrayer

    I was playing a 2v1 game. We were Orcs/Chaos VS Tyranids. I decided to try out a Khorne Themed army I named "The Betrayers"; as it was led by Kharn himself with a small host of 3 Dreadnaughts. To my suprise, the army worked by the name, not by my intention.

    Before the game started, we were shelled by perliminary bombardment. Kharn took several hits, but his armor shruged it off.

    It was a good first salvo to feul his rage...

    Kharn led the initial charge strait up the front. He was immediately confronted by a small host of Gargoyals and Hormogaunts. Roughly 40+ models. He was only supported by one squad of Bersekers and Dreadnaught.

    You guess it, the Dreadnaught fire frenzied and unloaded into Kharn. Luckily, this was a H2H Dready, so it's shells were once again shruged off by his armor.

    That only peaved him off more...

    A group of Orc truck boys stormed in front of him with a Killer Kan totting up another side, they engaged the Swarms first. Sure it allowed Kharn the charge, but he was a little upset he didn't draw first blood.

    Then he finally got into melee...

    To my suprise, I rolled quite a few 1's... during A LOT of my turns. This ended up in Kharn not only wiping the Gargoyals and Guants out, but killing one of my own Berserkes, several Orc boys and even the Orc Killer Kan. The 3rd player laughed as Kharn did most of his work for him.

    After making meat by products of everyone else, he crazily charged into a Tyrant, making short work of him, with the blessing of the dark god concealing the monstrous attacks that retaliated.

    His thirst for blood was not quenched and started heading toward the heavy support line. The never ending number of gaunts continued to flood the field however, and once again Kharn was besieged by an entire brood of hormogaunts with no support. He fell many even before they could attack.

    Their paultry assaults could not do enough, but they succeeded in locking him in melee for the remainder of the game while the heavy support looked on, unable to get close enough past the waves of gaunts in order to help.

    The battle drew to a close and Kharn remained locked in a bloody melee near the edge of the board, refusing to waiver under such a number of insects...

    ...blood for the blood god.

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    Cool. Good to hear the Betrayer is living up to his name.
    Sleeping, not dead.
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    Skulls for the Skull Throne. Great battle report, the kind that makes me want to play your army!


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    Turtles for the Turtle God?

    What were the lists?
    This sounds like a great game.
    Turtles For the Turtle God!
    Shells For the Shell Throne!

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