Kael Daem Aul, Archon of the Kabal of Gore, summoned his Sybarites and Succubi for a council of war. "I am tired of wearing dirty underwear and eating cold food. I have found a Necron outpost and tommorrow we attack. Praise and glory to any that bring me spare parts to fix my Whirlpool. Torture and death to any that fail."

Table - 4X7
Terrain - He set up woodlines on the left and right in his deployment
zone to block my LOS.
Bunkers - One in the center of his deployment zone. Two in the
front. Large hill placed on right.

Troop placement (Reserves could come on beginning turn 2)
Necron - Nightbringer in the middle bunker. Warriors in the front
bunkers. Tomb Spiders in woods on left, warrior squad on right. Lord
behind bunkers. Reserves; 2 Destroyer squads (5 ea) 1 Heavy
Destroyer, 9 immortals. His phase out number is 19.

Kabal of Gore - Warbeast, Hellions, Talos and two sniper (DL) squads.
Reserves; 4 Raider squads (3 DL, 1 Disintegrator), 2 Ravagers (1 DL,
1 Disintegrator), HQs (Archon, 5 Incubi, Raider), Wyches/Raider.

Turn 1; DE - Warp Beast and Hellions each take out sentry. Talos
misses (go figure) alarm raised.
Necron - Kills one Hellion (left in open when Talos missed)

Turn 2; DE - Snipers score penetrating 6 on left bunker. Collapse
kills 10 warriors 8 fail WBB. Ravagers come on left side by
snipers. HQs, Wyches and 2 Raider squads arrive right side.
Necron - 2 Destroyer Squads and Heavy Destroyer arrive and move to right support warriors and counter Raiders. 2 troop Raiders fall. 1 KIA warrior.

Turn 3; DE - Disintegrator Ravager destroys remaining troops from first bunker. All but one fail WBB. DL Ravager kills Necron Lord. He fails WBB. Sniper squads destroy second bunker. Warriors and 2 Raiders kill one Destroyer squad and Heavy Destroyer. One survives WBB. Warp beast assault Tomb spiders (they fight the rest of the game). Last two Raiders arrive right side to support attack on remaining Necron warriors.
Necron - Heavy Destroyer misses HQs Raider. Destroyer squad hits
dismounted Warrior squad 4 die. Immortals enter kill 2 Hellions.

Turn 4; DE - Disintegrator Ravager kills all 9 immortals. Snipers destroy bunker # 2. DL Ravager destroys bunker #3. Nightbringer moves to left away from Ravagers. Raiders and dismounts destroy remaining Destroyers and warriors. HQ and Wyches assault remaining warriors.
Necron - Nightbringer causes 3 warrior squads to flee 3D6. Few casualties inflicted.

Due to massive failed WBB rolls Necrons Phase out. All objectives accomplished. Archon is now happy that his clothes are clean and food is hot. Opens an appliance repair shop on Commorragh due to massive inventory of spare parts.