I played a Chaos army this past weekend and suffice it to say, made quick his demise.

However, it should also be noted that his loss was entirely on his shoulders, as he was fielding a far more potent army than mine. He lost in his generalship.


He basically neglected his objectives and ALLOWED me to decimate his units. He placed units in open knowing I had templates on him, and clustered his men tightly. He tried to bum-rush my lines and completely ignored his loot counters. Because of his inability to marhsall his forces and use them correctly, he lost.


I basically had 2 platoons kitted with grenade launchers, missile launchers and autocannons - both in lines and in command squads. HQ with 4 lascannons and 3 autocannons, 7 deep striking Stormies with 2x melta, 2 russes, and a basilisk.

He had a Landraider with 4 Termies kitted out with powerfists, a deilfer with BC, 3 rhinos with troops - Khorne Berzerkers and 2 with vanilla Chaos Marines, and a demon lord.

It was a secure and control mission, omega rules, with 5 loot counters. I won placement and first turn.

He took ALL of his troops in Rhinos, therefore, nothing was on the field until turn 2. By that point, my lads had already blitzed to hold 2x loot counters and had enough time for concealment - bunkered down. My infantry line spread nicely from end to end. By round 2, 1xRuss and Bassie came on - Stormies and 1x Russ in reserves still.

His Landraider and 2x Rhinos came into play. Defiler and 1x Rhino in reserves. He placed his LR on his far right end, squarely across from my left flank which had a battery of 4x auocannons and 1x platoon. In my center line were 4x lascannons in HQ with 2x Grenade Launchers. Far right had 2nd platoon with 1x autocannon and behind it, Bassie.

He also placed a Rhino to the left of his LR to protect it from LC fire from the center. He moved his Rhino up 6" and popped smoke. He fired his LC from his LR at my Russ to no avail. His second Rhino made its way up his left flank.

Turn 3, my stormies DS right next to his LR and landed sqarely into terrain onto a loot counter in his deployment zone. 2x meltas were pointed directlt at side armor. Again, he ignored the objectives AND my stormies and moved ahead with his LR. My second Russ came on as well and took far right of the board.

I stopped his Rhino near his LR and it exploded. Chaos marines spilled out and were subsequently annihilated by direct bassie-fire. The last few were mopped up by the stormies. Initial Stormie melta fire glanced and did nothing to the LR, though it was stunned. He brought on his Deilfer and it missed a BC shot on my left flank. My Russ on the left exchanged fire with the slowly lumbering LR, to no avail.

He moved his Rhinos up his left flank and unloaded with both. They were tightly clustered and my battle cannon and Bassie took out most of those troops. His demon lord was also among the casualties in that barrage as he placed it among his troops as they unloaded their Rhinos.

His lead Rhino troops struck the end of my far right line, although he couldn't assault. I rapid fired into his Berzerkers, took out a few, but he had enough left for an assault. That unit tore through my lines from sqaud to squad. He drove his remaining empty Rhino up his far left flank to block my Russ.

On his far right, the LR finally made it past my meltas and BC barrages and unloaded Termies right in the face of my Russ. He took out my Russ with his termies, and i took out one termie with the battery of ACs in that position. He then moved into assault on my left flank and nearly obliterated that entire platoon. However, my stormies held a counter in his deployment zone, his LR was soon toast and my troops were still good enough to move and secure those vital positions.

On the right flank, I moved one of my squads in that assaulted platoon forward to lure him away from the loot counter. He bit and consoliated into it, but far enough away from the loot to be inefective. By turn 5, his berzerkers were whittled down to unscoring. I moved my Russ through terrain and claimed that counter.

I also moved my center and HQ towards the middle of the board where there was another counter.

In sum, I was able to maneuver my troops into vital positions, keepingthe objectives in mind while also distracting him with troops. Once I realized his objective of annihilating my troopers, I used that against him to distract him away from the mission. I made him WANT to assault and consolidate, while keeping sure that I had some scoring units left to run for the loot by turn 5.

Overall, he was outgunned and outwitted. He had a better force on paper, but failed to utilize them per the mission. He was playing at cleansing or annihilation, when he should have used his troops to occupy and control.

He should have had boots on the ground early on and held key positions, but he allowed me 2 FREE turns of unharried movement!!! Wow! He's not a kid either.