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    1000 orks vs chaos

    NOTE: hope its not too much, this is my first battle report, and my first attempt at writing, so I can only get better. I hope its enough information to separate story from the game... enjoy!

    Disciples Legion 933

    chaos lord 155
    mark of khorne, terminator armour, daemon weapon

    chaos space marines x8 190
    aspiring champion, power fist, plasma pistol, plasma gun

    khorne berzerkers x8 198
    skull champion, power weapon

    havocs x8 190
    missile launcher x2, plasma gun x2

    havocs x8 215
    aspiring champion, plasma pistol, autocannon, heavy bolter x3

    Deffboyz 992

    Warboss 110
    power klaw, shoota/skorcha, eavy armour, cybork body, bosspole

    big mek 55
    kustom mega-blasta, eavy armour

    meganobs 175
    shoota/skorcha x3

    kommandos 90
    nob, power klaw, eavy armour

    ork boyz x16 96

    ork boyz x15 90

    stormboyz x8 96

    deff dread 95
    big shoota x2

    killa kan 40
    big shoota

    looted wagon 145
    boomgun, big shoota x2, ard case

    Black drop pods fall from the sky like a choking rain, excited for the battle ahead the Warboss gives his boyz a speech to get them geared up for the fight that approaches...

    "Listen up boyz! Dem spikey boyz r comin' fer us and we ain't let em take da mek shop! we fight with every last choppa and slugga till dere 'eads roll back to where dey came!

    He orders the Kommandos to secure the lines further up ahead, in an effort to stall the "spikey boyz" from moving up ahead before he is ready, never really liking the cunning of the Kommandos anyway, he smiles at the thought of the off chance they would be shot dead on their way out into the battle.

    chaos forces, all on foot stand aside eachother surrounded by an evil presence that all the orks feel, but with their numbers, and the power of Gork and Mork on their side, the fear of death is quickly put behind them as they take their places for the glorious charge into battle.

    In a rowsing WAAAAAAGH! the boyz push forward in a wall of green skin and klattering warmachines, Mega-nobs in their chunky amour, hurl themselves toward the enemy with their power klaws eager to crush heads and shooter blazing.

    Shooting round after round into anything it can see, the orks land few hits, the killer kan sprays a volley of fire towards the havocs and shouts gleefully as a bullet punctures the marine right in the neck, gloriously ending his life in a spray of crimson.

    "FIRE!" shouts the kaptin of the looted wagon as it lets loose with a giant explosion on top of the khorne berzerkers, showered with metal fragments and covered in smoke, 2 of the blood-drinkers fail to get up, giving their lives to the blood god before their time was due.

    The dreadnaught's pilot holds down the trigger just long enough to score 4 brilliant hits on the line of chaos boys at the front, unfortunately they are simply shrugged off by the giants in black armour.

    The big mek joins in the fight letting loose a ball of plasma but flying far too high over the heads of the chaos line.

    3 spikey boyz were sent back to the warp

    "KILL! KILLLLLLLLL!" scream the lungs of the Khorne bezerkers, awaiting the chance to prove their worth by decaptitating the vile creatures that try to send it back to its beloved god, leaping forward with a rage that only a Berzerker of khorne could possess.

    After the loss of their partners in deprevity, the chaos soldier pour molten plasma and bolter fire into the killa kan that desends ever so slowly on them, managing to shake the crew up but with no other effects.

    The first havoc squad lines up its sights and as the missile flies out of the barrel its obstucted by a small building that it just clips with a guidance fin and explodes off to the side, injuring nothing.

    The autocannon had a little more success, putting one bullet straight into the front of the cabin, but it failed to hit anything of use and the warmachine of the orks continued to chugg away.

    Havocs fired a well-aimed shot single lascannon bolt right into the core of the killa kan, shattering into pieces as it exploded and engulfed all around it in a shower of burning metal debris.

    A unit of kommandos, 2 mega-nobs, a stormboyz, the big mek and a single ork boy were hit by the blast, annihilating almost everything it touched. But from out of the wreckage and destruction stood a single ork boy and his big mek - their armour miraculously saving them from the plight of the rest of the green warriors.

    a killer kan, and 8 boyz tasted the fire of chaos

    Pushing further up the battlefield, the slightly disheartened ork boyz now having a need to destroy these black warriors, having lost two of the most heavily armoured boyz in their squad was more than enough rage for the orks, screaming and firing once more as they charged up the field.

    the only orks to hit anything this turn were the warboss and dreadnaught, both of them putting a spikey boy back into the warp, even the gigantic kannon of the looted wagon couldn't aim straight after the loss of the huge force of orks and landed in the middle of the 2 squads of chaos boyz, hitting neither.

    stormboyz charged up into the khorne lines, desperate for some payback - their time had come, but before they could even raise their weapons to attack, 5 of them were cut down by blood-soaked axes of the khorne, revving as it sawed through precious bone and tissue like it was nothing.

    the remaining boyz put 3 solid hits into the chests of these evil warriors, but their blades were just too weak for such a task.

    Feeling that Gork and Mork had betrayed them, the orks powered up their jumppacks and tried to escape, but the khorne were too fast and had jumped on them, bringing their bodies back to the ground for their sacrifice to the blood gods.

    Happy with their gift, the berzerkers charge further up the battlefield for more blood and glory!

    7 stormboyz gave their lives to the blood god

    Opening fire upon the huge mega armoured nob with their plasma weapons, one choas soldier got through the gigantic beast and his crude armour dealing him a great amount of pain, but before he could regain his composure, he was shot down by a volley of bullets so violent, it ripped his arms and guns apart, before one stray bullet went through his head and he collapsed.

    The Havocs shot again at the dangerous looted wagon, but it somehow managed to get close to the machine, barely grazing its thick armour.

    With guns readied and lined up, the other havocs fired everything at a squad of ork boyz that was getting ever closer with time, 12 bullets had hit, but only 3 managed to strike important areas of the ork anatomy and they fell.

    As the khorne gained ground on the ork boyz up ahead, they layed their pistols into the simpleton lifeforms, one was struck in the head, he just froze still and then drooped to the side as the rest of the boys charged on forward.

    In a tight gap within a pile of scrap and the cliff edge, the khorne engaged the ork boyz squad, only permitting a few of them to fight at a time was a huge advantage to the khorne, giving them the ability to kill a few orks before being swallowed up by the green menance.

    2 of the light-armoured ork boyz are cut down before hitting back, allowing the khorne to continue their menacing charge into the green lines.

    "WHAT IN DA GORK IZ DAT?!" screams one ork, as a dark figure desends from the heavens mere metres away from their position, they turn to face him but its too late and hes already cutting them down before they are all prepared.

    The chaos lord laughs manically while slicing at the 14 orks nearby, the weapon so enraged it fights back, and only 4 orks are decapitated.

    a mega nob and 10 ork boys souls are confiscated, property of the blood god

    The looted wagon aims its kannon at the small squad of Chaos Marines but fails to damage them, the shell shocked marines stand tall and continue to rain death upon the ork horde

    The Ork Dreadnaught readies its big shootas, sending a flurry of bullets into the Chaos ranks while burning hot shells shells pour out of the ejection port, a Chaos Marine was soon filled with bullets tearing through his armor leaving him for dead.

    1 chaos space marine is on his way to eternal damnation

    The big mek charged the spikey boys, both teams fail to land a single damaging blow on the other and they fought on through while the war waged on.

    The Khorne Bezerkers, filled with blood-lust charge into the orks, managing to catch 3 Orks offguard, their chain-axes rip through them spilling entrails onto the bloodied soil of the battleground, but a single Ork left standing suprised to find himself saved by his armor and still in 1 piece.

    With a resounding "WAAAAAAAAAAGH!" the boyz summon up the courage to stay and fight, landing several blows onto the red and bronze warriors but without a single severed limb or head.

    The chaos lord again summons his daemon to do its worst against the crude orks, swinging an incredible 11 times, again the fury felt from the daemon cannot be contained and it only slays 4 orks.

    7 heavily bleeding ork boys are stripped of their life by the Chaos gods will

    The dreadnaught barreling down towards them, the havocs panic with their fire and miss most of their shots, the lascannon goes directly through its big-shoota and rips it off the torso of the ork machine, the crew are shaken by this and hold their ground.

    With a cruel smile behind his helmet, the Chaos Lord grips his scythe, disconnects four orks from their torsos, the remaining ork, On his attempt to get on his feet the Chaos Lords scythe slashes the orks leg off, pleading for his life, the doomed ork is dismembered and taken as a sacrafice

    The warriors of the blood-god grasp their hands tight on their chain-axe handles and bring them down hard onto the skulls of the orks, the quicker orks place their weapons up in time to stop their death, the 2 slower orks are chopped in half from head to toe.

    Realising the end is near, the boyz make a wild dash for their lives, out running the khorne in a last ditch effort to escape the fate of the rest of the horde.

    The chaos space marines and the big mek both raise their power fists to win the day, the aspiring champion gets the first shot off and destroys the bigmek before he can retaliate and the chaos space marines charge on towards the warboss

    A big mek and 7 ork boyz are on the way to Gork and Mork

    The leftover boyz cannot keep fighting the unwinnable war, and flee the battlefield altogether, leaving the khorne to their own devices, they seek out a new victim.

    The looted wagons crew readies another shot, landing directly on top of 4 very unfortunate chaos havocs, shattering their bodies and souls with screaches of the damned.

    The last remaining Mega-armoured nob lets loose with some fire from his trusty shoota, piercing the helmet of a chaos space marine, with the life left in him he tries to raise his bolter, but quickly drops to the ground.

    5 chaos marines have become sacrifices themselves

    Finally within range, the Warboss and Mega-armoured nob smile eerily and show their teeth as they charge through the weapons of the chaos space marines and pound their klaws into the chests of all the space marines, the aspiring champion with his last breath of life becomes bezerk and crunches the head of the mega-armoured nob.
    The ork warboss pushes on towards the havocs and engages.

    1 Mega-Armored nob is forced to swallow his own teeth as a power fist is shoved into his gob

    5 chaos space marines feast on power klaw

    Fearing the looted wagons volley, the havocs move out of its line of sight.

    The giant ork dreadnaught crunches its way towards the chaos havocs, now helpless against its powerful klaw, struggle to move out of the way, one havoc is caught in its grasp and is gruesomely cut in half by the force as the rest of the squad cut desperately at the machine to find a weak point, there appears to be none.

    The remaining havocs from the other squad somehow find themselves staring at the great warboss, fighting across the battlefield and chopping space marines in half, with an evil grin he crushes the remaining havocs in his giant klaw, finishing the squad once and for all.

    4 havocs feel cold steel separate their heads from their bodies

    The chaos lord charged insanely towards the warboss, unleashing his daemon weapon onto him with vicious results.

    Completely disfiguring his body, the ork warboss is cut apart in ways that make him unrecognisable, severing his head in the final stroke.

    The dread takes another chaos havocs life with its giant klaws.

    1 havoc's face looks like a crushed melon

    the warboss is torn apart in violent combat

    the looted wagon fires into the battle with the havocs, covering the squad in dust and debris, 2 of them are crushed under the weight of the projectile and remain no more.

    the dreadnaught picks up a havoc with its klaw, and crushes him down onto another, both havocs are a mangled mess of organs and armour.

    The chaos lord moves into combat with the lumbering dreadnaught, his krak grenade fails.

    2 havocs are destined for not-so-great things

    orks 495

    chaos 752

    solid victory for chaos!

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    Great report!
    Put the box on the table by the window in the kitchen.

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