Had a game last night in preperation for a CP tourney being run in a couple of weeks. We basically wanted to try out some of the scenarios and possible lists. Here's what happened.

Scenario: Combat Patrol Ambush (http://www.freewebs.com/eltnot/2008C...Tournament.pdf)
Infantry Platoon
Command Squad: Junior Officer with Bolter, 2 Grenade Launchers
Squad 1: Autocannon
Squad 2: Autocannon
Armoured Fist Squad
Squad: Melta gun, Veteran Sergeant with Krak grenades
Chimera: Multi Laser, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers, Track Guard.

Sisters (This is roughly what he had, I will post full details when I get the list)
10 Battle Sisters: Heavy Flamer, Melta, Veteran Sister Superior
Rhino: Smoke…
Immolator: Smoke…
Celestines and Palentine (can’t remember the numbers)

The board was set up with a few forests and such spread rather evenly around the board and several hedges in the top right corner (from my perspective). Here are some photos.
I won the dice roll for choosing sides and deployment. First unit down was my Armoured Fist squad in the Chimera and I placed it behind a strand of trees at the bottom left of my deployment zone. Infantry Squad 1 was deployed in the trees directly in front of the Chimera and Infantry Squad 2 were placed behind a rock pile in the centre of my zone. My Platoon Command was placed behind the forest that held Squad 1 and ahead of the Chimera.
My opponent deployed his Immolator behind the hedges at the top right of the board, his squad of Battle Sisters in a Rhino to the front left of his zone and the Celestines with the Palentine went behind the hedges to the right of the Immolator.
I also won the roll for first turn and promptly took it.

Turn One:
My Chimera scooted 3” to the left to get a bead on the Sisters Rhino and everything else stayed where it was.
My movement over I proceeded to the shooting phase. 2 Autocannons, a Multi Laser and a Heavy Bolter amount to 3 hits that all rolled ones for armour penetration against the Rhino. My entire army shot at the Rhino and didn’t even chip the paint. In utter disappointment I ended the turn.

Tom started his turn off by moving the Rhino forward 12” and disembarking the Battle Sisters squad inside, before popping smoke. On the right side of the field the Immolator moved forward 12” through the hedges, clearing a section in the process and ending up behind a forest and popping smoke. The Celestines roll a 4 for their difficult terrain test and cross the hedgerow.
On to the shooting and he opens up on Squad 1 with the Battle Sisters. The melta misses, but 14 out of 16 Bolter rounds find targets to score 9 wounds. The Heavy Flamer opens up and roasts 5 of my Guardsmen and I only pass 4 of the 9 cover saves from the Bolters. End result? Squad 1 is removed from play without doing anything.

Turn Two:
I start off by disembarking my Armoured Fist Squad and then sending my Chimera 12” to the right towards Squad 2 and popping smoke. My Command Squad moves around the forest to get close to the Battle Sisters and my Armoured Fist Squad advances 6” to end up between the forest and the board edge.
I begin shooting by opening up with 6 Las guns and an Autocannon from Squad 2 against the Sisters. 3 Las guns hit for a total of 1 wound that fails to save. My Command Squad fires 2 Frag Grenades at the tightly bunched Sisters of which only one hits. 3 wounds were scored and another Sister perishes. Finally my Armoured Fist Squad lets loose with a Melta and 6 Las guns to score 3 hits from the Las guns and cause one wound which is subsequently saved.
I then launch my Command Squad forward in a desperate assault to try and tie the squad up next turn. It didn’t work. 5 hits, 2 wounds and 2 saves before 2 of the command squad gets beaten to death and the remainder run away. I roll a 10 for my fall back distance and flee 5” into the forest, outstripping the Sisters who consolidate 3” forward.

Tom moves his Immolator 12” around the right side of the forest it was hiding behind to come in range of Squad 2. The Battle Sisters move forward 6” to just in front of the Armoured Fist Squad while their rhino moves 6” to my right towards Squad 2. The Celestines continued their march behind the hedgerow moving forward another 6”.
The Shooting Phase opens up with another barbeque as the Immolator char grills 5 members of Squad 2 before the Rhino kills another one with it’s Storm Bolter for a total of 6 kills. Somehow they manage to pass their Ld test and stay put. The Battle Sisters then fire the Heavy Flamer at the Armoured Fist squad and roast another 6 models causing the squad to flee off the board (I rolled 12 for their fallback distance, just enough to send them over the edge.)

Turn 3
The Command Squad continued to fall back through the forest, moving a mighty 1”. The Chimera moved 6” back to Squad 2 preparing to fire at the Immolator.
The shooting phase was short and ineffective. The Command Squad managed to kill a single Sister with the Lieutenants bolter and both Grenade Launchers miss. The Chimera opens up at the Immolator with 3 Multi Laser shots and 3 Heavy Bolter shots to hit once with the multi laser, which subsequently fails to do anything. The Autocannon from Squad 2 misses the Immolator completely even though it is parked on the other side of the rocks…

Tom continues to move his Celestines another 6” behind the hedges. The Immolator powers on moving 12” over the rocks and passing the dangerous terrain test. The Rhino moves 6” towards Squad 2 and the Battle Sisters move 6” around the southern side of the forest at the left side of the board.
The Immolator fires its cannons at the Chimera and penetrates thanks to the re-roll from the Inferno Cannons which then melts the Multi Laser and shakes the crew. The Rhino fails to do anything against Squad 2 and the Battle Sisters wipe out the remaining members of the Command Squad with a whopping 8 wounds.

Turn 4
Because I had nothing better to do my Chimera tank shocked the Battle Sister squad, just making it into contact with them. The Melta wielding sister attempted a Death or Glory and failed miserably, getting crushed beneath the grinding tracks.

In the shooting phase my Autocannon from Squad 2 manages to shake the Immolator.

Tom moved his Battle Sisters squad 6” to get at the side armour of my Chimera, his Celestines advanced 5” into the woods at the right of my deployment zone and the Rhino moved 6” towards Squad 2.
In the shooting phase the Sister managed to blow up the Chimera with their bolters scoring 2 immobilised results. The Rhino guns down one member of Squad 2 who finally had enough and fled off the board, ending the game.

Result: Massacre to the Sisters.

Post Game:
Ouch. That was brutal. It’s not often that I blame dice for losing, and I won’t solely blame them this time, but I managed to kill 4 models. 3 really considering the 4th one threw herself underneath a tank. Even Tom commented on my amazingly poor rolls. Out of all the scenarios that have been put together for the upcoming Combat Patrol Tourney this one, by admission, favours rapid armies over ones like my guard, and we knew which way it would go after the first shooting phase. My only hope was to stop the rhino, and that just didn't happen.

I honestly don’t know what else I could have done differently, except maybe move the Command Squad out first turn and fire both the Grenade Launchers at the Rhino as well.
That being said, despite the dismal shooting, I am still reasonably happy with the list and will only change a few things.
I think the melta gun in the Fist squad will be replaced with a plasma gun; I will lose track guards off the Chimera and drop the Veteran Sergeant from the Armoured Fist Squad. This should free up enough points to give me a flamer for my Command Squad and put 2 Grenade Launchers in my Infantry Squads – with a little bit of juggling.