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    I played a challenge game for my spot on the local Battle Ladder recently, and figgered I'd write it up. The challenger was a *gasp* EMPLOYEE OF THE LOCAL GAMES WORKSHOP!
    Da da daaaaaa...
    Anyway, here are the lists:

    The Lost and the Damned
    Great Agitator with Plasma pistol, Power weapon, some other stuff
    Slaaneshi Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon, Combat drugs, etc.
    Nurgle Aspiring Champion with... honestly, I never got the chance to find out
    30x Plague Zombies with claws and teeth
    10x Traitor Guardsmen with lasguns
    9 Gibbering Swarm bases
    1 Corrupted Leman Russ w/hull mounted Heavy Bolter
    1 Corrupted Leman Russ with hull mounted lascannon, sponson mounted heavy bolters

    Deciever's Necrontyr
    Necron Lord w/ Staff of Light, Phase Shifter, Veil of Darkness
    8x Immortals with Gauss Blasters
    2x units of 12 Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers
    6x Flayed Ones
    1 Wraith

    Da Plan: It turned out to be a *yawn* Cleanse mission, so I decided to keep my Flayed Ones in reserve to Deep Strike. If my forces were stymied by his Plague Zombies, I'd need to be able to insert a unit onto the other side fast to claim or at least contest a quarter. My big advantage was in the fact that of the five units of his capable of capturing quarters, two were 6-man units (5 Traitor Guard and an Aspiring Champion each) and two were tanks. My Necrons can deal with tanks. What worried me was that we were playing with the new vehicle rules, so moving and firing Ordnance was a threat to me. I deployed my Wraith on the far left side behind a forest, and my two units of Necrons on the boundaries of my quarter. My Lord and Immortals were spaced out in the back, ready to veil, and my flayed ones were in Reserve. His zombie were about in the center of his quarter, with the Slaaneshi Champion's squad on one side and the Nurgle Champion's counterpart (with the Great Agitator) on the other. One tank commanded the hull in the center; one was way in back. For some reason, he deployed his Gibberings far to the north, out of action. I won the right to go first.

    Necron turn 1:
    The Wraith moved north, staying behind cover. One unit of Necrons moved north, the other stayed. The Lord and his Immortals Veiled over towards the Zombies, but scattered nearer to them than I would have wished. I was counting on their "always move as if in difficult terrain" penalty to protect me from a potentially devastating assault, but it looked like I was about to be assaulted anyway. My squad opened fire on the Slaaneshi Champion's squad, annihilating them and their champion in a salvo of green energy. First blood! My Necron Warrior that hadn't moved let loose at the tank, hoping to do something, but failed.

    LaD turn 1:
    The closer tank moved onto the hill, preparing to trash my Immortals. The Zombies moved claser, preparing to assault. The Nurgle Champion's squad moved closer (bot not really close) to my northern Warriors. In the shooting phase, the only things that could shoot were the tanks. The hill tank, using the new Vehicle rules, swiveled its turrent and prepared to oblivion-ize the Immortals. It rolled to hit with its BS, hit with a 5, and dropped the template right on them, covering them all. Then, however, he had to roll two scatter dice, because he had moved...
    OH, NO! It scattered DIRECTLY ONTO THE ZOMBIES, pulping NINE of them. Brutal! Adding insult to injury, the other tank scattered six inches, missing partially, but felling two Immortals. The zombies charged, and despite losing two or three of their number (I lost count VERY FAST in the net few turns) they managed to not kill a single Necron.

    Necron turn 2:
    The flayed ones... didn't show up. Another trend for this battle, along with inaccurate tanks and zombie ineffectiveness. The Wraith skirted toward more cover, and one Immortal picked itself up. Boh units of Warriors elected to remain stationary and fire. One targeted the hilltop tank, and with a lucky two glancing hits, turned it into a burnt-out wreck. The other pegged the Nurgle Champion's squad and erased it, even the Champion himself. The Great Agitator survived, however, to bug me even more. The Lord, remembering to strike before the clumsy Zombies, felled a couple more, and they maintained their ineffective record, despite have a whopping 30 attacks.

    LaD turn 2: More madness. The Gibberings moved up, and the Great Agitator moved to join them. Not much else; the beautifully modeled Tank of Nurgle missed horribly again. The Zombies finally managed to drag down an Immortal, but were brutally massacred in return.

    Necron turn 3:
    Nope. No Flayed Ones this turn. One unit of Warriors moved south to hold a quarter The Wraith moved up to prepare to assault the Gibberings. The Lord and his attendants hacked apart a few more Zombies, but this game was getting old.

    LaD turn 3: The Gibberings and Agitator joined up, and prepared to engage the Warriors. The tank finally managed to bring down three Necron Warriors for good. The Zombies, though unable to hold a quarter, fought on, ineffectively but bravely.

    Necron turn 4: Despite needing a 2 to appear, the Flayed Ones resolutely refused to help. The Lord veiled out of combat, and scattered dangerously close to the Warriors. A salvo from the Immortals, the Lord and the Warriors ended the unlives of a few more Zombies, though I had the game all ut won at this point. The Wraith assaulted the Gibberings, and insta-killed a base. Return attacks were feeble; however, in the "scrum-in" phase, as it is known here, he was surrounded by the eight remaining bases. Gulp.

    LaD turn 4: The Zombies lurched towards the Lord, striking vengefully. The tank, proving that we all make mistakes, made one and failed to cause any casualities. The Gibberings took down the Wraith, but he dragged a base with him. All but one Zombie were cut down in melee.

    Necron turn 5: The Flayed Ones finally showed up, three turns late, but whatever. They promptly Deep Struck, scattering only slightly, into the only quarter currently held by the Lost and Damned. The Warriors opened fire on the Gibberings, killing a base and putting a wound on another. The last Zombie was cleaved in half by the Staff.

    LaD turn 5: Finally free to chase Necrons, the Agitator and Gibberings moved south. Too little, too late; they would not reach the Warriors in time. The tank killed another two warriors after scattering.

    Necron turn 6: The Flayed Ones moved fully into their quarter to consolidate it. The Immortals managed to Shake the tank, ending its reign of annoyance.

    LaD turn 6: What was he supposed to do? All that remained was a Shaken tank, a damaged Gibbering unit, and his Agitator, only one of which could hold a quarter. Even that quarter was contested.
    Final Score: Necrons Win, by a score of two table quarters to zero.

    My memory may be a bit off as to exact casualty numbers, (except for the nine zombies dropped by the Battle Cannon; that moment remains enshrined in memory as the coolest thing that's ever happened to me in a game. I can just picture it...) but the final score and other important details (such as the damn Flayed Ones' ineffectiveness,) are correct here.

    Thank you for reading. Any thoughts? Ideas? Things I should have done differently? Let me know!

    Note: This is my third game against this player. My first saw him using less zombies, more Traitors, a Juggernaut, only one tank, and some Chosen Terminators. This was also a cleanse, but it ended in a draw. Not bad for my first game ever, against an employee no less.

    The scond was a take and hold where, despite losing my Monolith on his first turn, before it got to do anything, to a lucky shot, I managed to prevail. Or at least tie. We were playing 1500 points; he used no Great Agitator and less tricked-out Champions, but a unit of Big Mutants and some Heavy Weapons Teams, as well as a unit of Plaguebearers. Close combat against those things still gives me nightmares.

    Si em, tow en can de lach.
    Tak! Tak! Tak ah wan, Tak a lah!
    Mi tow, can de lach.
    Mi him, en tow.

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    Very nice. Liked the bit about killing zombies. If there's one thing I can commiserate with, it's undead problems

    And that ordnance scatter is why I stopped using Orbital Strike in my army. First and last time it actually killed something was when it scattered onto my Grey Knights. Off the list!

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    Sounds good, cant figure why you only use one wraith though, you are paying points for the possibility of We'll be back, but it isnt gonna happen
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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    nice like the zombie thing

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    I would drop the Wraith and add something else. I really dont see their effectiveness. So, I would maybe get more warriors. But good job. Nice victory over a GW employee. He must suck or you are good.
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