I tend to write my battle reports in a slightly more narrative format. So you can picture what transpires, here's an approximated force list:

Dark Eldar
12 Warriors, Sybarite w/agonizer
10 Reaver jetbikes

15 Stormboyz, Nob w/ 'Uge Choppa
24 Shoota Boyz, Nob w/ Power Klaw

The battlefield set up was essentially a crashed flyer in the center, hills in three corners, and a forest in the fourth. Orks set up on the side with a forest on their left flank, hill on the right. Dark Eldar set up the Warriors on the hill, jetbikes in the middle of their lines.

'Ere we go:

The Warboss Doktor Orktavius had heard from his lissnin post that a ‘umie flight carrying flashy bitz had crashed nearby, so he sent Dakka Jonz’s Ladz and Zag Python’s Stormboyz to investigate. When they arrived, they found that the Dark Eldar had already reached the crash site and were not looking to invite further scavenging.

A Dark Eldar Warrior squad was perched on a hill, overseeing the operation, while ten Reaver Jetbikes were ferrying material back and forth to a nearby pickup site. Dakka Jonz urged his boyz to use more kunnin’ than usual, and they advanced slowly and set up undetected in the woods on the opposite side of the crash. That bloody idiot Zag Python started priming his Stormboyz in plain view of the enemy, and they reacted in typical Dark Eldar fashion: rapidly, and with a lot of firepower.

The Reavers fire their splinter rifles at the Stormboyz, dropping two of them. Meanwhile, the Warriors are alerted to the presence of Orks, and fire their splinter cannon into the woods, killing two boyz who failed to seek cover in time.

With a mighty roar, the Stormboyz advance, but one of their mob starts corkscrewing through the air and lands on his head, detonating the rokkit pack and leaving a smoking crater. Undeterred, the Stormboyz slam into the jetbikes and smash six of them into a mangled mess of rider and machine before the remaining three decide to escape, recover the loot they’d already managed to take from the wreckage, and report back to their Archon.

The Warriors on the hillside saw their imminent doom approaching, and tried to stop the Stormboyz in their tracks, killing two boyz with splinter rifle and cannon fire. The Ork’s natural toughness was allowing them to shrug off many wounds that would have been fatal to mere ‘umies.

The Stormboyz advanced again, and another rokkit pack malfunctioned and this time sent the unfortunate Ork to meet Gork and Mork where he stood, leaving a small crater and a pair of boots behind. Dakka Jonz whips his mob into shape, and they advance out of the cover of the trees to provide fire support for the Stormboyz. The Sybarite, perhaps distracted by the fine red mist where a Stormboy used to be, misses all of his attacks. The Stormboyz proceed to grind five Dark Eldar skullz under their bootheels, but the Warriors hold firm.

Finding their resolve against overwhelming odds, the Warriors kill three Stormboyz, but pay for their success with the lives of five of their own. The two remaining Warriors decide they’ve held up the Ork advance long enough, and flee from the hillside.

The Orks, alone on the battlefield and relatively unscathed, loot the crashed Imperial Flyer, and there was much rejoicing.