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    Local Campain Games

    These are a series of reports from a local store campain. The games have progressed from 500pts to the latest 1000pt with varied missions. I thought that I would include these quick reports and start with more in depth accounts as the games grow in size.

    Their are a series of parameters for each game. Your list must include units from a predetermined 2000pt army. Only one partial unit may be included at any given time and weapons/upgrade may be added at any point but never taken away after. The force organization chart is as follows: 3HQs, 4Elite, 4Heavy, 4Fast, 6Troops. The winner of each game is given a small reward for the remainder of the campain.

    My list for the first game: 500pts
    -14 Warriors
    -13 Warriors

    ~Dark Angles
    Samuel on Land Speeder...thats right, at 500pts;?.
    5 man Tac Squad w/PF and Plasma
    w/Razorback, Heavy Bolter
    Landspeeder Tornado

    We were playing on a board slightly smaller than 4x4 and the mission was controlling the center and swamp fight. Every unit except skimmers have to roll for difficult terrain. One army must start on the board, in the center...the other begins rolling for reserves on turn one. Bonus points for controlling the center at the end.

    I won the roll for deployment and made him begin the battle on the board. I then win the roll for first turn and decide to take it.
    Turn 1: Necrons
    Movement- My 14 man warrior squad walks 4" onto the board.
    Shooting- The warriors take aim at Samuel, 9 of them are in rapid fire range and smoke the Master of the Ravenwing out of the sky on turn 1! Muahahahaha!:drinking:
    Turn 1: DA
    Movement- The other landspeeder and razorback shift and take aim at my one squad.
    Shooting- The two vehicles and squad combine to drop only 3 warriors.
    Turn 2: Necrons
    Movement- One warrior stays down. The original squad stays put. The other warrior squad arrives and walks on the board near the razorback.
    Shooting- The first squad shoots into the landspeeder and drops it. The new arrivals stun the razorback.
    Turn 2: DA
    Movement- The marines decide to try for the charge on my original necron squad...therefor no shooting.
    Assault- My opponent manages to roll 6's for both movement and charge through cover...he makes it. I manage to kill one marine but the powerfist pops 3 warriors. I roll for moral, an 11...Crap! Seeing as they are necrons the entire squad is massacred...there goes 252 pts.
    Turn 3...and up.
    The rest of the game saw my warrior squad gaussing the razorback and rapidfiring his squad to death. I control the center and get the win. My reward is an extra d6 of movement for a turn on one of my squads for the remaining games.

    Game 2 750pts
    The second game was table quarters with bloodlust. +50pts per controlled table quarter at the end of the game and at the beginning of each turn each unit (including vehicles) must roll a d6...on a 1 they move 2d6 towards the nearest enemy unit and cannot do anything else for the turn. If they mange to contact the enemy with this move then they count as charging with +2 attacks instead of the normal +1.
    -14 warriors +d6 movement for a turn
    -14 warriors
    -Monolith...yeah, i know0:

    -8 plauge marines w/PF and Meltagun
    -8 plauge marines w/PF and plasma gun
    -2 chaos spawn...The spawn are mindless and face planted into the monolith the entire game...doing nothing.
    -8 chaos marines w/PF and plasma and icon of glory

    I win the roll for deployment and first turn but let him go first.
    Turn 1: Chaos
    Everything moves up and no shots are fired. One plague marine squad moves 9" due to bloodlust.
    Turn 1: Necrons
    The monolith moves forward and drops three plauge marines. Warrior shooting drops 2 chaos marines and another plauge marine.
    Turn 2: Chaos
    Everthing moves forward again and one necron falls for good to one plauge marine rapid firing.
    Turn 2: Necrons
    Warriors move up and rapid fire, the monolith gets into flux arc range. Combined fire kills chaos marines here and there.
    Turn 3: Chaos
    One plauge marine squad and the chaos marines charge into the two warrior squads. Both squads fair ok but one looses their assault, roll an 11 and is run down...again.
    Turn 3: and rest of game.
    The rest of the game consisted of me teleporting my last warrior squad around to avoid phase out. It was tense on turn 6 when he his closest plague marine squad got bloodlust and was unable to charge or shoot my squad...either of which would have probably phased me out. I ended the game two models away from phase out and with two scoring units to his none. I take two table quarters and win the game. My reward is one unit getting to reroll moral checks for a full turn for each remaining game.

    Game 3 1000pts
    The mission was save the villagers coupled with lightning strikes. Each player placed 5 villagers around the board before deployment sides are picked each one is worth 15pts at the end of the game. I saved 6, he saved four. At the begining of each player turn they get to place a small blast marker anywhere on the table and it scatters 4d6. Every model on the table fully or partially under the marker takes a strength 4 hit with no saves of any kind.
    -14 warriors d6 extra movement for one turn
    -14 warriors with a turn of reroll moral
    -3 destroyers
    -6 scarabs

    ~Gunline Marines
    -Master Captain...ld 10 accross board
    -Ven Dread
    -2x10man tac squads with plasma
    -3x5man lascannon squads
    -5 man squad with Heavy Bolters x2

    Game Review: Items of note
    ~75% of the casualties that I delt came from lightning strikes while I only lost one necron thanks to WBB. My dice were hot for WBB and crap for shooting
    ~The best move that I made was charging a lascannon squad with scarabs, they got the space marines to flee a full 12" of off the board and then 3" consolidated into 2 full strength plasma gun squads denying them as well as every unit behind them from shooting for the next turn.
    ~The monolith was stunned on turn one and destroyed on turn 2. Three of Four lascannons hit, two glanced...oh well.
    ~The game ended in a draw 50ish pts in my favor. Very well played by my opponent.

    I will begin with pictures and turn by turn reports starting next week. Hope everyone enjoyed.

    Last edited by Sniperfex215; May 2nd, 2008 at 05:10.

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    Congratz on your success!

    I'm not a fan of low-point games (especially with 'crons) but you seem to have done really well.

    So... if I gave some daemons a matte paint-job, would they be "Matte Daemons?"
    Necron Tactica: Flying Circus

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    great manuvering to avoid phase out with that monolith!
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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