Ultra Marines Vs Poisoned Heart Kabal - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Agememnon sliced through subspace.
    "Transition to normal space Captain" ordered Commander Stilco, "and deploy surveillance drones. I'll be in the launch bay.".
    Planet X-VII was a Feral World and Flaviius Stilco did not expect to collect any profit from this mission. Nor did he expect to find xeno-sign, but the surveillance drones were reporting just that. He and his small suppresion force were strapped in place inside the Z-105 atmospheric transport, having decided that it was not worth the expense of a drop pod. They would be planetside in twenty minutes instead of five.

    Coven-Candidate O'Messenon awoke on the planet's surface from a particularly pleasant nightmare to the klaxon alarms of the sub orbital drones over his personal communicator. Someone was entering the atmosphere over this continent. "Curse the Maker! This planet is a total back water, who in the name of Commorragh would want to land here?".
    A quick check of his wrist pad supplied the answer, "Imperials. ... figures.".

    O'messenon sat in his Raider tracking the decent of the Imperial forces. Thier drop transport was headed for the East side of the Town. So he depolyed his forces in the forest edge to the West of the town with orders to wait. He was hoping the Imperial Commander would be green and make a mistake in his deployment.

    Flavius Stilco was watching his wristpad closely as the pod descended to the planet's surface. At 800 meters it was clear the enemy forces were committed, so Stilco opened a channel to the pilot, "Drop Alpha Squad... go (count 3), drop Beta Squad ... go (count 3), Drop Omega Squad, go.". And with that last command Flavius and his command squad hurtled groundside, thier drop-shutes opening almost immediately. Within 90 seconds everyone was dirt-side and prepared to advance.

    O'Messenon knew Sybarite Klenannon would rush to roll up the Southern flank of the Imperials so he ordered his Raider to advance slowly to the North, behind an industiral storage tank. He also knew that his Hellions were still in Halo-Jump and would not be a factor, yet.

    The Imperial Commander, seeing the enemy rushing forward, ordered his troops to advance into the fire lanes. From this vantage point his troops should be able to fire at both the N and S flanks of the enemy. What he didn't account for was the lightning swift response of the Dark Eldar force.

    Since the Hellions were still in Halo-Drop, Kabal-Candidate O'Messenon raced his Raider along the Northern Flank, taking cover behind a building east of the storage tank, out of LOS. Meanwhile Sybarite Klenannon whipped her troops into the Southern woods.

    Commander Sticlo had very few targets. The Razorback unit, Tivo's Tanker's, were able to disarm the enemy commander's Raider Transport. But every one else was forced to wait for the Dark Eldar Horde to decend on them.

    The Hellions arrived, badly out of position. They were stranded on the top of a hill and were mowed down by Tivo's Tankers and Beta Squad, Granger's Ranger's. But Sybarite Klenannon lead her troops in a successful assault against Tivo's Tanker's, killing two marines.

    O'Messenon's Raider cruised through the ruins of the building and the Retinue diesmbarked, guns blazing. The Dark Eldar unit follwed up with a devestating assault decimating Flavius and his Command. Klenannon and her warriors rolled over Tivo's Tankers and performed a sweeping advance into Granger's Rangers.
    Tivo's Razorback fled N across the field to put some distance between itself and the melee.

    The combined assault of O'Messanon and Klennanon wiped out the Imperial Scouts in less than a mintue, leaving Tivo's retreating Razorkback the only survivor of the Imperial Forces.

    Dark Eldar losses:
    5 Warriors
    4 Hellions
    Disintegrator from the Raider.

    Ultra Marine losses:
    everything but the tank.

    (6 marines, 9 scouts + Vet Sgt, Command Squad (Commander, standard bearer, apothocary, Vet Sgt + 3 marines x2flamers)

    War Record Since Sept 2005
    Old Codex 48-20-9 Dark Eldar
    New Codex 1-0-0 Dark Eldar

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    So far, I like it. Nice story and fluffy goodies too. Keep it coming.
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